One Piece Sword Grades: The Complete Guide


We have seen many unique weapons in One Piece. From Haki Coated Strings and Cyborg War Machine “Pacifistas” to plain old guns and knives.

Among these feature the swords, a common accessory in the One Piece universe. Some of the strongest characters in the One Piece world are swordsmen.

As such, Oda has explained Swords and Sword Grades (Meito) in great detail. Enough to make us write an article on it.

Sword Grades or Meito is the One Piece way of categorizing and ranking swords all across the One Piece world. The word “Meito” literally translates to Great Sword or Famed sword.

This system of grading was first introduced to us in Chapter 97 by Tashigi who is referring to an unknown guidebook. *she printed this article*

These are swords crafted by famous and highly skilled masters of the art. Let us see how Oda has ranked the swords –

Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono):

The Supreme Grade swords, also known as Saijo O Wazamono, are the highest grade of swords in One piece. They have the best qualities in terms of sharpness, durability and, strength. There are only 12 of these in existence in the world of One Piece.

What are the 12 Supreme grade swords?

Out of the 12, we only know about 3 Supreme Grade swords-

1. Yoru:

Dracule Mihawk owns the supreme grade sword Yoru. The word Yoru stands for “Night ” which is based on the colour of the blade.

In chapter 51, Mihawk states that Yoru is the “finest blade” in the world. It is a black blade capable of slicing whole tsunamis of ice and huge galleons like they’re paper.

Mihawk drawing his blade for the first time sent all the members of the Krieg Pirates to a state of panic. Zoro realises the true power of the “strongest sword in the world” after two of his swords break in his fight against Mihawk.

At the present time, the creator of this sword is still a mystery to us, but we have seen another sword that looks like Yoru in the hands of a Humandrill.

2. Kitetsu I aka Shodai Kitetsu:

Shodai Kitetsu’s owner, exact origins and whereabouts are unknown. Nevertheless, as true One Piece fans, people come up with theories and a popular belief is that it belongs to one of the 5 Gorosei.

Kitetsu I is a cursed blade. The name of this sword translates to “First Generation Demon-Splitter ” or “The first Onitoru “. This curse is something that we see in all future Kitetsus.

What the curse is and the actual reason for the curse is unknown, however, both Luffy and Zoro were able to sense something in the other Kitetsus suggesting it is some form of soul or will.

Furthermore, each successive Kitetsu after the first was weaker than the previous, making the first Kitetsu the strongest.

3. Murakumogiri:

Murakumogiri is the supreme grade sword owned by Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard and is stored at his grave. It is Whitebeard’s Naginata that he has been carrying around for many years.

Murakumogiri means “Gathering-Clouds Cutter “. He used this weapon in his fights against Roger and Shanks. He also uses it as his main weapon in the Paramount war.

This supreme blade coupled with his devil fruit abilities truly showed us the power of “the Strongest Man in the world.”

Whitebeard easily blocked a full-power blow by Vice Admiral John Giant using this blade.

It was also able to withstand the high temperatures of Akainu’s Magma in Chapter 567 and cuts into Aokiji’s rock hard ice with ease.

Like the other Supreme grade swords, its creator and how Whitebeard acquired it is unknown.

Whitebeard using Murakumogiri and Mihawk holding Yoru.
Two of the Supreme Grade Blades in Marineford

Great Grade Swords (O Wazamono)

Great Grade Swords also known as O Wazamono, are the second-best grade of swords in One Piece. As their name suggests they are great swords that are very famous and have earned a name for themselves.

They are worth a lot of money. We see Tashigi evaluate Zoro’s Wado Ichimonji to be worth 10 million Berries in Chapter 97. They can easily go head to head with Saijo O Wazamono swords without breaking or facing any damage.

 There are 21 Great Grade swords in One Piece.

What are the 21 Great Grade Swords in One Piece?

The 5 Great Grade Swords known to us are –

1. Wado Ichimonji:

Roronoa Zoro currently owns the Wado Ichimonji and it is in his possession. Zoro received this from Kuina’s dad, Koushiro, to fulfil their common dream.

The name translates to “Straight Road of Harmony “. It can keep up in fights against Supreme Grade swords without chipping or breaking.

In his fight against Mihawk, Wado remained in perfect condition against Yoru while his other 2 unnamed swords shattered.

