Dragon Ball Super: Will Goku & Frieza Team Up Once Again?

The internet exploded when Goku and Frieza decided to work together to defeat Jiren in the finale of Dragon Ball Super Anime. If suppose you went back in time and told people, who just finished watching the Frieza arc in Dragon Ball Z, that a day will come in which they’ll team up, those people would think you’ve gone mad.

From being the Z Warrior’s most hated enemy to being their savior, nobody in their wildest dreams would have predicted this would happen.

The relationship between Goku and Frieza started off with feelings of utter hatred towards each other. Frieza was responsible of destroying the majority of the Saiyan race along with their planet. Not only that, he killed Vegeta & Krillin, slaughtered so many Namekians, blew up their planet, came to Earth for revenge and blew it up as well.

Being the tyrant that he is, the fact that Goku even thought of suggesting Frieza to be a part of the Universe 7 team in the T.O.P made his friends go into a frenzy.

The finale of the T.O.P arc made fans chant Frieza’s name instead of booing at him. I never thought I’d see such a changeover will take place. Now, for the delight of the fans, the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super Manga “Granolah the Survivor” hints at the possibility that the duo would team up once again.

Granolah has a grudge against Frieza and the Saiyans

Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super Manga kick started with Granolah’s backstory and Goku and Vegeta’s training on Beerus’s world. In another article, I shared my views on whether or not Goku and Vegeta would become a future Angel and Destroyer God respectively.

We see Granolah taking OG-73i in a fluid tank to his employer, Elec, the leader of the Heeters group.

0068 028
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 – The Heeter group

From what is revealed so far, Elec and his group are not the typical bulked up villains in Dragon Ball with incredible strength. Their goal is to acquire power through money and Intel. From the looks of it, they have a lot of money. They could afford to pay warriors like Granolah to get their hands on Seven-Three. Elec seems to know that the OG Android holds the powers of an Angel. He might have sent men to observe the battle between the Z-Warriors and Moro on Earth and they would have reported the happenings back to him.

Elec told something to Granolah which he couldn’t believe:

0068 030 1
Granolah did not expect this news

Before this, Granolah was under the impression that Frieza died several years ago and only the remnants of his army currently exist. He also assumed that the Saiyans were wiped out by a large meteor. Guess his Intel is not as good as Elec’s.

He clearly holds a grudge against the Saiyans for invading his home planet and almost wiping out his entire race clean. Adding the fact that Frieza sent the barbaric apes to destroy his people, he despises Frieza as well. But since he thought none of them are alive, he began to lose hope of avenging his people ever. This changed when Elec told him that Frieza is revived.

The shocked expression of Granolah quickly turned into feelings of delight and anger as he plans to kill Frieza with his own hands.

granolahs anger on frieza
Granolah seeks revenge

In his dream, we see the Oozarus rummaging around Planet Cereal, killing people left and right. Granolah ran towards a church where he confronted an ape that looks very familiar.

He would soon find out that there are some survivors of the Saiyan race. Among them, the strongest inhabits a planet called Earth. We think that because of the connection of Bardock and the fate of the Cerelians, Granolah would in turn start having inimical feelings towards Goku. He’d realize this by seeing that Goku resembles the Saiyan he confronted in the past.

Goku and Frieza might have a common threat to deal with

With feelings of vengeance stirring up once again, Granolah sets his eyes on getting stronger. His skills in the art of sniping are considerably good enough to destroy the other OG Androids in Goichi’s ship. He might turn out to be a formidable foe for our heroes to tackle. Right now, he’s not as strong as Frieza as Elec pointed out. But with training, he aims to be the strongest around.

0068 045 1024x499 1

The Heeters also want Frieza and his army to disappear. This is because the tyrant’s rummaging affects their business of hiring people to collect valuables and intel. Elec wants to meet Master Zuno, the most knowledgeable person in the universe, to probably force out information out of him.

Maybe he plans to kidnap Master Zuno, bring him to his home planet and interrogate him. The galactic patrol might catch up to this news and would send their troops to defeat the Heeters and arrest them. It is possible they would call up Goku and Vegeta for the task.

