Dragon Ball Super: Why Granolah Becoming The Strongest Warrior Now Would Make No Sense

In the latest chapter, Granolah summons the Cerealian Dragon, Toronbo, to ask for making him the strongest warrior in the Universe. But would it make sense for him to become the strongest warrior in this manner?


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69. Read ahead at your own discretion!

The latest arc of Dragon Ball Super gave us one of the most intriguing characters in the series. From being one of the few survivors of his race to one wish away from becoming the strongest warrior in the Universe, Dragon Ball Super is giving us the impression that this character is destined for great things. Granolah might not be just a snack bar but the main course which even Goku may find difficult to tackle.

In the latest chapter, Granolah summons the Cerealian Dragon, Toronbo, to ask for making him the strongest warrior in the Universe. Previously, in another article, I explain why this wish won’t be granted. In this one, I’ll present my views on “what if his wish was granted?”

Ruins Granolah’s character development

Although I’m doubtful, but let’s suppose Toronbo does grant him the wish. This would turn out to be a major plot convenience and wouldn’t make any sense. A warrior is someone who works hard to toughen himself up and just wishing it away would make the whole “training process” seems redundant.

Granolah’s character has so much room for development and giving him instant power which could par with the likes of Golden Frieza and Super Saiyan Blue without any hard work would ruin that possibility. The authors have carefully given a great build-up to the character and one slip could spoil that.

Meeting between Granolah & Frieza would be interesting...
Granolah and Golden Frieza

Of course, he must get stronger to eventually stand up against Frieza but now is not the time. Toriyama could explore more into his life, his race & the connection between the Cerealians and the Namekians. It is said that the Namekians used to be a tribe on planet Cereal and moved to another planet. More history on the Namekians.

More history on the Cerealians. What will Granolah’s reactions be when he finds out there are some Saiyan survivors and that his enemies not only include Frieza but Goku and Vegeta too. Especially Goku. How will Goku view Granolah? As a friend or foe?

What matters now is giving us more lore. This is the author’s chance to show that Dragon Ball isn’t just about the fights (It isn’t actually, but that’s what many people think. Sad). The possibility of major world-building and connecting various points across the franchise is huge.

Now let me tell you why it is a crucial juncture at this point of the story. This arc is different from the arcs we’ve seen before and here’s why:

Granolah isn’t a typical Dragon Ball Antagonist

Granolah is not your usual macho antagonist who’s got a taste for blood. The typical villains just want to destroy either the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe or conquer them all. Granolah does not belong to any of these categories. He’s cut out from a different cloth.

You could say “Hey! What about Baby in GT? Doesn’t this arc resemble the Baby arc?” Sure there are similarities. We even speculated in an earlier article that Granolah could be a Tuffle but, unlike Baby, Granolah isn’t out there to destroy the galaxy or something nor does he want the power to rule over it. He simply wants to get stronger to kill Frieza and maybe even the surviving Saiyans to avenge his fallen race.

His heart isn’t tainted with evil. He has even helped out an old Namekian by sheltering him and doesn’t have any ill feelings towards the Sugarians even though they bought off his planet.

Granolah sheltering Monaito and being friendly to the Sugarians
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 – Granolah taking care of Monaito and being considerate to the Sugarians

He’s a guy who just wants to see his people alive and kicking again. He didn’t do anything wrong at all. In fact, it was the Saiyans who first started the fight. This is different from a lot of angles.

So far, the villains started the fight & Goku and the gang defeats them. Then some came back and sought revenge. In the present scenario, the Saiyans came on a rampage against the Cerealians under the order of Frieza and Goku’s father could be involved in this. If so, Goku cannot treat him like any other villain he’s encountered in the past, nor can he ask him for a friendly duel.

This gives so much room for quite a story-telling which we fans want for a while. The kind of intense moments that possibly awaits us hasn’t happened since the Android Saga in Dragon Ball Z. Toriyama and Toyotarou are on the right track so far and have given us some really good lore.

They can make this one of the best arcs in the series but they have to be very careful not to pull up some convenient plot twists for the sake of driving the plot.


In short, I do hope that the Cerealian Dragon doesn’t grant Granolah his wish and he has to find some other way to get stronger. In the meantime, we’d hope to see more interesting plot points, more development in other characters like Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan and maybe even Broly.

A lot of possibilities exist to make this arc a really good one. Vintage Dragon Ball. Spoon-feeding the Cerealian with power by the Dragon renders all the build-up so far as useless. So Toriyama and Toyotarou, make us proud of you guys!

What do you think of our thought process? Would you like to see Granolah grow up slowly or do you prefer the spoon-feeding and wants to get on with the fights as soon as possible? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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