Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI) Goku Vs Beerus | Who Wins?

When it comes to power comparisons, there’s no shortage of them in the world of Dragon Ball. After the fight in the Battle of Gods arc, Goku and Beerus have never sparred against each other. Fans have been waiting for the popular matchup to happen again in the future. Until then, let’s see who wins if they faced off against each other in a death battle.

Before commencing, here’s a pre-note. The entire argument will be based on the Manga only. The Anime has comparatively more power scaling issues than the Manga so quoting from the Anime will be minimized. Also, this discussion will include Chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super Manga in which Goku has gained experience on how to use Ultra Instinct (partially) in his base form. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Let’s begin with the techniques and powers the characters have in their disposal which will be relevant in this battle.

What are Goku’s key powers and abilities?

Ultra Instinct (Perfected)

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku published by V-Jump
MUI Goku (V-Jump)

Since he first activated the technique against Jiren in the Tournament of Power, his command on the Angel’s special move has grown ever since. Against Moro, he was unstoppable. When Moro punched his body, his arm broke. The levels of thought control have improved dramatically.

Usually, when a dear friend is murdered, he loses control of himself and goes into a rage mode. When Merus vanished from this world, he did not show any form of anger. Instead, he kept his cool and activated Perfected Ultra Instinct. In the current arc, he’s training to use Ultra Instinct in his base form. This removes his stamina and time limit problems. But he has not reached this level yet completely.


Goku has the ability to use Telekinesis
Chapter 64 – Goku uses Telekinesis against Moro

MUI Goku can immobilize opponents like Moro and control his body at will. He has used this technique before against Broly, albeit in a weaker form. Broly managed to break it and move. Moro wasn’t able to move when MUI Goku used it.

Instant Transmission

Goku's instant transmission Kamehameha on Beerus in Battle of Gods
Instant Transmission Kamehameha against Beerus (Battle of Gods movie)

The signature teleportation move of the Yardrats, one of Goku’s signature moves. This move has saved Goku from near-death situations plenty of times. While it’s primarily used for teleporting to distant places by sensing the target’s Ki, it can be very useful in combat.

Goku first used the Instant Transmission Kamehameha on Cell and it almost killed him. If you’re at a distance from your opponent, you can close in and use a sneak attack using this technique.


Goku's Kaio-Ken technique
Left – Base + Kaio-Ken
Right – Super Saiyan Blue + Kaio-Ken

King Kai’s energy multiplier technique. It causes quite the strain on the body if used for long. Goku normally uses this as a last resort where all other options have run out.

Old Kai once said that using Kai-Ken along with Super Saiyan causes huge emotional turmoil. The Super Saiyan transformation is powered by rage and it normally doesn’t have precise Ki control. Since Super Saiyan Blue perfected is a controlled form with calmer Ki, he can use it without too many repercussions. More info about Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken? Click here.

Similarly, Ultra Instinct + Kaio-Ken is an achievable feat. Now that Goku is learning how to use the technique in his base form, he can, in theory, add the power of Kaio-Ken to that and multiply his stats. But, MUI + Kaio-Ken can lead to some recoil damages.

Spirit Bomb

Goku's spirit bomb technique
Spirit Bomb powered by the people of Earth used against Kid Buu

Another one of King Kai’s moves. It borrows energy from all living creatures around. It gets stronger and more condensed as more living creatures give their energy.

Gathering energy only from the non-intelligent living creatures (plants, trees, animals, etc.) isn’t enough. That’s why it failed to kill Vegeta and Frieza. But, during the battle against Kid Buu, the entire Earth’s population supplied their energy to finish off Kid Buu. Canon-wise, it’s the strongest Spirit Bomb yet.

Hakai (imperfect)

Goku copied the Hakai technique from Beerus
Chapter 25 – Goku tried using Hakai on Fused Zamasu

Even though he tried it only once, it had a considerable amount of damage. He couldn’t pull it off completely as Fused Zamasu was immortal and Hakai doesn’t work on immortals.

Zenkai Boost

When a person is on the brink of death and then heals up later on, he gets a permanent power boost. This ability is exclusive to the Saiyan race. These power-ups take place on a wide range in the number line, depending on how close you are to death.

In the Namek Saga, Goku’s full power in base form was at 90,000. Post Ginyu battle, his recovery from his severe injuries increased his base power to a whopping 3,000,000! It’s because of the Zenkai boosts that Saiyans get insanely powerful when they fight, compared to other races.

What are Beerus’s key powers and abilities?

Hakai (expert)

Being a God of Destruction, it’s obvious he has gained quite a mastery over Hakai. It’s the G.O.D’s signature move. With Hakai, Beerus can destroy almost anything. From little rocks to an entire Universe. Moro about Hakai is explained here.