In chapter 955, Tenguyma reveals that Shimotsuki Kozaburo was the one who crafted this sword.

It was also revealed in an SBS that Shimotsuki Kozaburo is Koushiro’s father and Kuina’s grandfather, making Wado a family heirloom of sorts.

Additionally, if Zoro manages to make this a Black Blade then it will become a Supreme Grade blade.

2. Kitetsu II aka Nidai Kitetsu:

Kitetsu II is owned by Tenguyama Hitetsu and is currently in his possession. It was forged by his forefather, Kotetsu.

It is the second Kitetsu and as such, the name translates to “Second Generation Demon Splitter “. As mentioned above, the Kitetsu II is also a cursed blade and Luffy was able to sense something from the blade using his observation haki.

3. Shusui:

Shusui was the sword once owned by Ryuma and is now stored at his grave. Ryuma turned the Shusui into a black blade. Shusui means “Autumn Water “.

People of Wano consider him “Sword God” as he single-handedly killed a dragon and accomplished many other great feats. Ryuma used Shusui to defend Wano’s coasts from pirates and other invaders.

In this manner, Shusui became a national treasure in Wano. Zoro claims compared to Yubashiri, Shusui is much heavier. The power of his techniques are much stronger using Shusui, but he states that it is a big and slow sword.

At Hiyori’s request, Zoro gave this blade up for Enma.

4. Enma:

Oden previously owned Enma till his death, upon which it was kept under Tenguyama Hitetsu’s care. Zoro currently owns Enma.

The name stands for “Yama ” and is said to be able to “cut through to the bottom of hell”. It is one of Oden’s two famed swords that boast the power to pierce and scar Kaido’s impenetrable skin.

Hiyori traded it with Zoro to get back Ryuma’s Shusui. It has the unique property of stealing the user’s Haki.

Enma is extremely tricky to use, with Oden being the only person to master this sword. For instance, Zoro was unable to control Enma initially and accidentally sliced off a cliff when trying to chop off a tree.

He asks if he will get stronger by the time he has mastered this blade, as you need tremendous control over haki and sword skills to control it.

Kaido was able to feel Oden’s presence in Enma during his fight against Zoro which might suggest that it was on its way to become a black blade or possibly even a cursed blade.

Like Wado Ichimonji, Shimotsuki Kozaburo was the one who crafted Enma. In Chapter 955, Tenguyama Hitetsu reveals this information. We have compared Enma vs Shusui in detail.

5. Ame no Habakiri:

Ame no Habakiri belongs to Kozuki Momonosuke. The name of the sword translates to “Snake-Slayer of Heaven “.

It is currently with Tenguyama Hitetsu as Momonosuke believes he is not strong enough to wield it yet. It is Oden’s other Great grade sword that was able to scar Kaido.

This sword is Tenguyama Hitetsu’s masterpiece. Oden left this sword behind for Momonosuke. We might see Momnosuke wield this sword in the future.

All known Great Grade swords. Wado Ichimonji. Shusui . Nidai Kitetsu . Enma and Ame no Habakiri.
All known Great Grade Swords

Skillful Grade Swords (Ryo Wazamono)

These named swords are lesser-known than the Supreme and Great grade swords.

There were 50 skillful grade swords but currently as of Chapter 1016, there are only 49. According to Tashigi’s appreciation of Kitetsu III, in Chapter 97, it is worth a million berries which is no small amount. 

What are the 49 Skillful Grade Swords in One Piece?

Out of the 49 only 3 Skillful Grade Swords known to us. They are –


The sword Yubashiri was owned by Roronoa Zoro before it was destroyed by Marine Captain Shu. The sword has a black lacquered sheath, and the blade has a midareba.

Yubashiri means Snow Chaser “. It was the best sword Ipponmatsu’s Arms Shop had to offer. In fact, in Chapter 108, Zoro clearly states that Yubashiri is a good sword.

He calls it a nice and light sword and proceeds to easily beat a few members of Baroque Works. Marine Captain Shu destroyed it using his Rust Rust fruit powers, during the Enies Lobby Buster Call in Chapter 409.


Kashu is owned by Captain Tashigi and is in her possession.

It previously belonged to Baroque Works agent Mr.11 and was taken away by Taishigi after winning in a duel. Kashu means “Flower Province “.

