What Are Cursed Tools In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Toji Fushiguro JJK

We exist in this world with our entire mind, body and soul as one whole.

Aoi Todo, Jujutsu Kaisen

The aforementioned words spoken by Todo not only speaks about the ways of the true world but also describes the inherent intricacies of the world of Cursed Energy of Jujutsu Kaisen. Cursed energy is born from the negative emotions induced within humans such as grief or anger and the people whose levels of garnering such emotions cross a certain threshold obtain the ability to see curses through the naked eye.

There are some who go even further and incorporate cursed energy in their fighting style to ward off cursed spirits.

The perception of cursed energy has lead to a detailed nomenclature and culture across the JJK Lore. But in this article, we are here to discuss about the physical application of cursed energy in the form of Cursed Tools. How are they exactly different from Cursed Objects? Let us find out.

What are Cursed Tools?


In simple words, Cursed Tools are weapons which come imbued with Cursed Energy. There is no need of externally providing cursed energy to them.

Now, the definition of the topic in discussion might seem a bit too basic but the implications are dire. You see, being imbued with cursed energy makes it possible for even non-sorcerers (or people without cursed energy control) to wield such equipment without any restrictions, as they do not have to worry about providing or maintaining cursed energy.

Cursed Tools are extremely important in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen as normal weapons are not useful when fighting against a cursed spirit or sometimes against a curse user. When it comes to cursed tools, the user won’t have to waste their cursed energy on the tool and can focus simply on the fight itself.

There are special cases where a standard weapon like a katana can turn into a “semi” cursed tool after imbuing the said weapon with cursed energy over and over for a long time but they are not really considered as official cursed tools.

For example, the sword used by Kasumi Miwa comes to mind when thinking of such a concept. Although not inherently a cursed tool, she often imbued the weapon with cursed energy and the proof can be seen when she was able to make contact with Hanami, a special grade cursed spirit with her sword.

Juzo Kumiya is the only known person as of yet who has created many cursed tools, such as the Dragon Bone which was considered to be his masterpiece.

Toji Fushiguro had many cursed tools in his armory which he relied on heavily due to his heavenly restriction but most of the cursed tools are either under the care of the big three sorcerer families or the Jujutsu High.

Cursed Tools are categorized on the basis of their potency, similar to cursed spirits and sorcerers. They are graded from grade 1-4 where higher the rank, better the quality. Although not all tools have cursed techniques, the ones that come imbued with one is automatically graded as a special grade. The inverted spear of heaven and the cursed rope are the first ones that come to mind when thinking of special grade cursed tools.

Cursed tools are extremely valuable as well, as their price can range from five hundred thousand to five hundred million yen, depending upon the power.

How are Cursed Tools different from Cursed Objects?

As mentioned before, the major difference between Cursed Tools and Cursed Objects is that Cursed Tools come imbued with Cursed Energy, whereas Cursed Objects are basically curses which exist in the form of artifacts.

Cursed Objects are usually remains of powerful sorcerers from the past and cannot be destroyed using jujutsu. They usually preserve the soul of curses of the sorcerer themselves which can be used to reincarnate them when used correctly.

Cursed Objects

Some examples of the strongest Cursed Objects are Sukuna’s fingers which are cursed relics containing the traces of the King of Curses Sukuna himself, the Cursed Womb: Death paintings and arguably the strongest of them all, the Prison Realm which can seal anything, even the strongest sorcerer himself.

Cursed Tools are usually offered in the form of actual weapons and also as stressed before, can be used by non-sorcerers as well.

This fact alone affects the story in an insurmountable way as beings like Toji Fushiguro and Maki Zenin were able to overcome some of the strongest characters by having almost no or completely no signs of Cursed Energy but relying completely on Cursed Tools and their heightened physical abilities.

In the right hands, Cursed Tools can prove to be deadlier than anything.

