What Is A Star Plasma Vessel In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Riko Amanai Star Plasma Vessel

From talking pandas to old men shredding guitars, the world of Jujutsu Kaisen was a mysterious yet welcome addition to the Shonen genre which the fans embraced with open arms.

With the release of the second season, many new questions are sure to arrive and we have got your back, as these articles will help you understand the concepts of Jujutsu sorcery with ease.

As we delve into the past of the greatest sorcerer Gojo himself, we find ourselves pulled into the mystery of the Star Plasma Vessel and Lord Tengen.

Riko Amanai, the Star Plasma Vessel

What does it mean for one to be a Star Plasma Vessel and what does it have to do with the enigmatic Lord Tengen? Also what are the advantages/disadvantages of being a Star Vessel and completing its intended purpose? The answers are right down there after scrolling so just relax and let the cursed energy flow.

About Lord Tengen

In the Hidden Inventory Arc, set 11 years before the events of the main story, a young Gojo Satoru and his best friend Geto Suguru are budding Jujutsu Sorcerers who are tasked with a very important mission: to escort the Star Plasma vessel to Lord Tengen so that they can complete a merger.

As for Lord Tengen, they are the lynchpin of the Jujutsu world, responsible for maintaining the balance and security between the human world and the sorcery world. They are an ascended being and there is no information about their gender (though it is later stated that Tengen is more of a granny). More about Lord Tengen can be read here.

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What is a Star Plasma Vessel?

To answer in short, the Star Plasma Vessel is someone who is compatible with Tengen, meaning the latter can merge with them.

According to the explanation by a native Japanese, the kanji of Star Plasma Vessel (星漿体) essentially translates to the vessel of Tengen’s plasma.

Lord Tengen is an ancient Jujutsu Sorcerer who has the cursed technique of Immortality but it comes with its share of hardships as it does not necessarily stop them for aging. To counter this, Tengen is required to merge with a special being known as the Star Plasma Vessel which would help him to stop “evolving”.

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Lord Tengen’s technique cannot be controlled by Tengen himself after a certain time and as a result, they are forced to change bodies. This happens every five hundred years to be precise. It’s as if the technique has a sentient mind after a certain amount of time.

Tengen has merged with at least 3 Star Plasma Vessels in the past due to their long history (dating back to Nara period) and in the year 2006, Riko Amanai was the compatible match and the two young sorcerers Geto and Gojo were tasked with the mission of escorting her to Lord Tengen safely.

According to the fanbook, Tengen can sense the birth of the Start Plasma Vessel. Since the Star Plasma Vessels are very rare as they come by, jujutsu sorcerers take extra care to protect them. This is evident from how Amanai grew up in a very controlled environment.

Amanai’s answers regarding the merger also makes me feel that the Jujutsu Higher ups also brainwashed the Star Plasma Vessel to a certain extent, making them feel that they are fulfilling a very important purpose in their life.

It is also later revealed that special grade sorcerer Yuki Tsukomo was infact a former Star Plasma Vessel who survived the heinous acts of Toji Fushiguro as it was Riko who proved to be a better match. This proves that multiple star plasma vessels might exist at the same time, but only the one with the best compatibility is chosen for the merging.

Yuki’s relationship with Lord Tengen is complicated as she does not agree with Tengen’s idea of constantly sacrificing young women in order to maintain their immortality.

Why is the Star Plasma Vessel important?

The Star Plasma Vessel is crucial as it rewrites Tengen’s body’s genetic information which stops the said evolution. Once Tengen assumes a new body, the cursed technique gets reset too, which helps them assume back a stable state which helps them maintain balance peacefully.

In short the Star Plasma Vessel’s purpose is to merge with Lord Tengen in order to stop the evolution forced by his powers.

If the ritual fails to take place, then the forced evolution can lead to Tengen losing control over their will and can disrupt the balance between the jujutsu world and the human world, due to the loss of control over the barrier techniques.

The ascended state of Tengen also has a chance of becoming an enemy to Humanity.


As stated by the aforementioned article, the absence of Tengen’s powers will eliminate the concept of barriers which can lead to unimaginable chaos. They are crucial to protecting the pillars of the jujutsu world.

Naturally because of their connection with Tengen, the Star Plasma Vessel and The Six Eyes user are connected by fate. Whenever a Star Plasma vessel is born, a Six Eyes User also appears in order to protect them.

In the past, Kenjaku was defeated twice by two different Six Eyes users from the Gojo Clan. Kenjaku did not want to take any chances anymore and killed the Star Plasma Vessel and another user of the Six Eyes just after a month they were born, to confirm his success but that was not enough as on the day of merger, a new user of the Six Eyes reappeared with another Star Plasma Vessel.

It was during the time of Toji Fushiguro where Kenjaku’s plan actually came to fruition.

During Rika Amanai’s era, there were some parties which were against the merger with Lord Tengen. One of them was Q, an organization of curse users who were against humanity and jujutsu high and wanted to assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel to take advantage of the foul evolution. They were easily wiped out by the Gojo and Geto.

The second group known as the Time Vessel Organization were in fact dedicated to Lord Tengen but their view on the merger was considered impure, which resulted in them hiring the Sorcerer Killer Toji Fushiguro to assassinate Riko.

Riko death 1

As the events of the Arc takes place, with the smart plan of catching the two special grade sorcerers off guard, the heavenly restriction blessed Toji was able to effectively defeat the two strongest and assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel.

This broke the cycle of Lord Tengen’s merger and it resulted into the evolution of the ascended being. Lord Tengen in the present day can merge with anyone without restriction and is susceptible to Cursed Spirit Manipulation, the cursed technique of Suguru Geto who is now being controlled by Kenjaku or Brain.

Tsukumo was never aligned with Lord Tengen so it might be a reason why she was not chosen as the next Star Plasma Vessel but despite all of that, the acts of Toji basically triggered most of the plot of Jujutsu Kaisen which also lead to the formation of Suguru’s idealogy.

What do you think about this whole situation? What is your opinion on the Star Plasma Vessels as a sacrifice? Is Lord Tengen’s current state in the Manga hopeless or will we see Tsukomo actually merging with the immortal being? It’s never too late to have a healthy discussion down in the comments!

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