One Piece: Was Oden Stronger Than Kaido?

Kozuki Oden in his prime

So, people, we have two contenders here. On one side, we have Kaido – the strongest creature in the world, and on the other side, we have Oden who has said to wound the strongest creature.

Those are two powerhouses we are looking at.

One is a Yonko and the other is a samurai equivalent to one. Ever since the battle between Kaido and Oden, we were left wondering about the true extent of Oden’s power and capability. We know Kaido won but through sheer trickery. What if the battle had lasted a bit more longer? What if Oden had not fell for the deception? Could the fate of the battle be different?

To be fair, we don’t exactly know because Oda doesn’t answer our calls. But that won’t stop us from trying to measure the muscles of Oden. This Daimyo of Kuri was the strongest samurai of his time. But the question still remains that asks –

How Strong was Oden?

The power of Oden

Oden was able to slash a mountain god in half. He fought and defeated all the Kuri bandits including their boss, Ashura Doji. When he decided to scale the seas, he stood against Edward Newgate. While he did not win, it was still quite amazing to survive an encounter with the world’s strongest man.

Flashforward to chapter 965 and we see Oden facing off against Gol D. Roger. Again, he was managed to withstand the might of Roger. These are some of the greatest feats of the late Kozuki. Also, we must not forget that he is the only person who had managed to seriously wound Kaido.

Is it possible that Kozuki Oden was as strong as an admiral? We know admirals are known to be the strongest asset of the Marines. An admiral is strong enough to match the strength of a Yonko.

Could Oden be at Yonko level as he was able to fight and gravely injure Kaido? We all have witnessed the power of a Yonko first-hand when a sickly and old Whitebeard personally introduced the marines and most of the Marineford to “quaking” hell.

In his final breaths, a heavily injured Whitebeard had beaten Akainu into a bloody paste. That’s a Yonko who was far from being at his full strength. While we believe Oden was strong, we don’t think he was quite as strong as a Yonko. But we do think he was as strong as an admiral.

So, we could say that Oden was stronger than Kaido in the past, because the latter still had a long way to go before being a yonko level pirate.

Could Oden Have Defeated Kaido?

Oden in his battle against Kaido

Let’s imagine that the battle between Oden and Kaido was never interrupted. Who would have emerged victorious then?

We know Kaido was heavily wounded by Oden but that’s not even barely enough to pronounce a conclusion for the battle. Kaido was incredibly strong even then and had a good mastery over his devil fruit. It would have taken a lot more than a stab wound to best this beast. He is a goddamn Yonko people.

But in his fight against Oden, Kaido wasn’t able to do much against the raging samurai. So, perhaps Kaido had not reached the pedestal of a Yonko at that point in time. True, he was strong as we have already mentioned but was he strong enough? That’s debatable.

So in short, we think Oden might have defeated Kaido if the battle had reached its natural conclusion.

What if Oden fought Kaido in the present day?

Oden was wished back through the dragon balls and – oh sorry, wrong anime. But let’s picture a battle that takes place in the current flow of time. We have Kaido who has managed to achieve the status of a full-fledged Yonko. For Oden, we think he would have grown a lot stronger in 20 years. What could be the outcome of this match?

While we don’t have much to construct this hypothetical battle, we think that there is a very strong possibility of a stalemate in this battle.

During the raid on Onigashima, the combined might of 8 Scabbards and 1 commander of the Whitebeard Pirates was crushed by Kaido. If it wasn’t for Luffy and others, the Scabbards might never have made it out alive. Kaido is known as the strongest creature in the world and that says a lot.

However, one needs to remember that these scabbards had been sent 20 years into the future. Their powers and skill levels were the same as 20 years ago. But in the hypothetical scenario that we are discussing, Oden would have honed his blades in 20 years. And that is a crucial detail to note.

Now, if we go back to the previous sections, we established that Oden was stronger than Kaido. And if Oden had managed to grow as much as Kaido without hitting a glass ceiling, then it is highly possible that the monstrous samurai would have succeeded in taking down the strongest creature alive!

Again, the lack of any concrete proof or power scaling basis makes it hard for us to come to a conclusion, so a stalemate is the best option out there possibly.

So, do you think Oden was stronger than Kaido? What according to you would be the outcome of a rematch between Kaido and Oden? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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