Ultra Instinct (imperfect)

Beerus' Ultra Instinct
Chapter 28 – Beerus dodges other G.O.Ds’ attacks

There’s some confusion on the Internet about whether Beerus has Ultra Instinct or not. From Whis’ words in chapter 28, it’s pretty clear that Beerus’ body senses attacks and makes decisions on its own to dodge. This is basically Ultra Instinct.

Furthermore, Whis has mentioned twice that “Even Lord Beerus hasn’t mastered Ultra Instinct”. This practically means he can use the technique (and why wouldn’t he? He’s been training under Whis for millions of years.) but hasn’t mastered it yet.

From the looks of it, he can use it in his base form without the need to transform. And his movements are pretty fast, given how he was able to dodge almost all of the Destroyer Gods’ attacks.

Sealing Technique

This is not openly revealed in the Manga but it is in a subtle way. After Future Trunk’s timeline got erased and brought back later on, Supreme Kai tells Trunks to contact Beerus in his timeline to eradicate Zamasu. But the corrupted Kai is immortal, so how’d Beerus do it? Whis answers that he and Beerus possess a sealing technique much better than the Mafuba.

Beerus has a sealing technique which is not yet fully revealed
Chapter 26 – a subtle mention of Beerus’ sealing technique

However, off-camera, Beerus did use this technique to seal away the Old Kai in the Z-Sword some 75 million years ago. And Old Kai was stuck in there until Gohan broke the sword a few years ago. Breaking the Z-Sword is much harder than breaking the seal of the Mafuba (even Pilaf could do it). So the Gods’ technique is superior.

So, after understanding the powers both have,

Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI) Goku Vs Beerus | Who Wins?

Now that we have an idea of techniques and powers Beerus and Goku have the answer is Beerus WINS by a huge margin. Let me explain!

Now, as Master Roshi pointed out to Goku in the T.O.P, brute strength isn’t everything. There is speed, techniques, mental stability and Ki control.

In the Zeno Expo, Beerus tactically attacks his combatants. Both he and Champa look alike so he used that to his advantage. He whacked Champa into the air and hid under the fallen Lord Mosco while the other Destroyers charged at Champa. Then he came out of hiding and attacked them with a powerful Hakai blast. This shows Beerus plans his moves and does not charge in blindly, unlike Goku.

Goku may be physically stronger than Beerus; the game is not all about brute force. Ultimate Super Saiyan Trunks may have been physically stronger than Perfect Cell but, the Saiyan got overpowered because he was slow and his stamina was draining fast.

Even though Future Trunks is stronger than Perfect Cell, he still loses against him
Dragon Ball Z Chapter 193 – Cell says Transformations that gives you only brute strength is useless

While comparing techniques and skills, Beerus has the upper hand on this one. Now you may think “Goku has more techniques than Beerus. So How is that possible??” Just hear me out here!

The three techniques Beerus has in his disposal are more than enough to overcome Goku’s attacks.


  • The level of Hakai Beerus has is very VERY high. And Hakai is such a powerful move. That’s why he was bold enough to think that the G.O.D’s signature move is stronger than Angel techniques. He may be overshooting a bit, but he’s not far away from the truth. He can literally destroy a Universe without much effort. This is shown when Beerus and Champa were sparring against each other. On the contrary, MUI Goku may not be a Universe buster as of now.
Beerus and Champa are Universe busters
Chapter 6 – Beerus and Champa’s Hakai can destroy a Universe or two
  • Hakai’s power is much higher than we thought. A small portion of Beerus’ Hakai was able to destroy Vegeta’s armor, resulting in him flat on the ground and back to his base form. In chapter 71, Vegeta + Hakai is a formidable opponent for MUI Goku. If Vegeta’s Hakai could boost him from being “less strong” to “can defeat Goku in a battle”, imagine how strong Beerus’ Hakai must be.
  • Sure, Goku can use Hakai as well. But it is not as good as Vegeta’s and definitely not Beerus’ level. So even if Goku uses instant transmission Hakai against Beerus, it’d end up in a failure as Beerus could see it coming from a mile away.
  • The energy of destruction covering his body acts as a shield that can nullify regular Ki based attacks. Even if Goku uses the Spirit bomb, the size of which he used against Kid Buu, will not work on Beerus. Also, Beerus won’t be waiting for him even if he can gather the energy required, given this is a deathmatch.

Ultra Instinct

  • In chapter 69, Beerus easily dodged Vegeta’s punches and was just toying with him. Keep in mind that (Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Evolved + Forced Spirit Fission) > Ultra Instinct Sign Goku. Yes MUI Goku is stronger than Vegeta but I don’t think the former would take down the latter so easily as how Beerus demonstrated.
  • Beerus has been training under Whis for millions of years. Of course, he sleeps for many years too, but don’t let that make you undermine his strength. Now Whis said Beerus hasn’t mastered Ultra Instinct yet. But his command over Ultra Instinct in his base form is much higher than Goku’s.
  • Beerus is much more experienced in Godly abilities. Therefore, he doesn’t have stamina-related issues like Goku has. If both of them go all out, right from the beginning, Beerus wouldn’t lose much stamina whereas Goku would be gasping for air. Then Beerus can Hakai the hell out of him.

