What Are The Motive Of The Heeters? Were They Lying To Granolah All This While?

The Heeters are being set up as the main antagonists of the Granolah the Survivor arc. Just what are their ultimate goals? Read on to find out!

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Aside from Granolah, the Heeters are a group of antagonists in the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super Manga. Unlike the Cerealian, these guys are true baddies. Many people have compared them to Bojack and his group but, they’re not into brute strength and brawl like them. Their way of gaining control over things is different compared to what we’ve seen so far in Dragon Ball. Domination through money and intel.

The way to gain power nowadays, according to Elec
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 – Elec’s philosophy of gaining power in recent times

He says that if there is a need for more strong guys, he’ll hire the best that money can buy. Well, not all of them will accept to work for them. I don’t think creatures like Buu, Cell or Zamasu would ever agree to that. But yeah, he can bribe Buu with lots of candies and chocolates.

Who are the Heeters?

The Heeters are a rich and powerful intel group in Universe 7. As expected from Toriyama, its members do have name puns. This time, they’re based on the names of energy sources (Elec, Oil, Gas and Macki [meaning firewood in Japanese]). They hire people on a contractual basis for the purpose of acquiring intel or strong people if they need to.

Amongst them, Gas is the strongest. According to Elec, if it wasn’t for Gas’s strength, they’d find it difficult to become what they’re now. He’s the pride and joy of the Heeter family.

They put bounties on life forms/Artificial life forms and ask the hired to capture them. Elec, the leader of the Heeters family/group, hired Granolah to steal OG73-i from Goichi and bring it to him. Maybe he knows that Seven-Three has Angelic powers?

Granolah is seeking revenge against Frieza & the Saiyans for annihilating his race. Ever since he heard from the Heeters that Frieza has been revived, he’s dead bent on killing Frieza and getting his revenge. Elec told him that he couldn’t tackle Frieza with his current strength and told him to chill out. But he didn’t sit still. He even used the Cerealian Dragon Balls to make him the strongest warrior in the Universe and seems to have God like powers.

He asked Elec to tell him where Frieza is twice. But he only gave some excuses to dodge the question. Elec now seems suspicious. Why didn’t he reveal Frieza’s location if he wanted to get rid of Granolah? In an earlier article, I speculated whether there is a hidden connection between the Heeters and Frieza. Chapter 70 confirmed this suspicion to some extent.

The secret which has been hidden from Granolah

From the beginning of the arc, we were all under the impression that Elec and his hooligans wanted to remove Frieza from the picture, just like Granolah.

Friezas revival is bad for business
Chapter 68 – Frieza is bad for business, Says Elec

No deals mean no business. This in turn means they lose the opportunity to gain intel and money. So they must be against Frieza’s return right? RIGHT?

0068 033
The Heeters are apparently against Frieza

These words probably made Granolah trust him and his group, even though he doesn’t like them very much. Granolah was hopeful that he’d tell him the location of the Galactic Tyrant. He trusted them so much that the idiot told them he used the Dragon Balls to get his wish of being the strongest warrior in the Universe. When he fought with Oil and Macki, they knew he wasn’t kidding around.

He even blurted out that he had only three years left to live. Why did he do that? He didn’t like them at all because they were treating him like trash. So why? WHY?

He’s rushing up to find Frieza so much so that he let his brain get a screw loose. I guess he feels he has less time to stick around so get what you need ASAP even at the cost of blurting out important information.

After Granolah leaves, the Heeters sat for dinner. This is where secrets begin to unfold. Why didn’t Elec tell Granolah where Frieza is? Macki told something that made us go “YOU DID WHAT??”

The heeters made a deal with Frieza's army to ravage planet Cereal
Chapter 70 – The Heeters are in cahoots with the Frieza force

This was foreshadowed by Toyotaro in a bonus chapter in Dragon Ball Super Volume 12. This additional 2-page chapter features Frieza and his underlings as they heard the news of the breakout at the Galactic Prison. They plan to target a planet the Frieza force already had their eyes on. But Frieza instructed his minions to move on to another planet as he doesn’t want to mix with criminals.

As hilarious as this sounds, Kikono, one of his underlings questioned their own identity by asking “aren’t we also criminals?” Berryblue answers by explaining the following objective of Frieza’s army:

Toyotaro foreshadowing the business dealings between Frieza and the Heeters in a bonus manga in DBS Volume 12
Dragon Ball Super Volume 12 (Bonus Chapter) – Frieza scheming with the Heeters foreshadowed

Even though this was said by Raditz at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, the business mentality of Frieza is emphasized here by the bolded words, rather than being just a galactic tyrant. This clearly indicates the business dealing with the Heeters to annihilate the Cerealian race and sell their planet to the Sugarians (a race who have lost their homeworld) for a profit.

This 2 pager was purposefully inserted in the volume for a specific purpose. And now we know what it is. Shady business.

Another bit of foreshadowing is, in chapter 67, seeing Granolah’s strength is massive, Elec thinks he’s a threat to their plans. To hedge his risks, he says “Frieza’s gonna ice this guy for us”. By reading this, we thought that okay; Granolah has a natural hatred of Frieza. Since the Cerealian is weaker than him, he’d take him down and the Heeters’ll just watch from the sidelines. But in reality, it was something more surprising.

After the damage, the Heeters made money off the scheme by re-building some parts of planet Cereal and sold it to the Sugarians, who also lost their home planet. Did Frieza destroy their race as well in cahoots with the Heeters? These are all just giant business plans.

It’s clear that they’re subordinate to Frieza as Macki says “our so-called business partnership with Frieza means sucking up to him”. Since they’re business partners, Elec doesn’t want Frieza to get bumped off. So he plans to use the Saiyans to finish off Granolah. Granolah’s got a grudge on the Saiyans and Goku is a battle-hungry maniac. So they’ll definitely fight against each other.

So, the Heeters may be planning to let the Saiyans, Granolah and Frieza go on a rampage against each other. When the dust settles, they’d swoop in to clear out the weakened survivors and take the position as the ruler of the Frieza force and the Universe.

The motive of the Heeters

The main goal of the Heeters is to take control and rule the 7th Universe. As I mentioned before, there are plenty of villains who had that goal in mind. But the Heeters are taking a different route to achieve it.

How to control the Universe - the Elec way
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 – Elec’s idea on how to control the universe

To achieve their main target, they plan to capture Zuno for information, take control of the Frieza force and take over major parts of the Universe (thereby getting more business deals) and obtain the Dragon Balls to have their wishes granted, if they have.

The Heeter's plan to rule over the Universe
Elec’s goals to take over Universe 7

In Chapter 75, Elec and the others are now set to gather the Dragon Balls to grant them their wish. The Dragon Balls revived Frieza back to life and made Granolah the strongest mortal in the Universe. So they’d think it’ll be pretty useful to have those things under their wing.

What do you think of the business deal between Frieza and the Heeters? Will Granolah figure out their deal and plan to annihilate the Heeters along with Frieza? Or will the Heeters have the last laugh in all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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