During this arc, it is more than likely that Granolah will confront Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. The Cerelian might grow to be much stronger than before. If so, the one the oracle fish was prophesizing to become the strongest warrior in Universe 7 might turn out to be him. Therefore, there is a good chance for Goku to team up with Frieza once again to defeat Granolah.

Toriyama has a habit for giving characters gag names, but what if he did it purposely done to foreshadow something? Using this logic, there might be a hidden connection between Frieza and his family (the Cold family) & the Heeters family, as their family names are polar opposites. Also, what if Toriyama decides to make Cooler canon and have him join the party?

The rise of the strongest warrior of Universe 7 – Exploring the possibilities

0068 045 1
The Oracle Fish’s prophecy

Whis gives a “fun fact” about the oracle fish that if the fish suffers from insomnia, bad things might happen in the future. Goku gets his hopes up that a really strong fighter was about to rise up to crash the party. And the oracle fish uses the words “Balance shifting”. Combining all these, there are two possible outcomes:

  • The shifting of balance is yet to happen and the strongest warrior in the universe will arise to make it come true.
  • The shifting of balance has already begun and the strongest warrior in the universe will arise to bring or restore that balance to its normal state.

In the case of the first interpretation, here are some of the possibilities of who it could be:

1. Granolah

granola 2

Granolah would be the first and easiest guess simply because, when he said he wants to become the strongest warrior than anyone, the scene immediately cuts to the oracle fish prophesizing the rise of the strongest warrior in Universe 7.

The OG Androids in Goichi’s ship were fed with data from Seven-Three. Granolah is quite strong and easily took out the OG Androids. If he’s as strong as Seven-Three, he could turn out to be a formidable foe if he trains intensely. If a common ray gun could harm Goku if he drops his guard, Granolah, being the expert sniper that he is, could land a critical sneak attack against the mighty Saiyan from Earth.

2. The Heeters group

Heeters color.PNG

Using money and Intel, and with Master Zuno possibly in their custody, they could gain significant amount of power which could make their group the strongest in the universe. Gas is the strongest in their group so maybe he’ll be the strongest warrior.

3. Frieza

Screenshot 69

Elec says that the state of the universe is shifting because of Frieza’s revival. And the oracle fish used the words “Universe 7…. Balance… Shifting”. Combining these two, it might be possible that Frieza would end up being the strongest warrior in the Universe. He could be training a lot more for all we know and pull out a stronger form than before.

In the case of the second interpretation, here are some of the possibilities of who it could be:

1. Goku

Ultra Instinct Goku

Training under Whis to get stronger, he could fine tune his Ultra Instinct so much that he could become stronger than Merus. Whis mentions that there are higher levels of the godly technique which are currently out of Goku’s reach. He’s fired up to reach those levels so he could be the strongest warrior eventually.

2. Vegeta

Screenshot 70

By learning a new technique which the G.O.Ds specialize in by observing Beerus’s training, he could improve on it by further getting trained by Whis. By that, he could very well surpass Goku and Beerus to become the strongest warrior in the universe.

3. Broly

Screenshot 72

Broly is such a prodigy that when he was born, his battle power was 10,000. This was more than Goku when he fought Raditz and more than Nappa. He has so much untapped potential that his destructive powers might be on par or even greater than a God of Destruction. Vegeta also noted that he learns quickly as he fights, making him stronger. If given enough time and opportunity to train, he can easily surpass Goku and Vegeta and become the strongest warrior.

4. Gohan


I know it is far-fetched, but maybe? Just maybe? The fans haven’t lost hope yet. Even Vegeta says Gohan has the most potential among the Z-Warriors to be the strongest around. So, if he’s willing to put aside his books and nerdy glasses and train to address the enemy which caused the balance in the universe to shift, he could become the strongest.

The list, of course, excludes Beerus and Whis as they’re Gods and not technically warriors.

What do you think of Goku and Frieza teaming up? Who do you think will be the strongest warrior in the universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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