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NOTE: This is completely based out of speculation but looking at Juzo Kumiya’s obsession of sorcerer corpses and the fact that special grade cursed tools already come with cursed techniques, it is possible that Cursed Tools are made out of the body parts of Sorcerers, making them sister concerns of cursed objects in that department.

Here is a table for a better presentation:

Cursed Objects Cursed Tools
(1) They are curses existing in the form of objects. (1) They are weapons which are imbued with cursed energy.
(2) They are usually relics from the past or remains of powerful sorcerers. (2) They are usually weapons and other support items which are created.
(3) Cannot be used by Non Sorcerers.(3) Can be used by Non Sorcerers.
(4) They are predetermined and the strength of the object depends upon curse itself.(4) Depends highly on the skill of the user and can be made by continuously imbuing cursed energy.
(5) Special Grade Cursed Objects cannot be destroyed.(5) Any Cursed Tool can be destroyed, no matter grade.

A list of prominent cursed tools

Now that we have set the definition and identity of cursed tools as an integral part of the story, we also need to know about some of the most important ones present which have made an appearance and proved its worth. Note that this list is not a power ranking list.

(1) Playful Cloud

Special Grade Cursed Tool Playful Cloud 29

Playful Cloud is a three section staff that is also a special grade cursed tool. The sections are connected by rings and is decorated with flame-like patterns at the ends. What makes it special is the fact that it is the only special grade cursed tool which is not imbued with a cursed technique.

The weapon relies completely on the user’s raw skill and strength. In the history of it’s usage, it has been used by many characters but has been used at its maximum potential only by those with little to no cursed energy.

The weapon also amplifies the user with its own cursed energy hence people like Toji and Maki were able to use it most effectively. It first belonged to Toji and after his death it was used by Suguru Geto, Maki Zenin, Aoi Todo and Megumi Fushiguro.

(2) Split Soul Katana

Split Soul Katana

As the name suggests, this cursed tool ignores physical contact or inference in every way and directly attacks the soul of its target. The Split Soul Katana is a powerful cursed tool which was used extensively by Toji Fushiguro during the Hidden Inventory Arc and later used by Maki Zenin after Mai sacrificed her life and left behind an exact replica of the sword.

After Mai’s sacrifice and Maki’s heavenly restriction of zero cursed energy coming into full force, she became akin to the deadly Toji himself with the power of this blade.

It is stated that the condition of using this sword to its full extent is to be able to observe the souls of inanimate objects and it does satisfy for people like Toji who did mention that he was able to sense curses even without possessing any cursed energy himself.

(3) Inverted Spear of Heaven

Inverted Spear of Heaven

Arguably the strongest cursed tool to ever exist, the Inverted Spear of Heaven is also a special grade cursed tool belonging to Toji’s arsenal. A dagger with jitte-shaped blade, it is imbued with a cursed technique powered by a special type of foreign cursed energy which has the power to nullify any other technique it comes into contact with. It is so strong that Toji used it to nullify Limitless, the Gojo family’s inherited cursed technique while fighting Gojo Satoru.

Its power knows no bounds as this cursed tool was one of the only two ways which could have been used to unseal the Prison Realm which had sealed Gojo but the sorcerer himself had either destroyed the weapon eleven years ago or sealed it somewhere else, hence making its status unknown. Also, this weapon is based on the Ama no Sakahoko (天逆鉾) spear from Japanese mythology.

(4) Sword of Extermination

Next up is the Sword of Extermination. It is used by the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga, which is the strongest shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique, used by Megumi Fushiguro. The blade itself is a simple double edged sword which is coated with positive cursed energy. By definition, cursed energy is invoked by negative emotions. So positive cursed energy, which is similar to reverse cursed energy makes it a natural weakness of curses.

Mahoraga used the blade against the king of curses Sukuna in the Shibuya Incident Arc after taking over Yuji’s body and even though the he was an incarnated cursed spirit in a human vessel, Mahoraga’s attacks demanded respect from Sukuna. He also claimed that he could have died if he were a normal cursed spirit. Also there is no proper rating but referring to the evidence from the story, it is close to a special grade rating.