These details were revealed in One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements.

3.Yamaoroshi :

Yamaoroshi is also owned by Captain Tashigi and is in her possession. This name stands for “Wind Blowing down from the Mountain “.

It once belonged to Billy the Orca killer who had to give it up after losing to Tashigi. He once chopped a killer whale with the sword, giving him his epithet.

These details were mentioned in the One Piece – Lougetown Novel.

Destroyed sword - Yubashiri
A destroyed Yubashiri after Enies Lobby Buster call

Grade Swords (Wazamono)

The most commonly found named swords. It’s the lowest grade of named swords. They are of higher quality than most random swords and can easily last in fights against ungraded swords. There are an unknown number of Wazamono blades.

What are the Grade Swords in One Piece?

The 2 Grade Swords known to us are –


Captain Tashigi owns Shigure and it is in her possession. Shigure means “Autumn Rain ” or “Shower in Late Autumn “.

Shigure is Tashigi’s main sword, even though she regularly duels and collects better named swords that she believes are in the wrong hands.

This sword can also handle extreme conditions as we saw in Punk Hazard, where she fought against Monet.

2.Kitetsu III aka Sandai Kitetsu

Kitetsu III belongs to Roronoa Zoro and it is in his possession. This is the third and last Kitetsu that we know about and as such, it means “Third Generation Demon Splitter “.

Ipponmatsu gifted the sword to Zoro after seeing his luck, courage and skill as a swordsman. This is also a cursed sword and Zoro was able to sense it.

In Chapter 108, Zoro uses this Kitetsu to slice through a stone mallet. He notes that it has a great edge, but it is out of control calling it a “problem child“.

Furthermore, in Chapter 955, Tenguyama Hitetsu reveals that this was one of his creations.

Tashigi holding Shigure and an image of Sandai Kitetsu's cursed past.
Shigure in Tashigi’s hand and the Cursed Sword – Sandai Kitetsu

Ungraded Swords

There are some named swords whose grade is unknown. Some examples of this would be – Shiliew’s Raiju and Cavendish’s Durandal.

Roger’s unnamed sword; Shank’s Gryphon; Law’s Kikoku; Cracker’s Pretzel; Kin’emon and Fujitora’s unnamed swords and Brook’s Soul Solid – all these swords have a good chance of being Meito.

We have seen great feats of strengths by the users of these swords. Roger and Shanks have even fought against Whitebeard’s Supreme blade.

Whether or not these blades are Meito is yet to be revealed but it is indeed something to look forward to.

What is a Black Blade or Kokuto ?

A black blade is an upgrade to a sword and has a characteristic “black blade”. 

“Every weapon can be turned into a black blade”. Mihawk reveals this in Chapter 779. Furthermore, it is implied that a black blade is made in the hands of a skilled swordsman and not in a forge.

Mihawk explaining to Zoro what haki does and about black blades.
Mihawk explains Black Blades and Haki to Zoro in Chapter 779

The durability of a black blade increases by a huge amount. A normal Sword can resist the impact of a Supreme Grade sword with haki.

For instance, Zoro states that a black blade would not bend even if a dinosaur were to step on it, in Chapter 473.

Once a blade turns into a black blade its Grade or Meito permanently increases as suggested by Zoro in Chapter 955.

Zoro learns that a black blade is not made in a forge but in the hands of a swordsman.
Gyukimaru explaining Shusui’s Past and value to Zoro in Chapter 937

We know of only 2 black blades as of chapter 1016, being Yoru and Shusui. After becoming black blades their rank increased to Supreme and Great grades respectively.

This suggests that Yoru and Shusui were Great Grade and Skillful Grade swords at one point in time.

The process to make a Black Blade is unknown. The topic of Black blades has many theories. A popular theory states that a black blade is formed after cladding your weapon in haki and fight a lot of battles, gaining some experience.

Over time, it just becomes a black blade.

People also believe that only a Conqueror’s haki user can make a black blade. I believe that the haki of the user gradually overpowers the will of the sword and finally makes it a Black Blade.

But let’s leave that topic for another day.

A black blade increases its rank or Meito. Black blades are extremely tough.
Zoro speaking about characteristics of Black Blades

Note: The Sword Name translations are from this article on OPFanpage.

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