One Piece: How Kaido Made Oden Dance In Wano?

It takes a lot for a proud warrior to swallow his honour and bow down to the desire of his enemy. But what Oden went through would be equivalent to death from million cuts. From what we know, Kaido was able to coerce Oden into dancing on the streets of Wano in a semi-naked state.

What’s more bizarre was the fact that Oden continued to dance for the coming 5 years. But how did it all come to this? Well people, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and Wano Arc is the standing proof of that.

What Oden did and went through was all for the sake of Wano. He was actually protecting the very people that shunned him. It all started when Oden came back to Wano and saw the blatant exploitation of Wano by the hands of Orochi. What’s worse was that his family was attacked and Lady Toki suffered injuries while trying to protect Momonosuke.

Oden’s actions were delightfully obvious. He headed towards the Flower Capital to turn Orochi into a fine paste. But there was something that was waiting for him there.

Oden’s encounter with Orochi

Oden fights Orochi

Oden sliced through the resistance he met at the Flower Capital. In a way, there stood no one who could match blades with Oden. But then a sadistic reality waited for him in the main palace. Oden entered the palace and attacked Orochi but was stopped by Kurozomi Semimaru. However, Orochi revealed that he had held about 100 Wano citizens as hostages.

This enraged Oden and he decided to attack but then Kaido stepped in. Orochi continued to reveal that all these “people” were to be transported to Kaido’s ship as slaves.

Kaido listed out the blood-filled repercussion if Oden denied sheathing his arms. So, Oden wasn’t defeated by strength, it was the leverage. Orochi knew Oden would do anything to keep his people safe. So, the shogun of Wano used the citizens as his bargaining chip.

We can certainly call Orochi gutless which is more like his signature trait, but he won here. It may be blood-boiling but that’s the ugly truth.

Why did Oden dance?

With everything said and done, we still have this lingering question. But there isn’t much left to the mystery. Oden decided against attacking Orochi and dropped his assault. However, there were still those hostages.

This is where Kaido and Orochi proposed a deal. If Oden was to dance naked, then they would release 100 prisoners. This would continue until Kaido leaves Wano along with his ship.

For full 5 years, Oden danced like a fool on the busy streets of Wano. But then another tragedy struck the Oden. He came to know that Hyogoro was captured and his wife was killed by Orochi was his supposed defiance.

This was the breaking point for Oden. Along with his loyal followers that later became his retainers, Odem marched to face off against Kaido, one last time.

What if Oden realised Kaido was lying?

Oden fights Kaido

Let’s populate our thoughts with a hypothetical scenario. We roll back to the scene when Oden had invaded the Flower Capital. When he stood against the Yonko and realized the entire situation, Oden admitted defeat. But what if he had come to know that all this was a ploy. What if he had realized that Kaido was never to leave Wano. Could things have turned out different? If so, then how different the conclusion would have been?

If Oden had understood the deception he was fed, then he would have resumed his assault. We can’t say if Oden would have won or lost for sure. Slashing away the guards and the closest pets of Orochi wouldn’t have been much of a problem for Oden.

But taking down Kaido would have certainly been a challenge for him. He was alone and had several enemies in front of him. But the chances of Orochi surviving the rage of Oden are less than slim. Oden had a clear objective in mind and without the “help” from the hostages, Orochi had meager luck of coming out alive. This would have changed the course of history, for the better or worse.

So, What you thought was the reason that Oden danced in Wano? What according to you happened at the Flower Capital that made Oden do this? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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