(5) Slaughter Demon

Slaughter Demon 29

Originally belonging to Maki Zenin, it was lent to Yuji Itadori by Gojo Satoru for his first field mission. It is a standard dagger with fur on it’s hilt and it matched Yuji’s style of fighting. Due to his impressive physical prowess, he was able to make swift work of his cursed enemies. Gojo’s plans were to teach Itadori on how to control his cursed energy and to keep the Slaughter Demon as a last resort but during a mission at the Eishu Detention centre, the blade broke while fighting.

That is pretty much it for the Slaughter Demon but the funny part is when Maki asked him to give it back in the Kyoto Goodwill event, he evaded her question by stating that it was still with Gojo sensei.

(6) Black Rope

Miguel with half the Black Rope 29

A cursed tool belonging to Miguel from a clan of Africa’s sorcerers, the Black Rope was the other potential way to unseal the prison realm. Appearing in the Cursed Child arc from the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie, Miguel’s cursed tool is equal to that of a special grade tool.

The Black Rope has a similar effect as the Inverted Spear of Heaven, which can disturb and cancel the effects of cursed techniques. Although very powerful, it had a disadvantage where the rope burns off everytime the technique is used, hence making it smaller with every use.

Miguel was able to stall Gojo for a while and forced him to resort to hand to hand combat. After the events of the arc he was recruited by Gojo to train Yuta Okkotsu and when they decided to return to his village in search of more Black Rope in order to free Gojo from the prison realm, they realized that there was none left, as it took decades just to weave the rope that Miguel had used and burnt off.

(7) Dragon Bone

Maki wielding Dragon Bone

The Dragon Bone is another powerful cursed tool which was wielded by Maki Zenin. We see a clear pattern here: the cursed tools are best used by the hands of the zero cursed energy users which ironically makes them some of the strongest too. It is a thick single edged blade with a mechanical hilt with a sophisticated design.

It was considered to be Juzo Kumiya’s masterpiece and it builds up kinetic force and cursed energy during fights. The force is then ejected by the three engine holes present on the blade at the user’s will which immensely increases cutting power.

Maki was informed about this sword and its location by Lord Tengen and after acquiring it, she was able to go up against her father Ogi Zenin, one of the elders of the famed Zenin Clan. Later, she would dual wield the Split Soul Katana and the Dragon Bone to not only kill Ogi but the entire Kukuru unit, her former unit in which she was enlisted into before abandoning the Zenin Clan for good.

(8) Chain of a Thousand Miles

Chain of a Thousand Miles

Last but not least we have another special grade cursed tool used by Toji himself, known as the Chain of a Thousand Miles. A perfectly normal looking chain at first glance, it has a mysterious power where it can keep extending indefinitely as long as the user does not allow one of the ends to be seen.

It has a clip on one end which can be used to connect other cursed weapons, like how Toji connected the Inverted Spear at one end of the chain. He would hide one end of the chain inside of his inventory cursed spirit and would abuse the power to its maximum.

During his fight with Gojo, he was able to break the ground and send waves of debris flying over to him and after connecting the Inverted Spear to the chain, he was able to amplify the effects of nullifying cursed techniques. Although a great support item, it snapped when Gojo used Hollow Purple.

The aforementioned cursed tools were the most prominent in the series but some others include Maki’s Glasses (this allows her to see cursed spirits), Kento Nanami’s sword, Gakuganji’s Electric Guitar, Haruta Shigemo’s hand-cursed tool (made by Juzo), Hiromi Higuruma’s hammer, Mei Mei’s axe and the Festering Life Sword, used by Kurourushi.

Cursed Tools add a lot of depth to the combat system of the world of Jujutsu Kaisen and some of the most important that have ever taken place include the usage of cursed tools. What other cursed tools do you think should have been mentioned? Also are there any characters whose fighting style would fit perfectly to a cursed tool?

We always encourage a healthy discussion down below in the comments!

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