Other scenarios

  • The only techniques that Goku can use to turn the tables are the Mafuba and the Zenkai boost ability. Goku requires a talisman to seal the container. If he forgets to bring it along with him like in the Zamasu arc, then he’s doomed. If he executes it properly, Beerus could get sealed up. But Goku has to carefully plan it out so that Beerus does not notice the container. Unlike Future Zamasu, Beerus already knows what the container is for, so he can be on guard.
  • The Zenkai boost only works when Goku has the chance to get himself healed up. But I don’t think Beerus will wait for him to do so. Unlike Goku, who takes his sweet time to finish the job, Beerus is more of a “Finish the job ASAP so that I can eat/sleep” kinda guy. So by the time Goku calls for help, Beerus would have Hakai’d him.
Hence, with all things considered, Beerus can defeat MUI Goku in a one-on-one.

Analyzing the statements by the Authors and Characters

When we see statements like “X is stronger than Y” or anything related to power levels by the characters within the series and the authors, we must consider two things – Who said it and when was it said.

If any character makes a power-level comparison-related statement, he/she should be well knowledgeable about the subject matter. Using this logic, statements by Whis are more reliable than statements by Shin or Goku. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a couple of statements related to this topic.

Toriyama’s Interview Statements

Toriyama once said in terms of strength, if Super Saiyan God Goku was a 6, Beerus would be a 10 and Whis 15. So fans argue that MUI Goku would be an 11-12 now. But, this interview took place in 2013 when Battle of Gods came out and Dragon Ball Super has retconned this already. So Beerus and Whis are no longer a 10 and a 15 respectively. Beerus might be a 17-18 and Whis might be a 25-26.

Jiren Stronger Than G.O.D

Whis/Toppo mentioned that based on combat skills alone, Jiren > Belmod. And Belmod > Beerus. So, Jiren > Beerus. However, Beerus does mention that he lost to Belmod only in an arm-wrestling match. So is Whis kidding about Belmod being stronger than Beerus? Maybe. But considering the intensity of Beerus’ Hakai, he could erase Jiren off from existence.

Goku’s Statement To Broly

Goku said in the Broly movie that Broly could be stronger than Beerus. Now Goku hasn’t seen Beerus’ Hakai in full strength. One can argue by saying “Goku has seen Beerus go all out in the Battle of the Destroyers” I feel Beerus and the others had the mindset of “Do your best but don’t go on a killer mode”. So we can interpret this as “They did go all out in a competitive/ rivalry spirit” But not all out on a murderous rampage.

Shin’s Statement About Vegito

When Vegito was thrashing Fused Zamasu, Shin makes the following statement:

Shin says Vegito may be stronger than Beerus
Chapter 23 – Is Vegito really stronger than Beerus?

Shin is ignorant of so many things about this Universe. He doesn’t even know that his life is linked with Beerus. So his statements aren’t always reliable. He hasn’t seen Beerus’ full power. Beerus sleeps most of the time and hardly takes effort to destroy planets.

Beerus After Goku Achieves Ultra Instinct

After seeing Goku activate Ultra Instinct for the first time in the T.O.P, Beerus makes the following statement:

Beerus apparently implying he can use Ultra Instinct yet
Chapter 39 – Beerus really can’t use Ultra Instinct?

Beerus looked pretty stunned when Goku used Ultra Instinct against Jiren and started sweating. Some people have concluded by seeing this that Beerus cannot use Ultra Instinct. But look at the context here. Beerus is merely surprised that Goku could pull off such a move so soon.


In summary, if Beerus fights against MUI Goku as he is in chapter 71 in a fight to the death, Beerus will win. His Hakai is so OP that it will render Goku’s Ki-based attacks useless and could kill him. Beerus can also seal him off. Also, Toriyama once said that “Right now, I have no plans for Goku and Vegeta to surpass Beerus and Whis“. He said this in 2016, so it could still be applicable. And he clubbed Beerus and Whis together in that statement so; he could be still sticking to it. Other statements on this subject matter have been retconned.

If Goku wants to play dirty, he could just kill off the Supreme Kai to defeat Beerus. Shin has a life link with Beerus so it is a viable tactic, in theory. If he does this, Goku would become Goku Black, the name he thought was so cool. Bwahahaha. But I doubt Goku will take this route.

What do think? Is Beerus stronger than MUI Goku? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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