DBS Chapter 75 Breakdown: Ultra Ego Vegeta Isn’t Done Yet

What is Ultra Ego and how is it different from Ultra Instinct? Did Vegeta lose the fight? What will be the Heeters' wish? Read on as I break down Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 and analyze everything in detail.


The Dragon Ball fandom went hella toxic ever since the spoiler dropped of Vegeta, covered in blood and knocked on his feet saying “What the hell happened?” Twitter went haywire.

Vegeta was again trending, but for the wrong reason. Even Christopher Sabat, the famous English Dub VA of Vegeta, got caught up in the wave.

He made the following Tweet back in June 2020 when Vegeta got his butt kicked by Moro73.

And he re-tweeted the same for this spoiler leak with the comments “Might as well save myself the trouble of retyping it today.”

Well fans, you should know by now that Akira Toriyama deliberately goes against your expectations. Yes, he’s an evil evil man. Muhahaha.

Do you make any use of such fan opinions in the original work?

I do, in the sense of “betraying the fans’ expectations”. For instance, when I got a lot of, “Don’t kill Vegeta,” I deliberately killed him. (laughs)

Akira Toriyama, 5th June, 1995

Jokes aside, contrary to fan speculation, he doesn’t hate Vegeta or anything. I mean he did say a long time ago (23rd May 1995) that he doesn’t like him that much (that is different from hate), but later he changed his mind.

In a 2013 interview, Toriyama said he found Vegeta unexpectedly interesting. He further added that the Prince is a well-defined character and found it enjoyable to draw characters like him.

Not only that, Vegeta is amongst Toriyama’s top 5 characters in Dragon Ball. Now, while you’re racking your brain with “Then why is Vegeta getting so many Ls bruh?”

Remember, Goku has lost to Granolah 4 times already in 2 chapters and Vegeta hasn’t lost once. So we’ll see where this goes.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into analyzing Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 – God of Destruction power!

The name is Ultra Ego

Contrary to popular thought, I do like the name of this form. I mean it’s Vegeta’s take on its nomenclature and I don’t know whether Beerus would call it the same.

He probably called it like that to compare with Ultra Instinct and emphasize how they’re different. Twitter user Ian aka Cipher_db breaks down the meaning behind the name. Click here!

I think the name is appropriate for Vegeta. He is an egoistic battle-crazed Saiyan. The form mirrors his personality well. Reminds me of Tien’s words in Abridged.

VEGETA: …my heart is pure. Pure, unadulterated badass…

TIEN: Yeah, more like pure, unadulterated ego.

VEGETA: (off-screen) I heard that, Triclops!

Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 36, Team Four Star

I was watching some DBZA episodes and came across something really amusing. TFS appears to have predicted the name of Vegeta’s new form many years ago.

In Episode 44, Vegeta talks about his plans to find a level beyond Super Saiyan. And Tien comes up with names like “Mega Saiyan” and “Ultra Saiyan”.

In the Mexican version, Vegeta’s new form is called “Mega Instinct”. If Vegeta ascends Ultra Ego, I’m calling dibs on “Maximum Over-Instinct/Ego”.

Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct are two sides of the same coin

Jokes aside, let’s not get too serious on nomenclature. What is more useful is studying the form in detail.

I couldn’t help but notice how fast Vegeta has become. At the beginning of the chapter, Granolah moves swiftly to rebound from the blows taken.

However, the Prince is already behind him, ready to strike. Ultra Ego is super-fast.

When we first saw the form in chapter 74, it looked bulky. Kinda like Super Saiyan Grade 2. But upon closer inspection, we see it’s not the case.

The muscle mass ain’t that different from Super Saiyan Blue or SSB Evolved. But what Vegeta tries to do is voluntarily get clobbered in the hopes of becoming stronger.

This is kinda similar to Broly’s way of fighting. But there are differences.

Broly’s stamina and endurance are very very high, unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere. As a result, whenever he takes a beating, he recovers quickly and unleashes his counterattack.

His ability to study his own power and respond by reading his opponent’s moves is even better than Vegeta’s. That’s how Broly (aided by his anger) grew stronger and stronger, eventually surpassing the Prince at that time.

The mutant was able to withstand even Gogeta Blue’s attacks. But of course, he too has his limits.

The DBS Broly Light Novel states that full-powered LSSJ Broly (green hair) reverts to his golden hair form after taking a significant amount of damage.

Similarly, we see Ultra Ego Vegeta’s vision becomes blurry and feeling dizzy, after taking way too much damage. It could also be due to Granolah’s punch on his head.

Nevertheless, Vegeta is known to have a crazy amount of endurance.

We see it time and again in the series. From bravely standing up to Kid Buu to buy Kakarrot some time to surviving an attempt of self-destruction in the Tournament of Power, his sheer willpower and adrenaline rush while fighting are nothing to sneeze at.

One of the main differences between UI and UE is that, UI tends to evade incoming attacks whereas UE takes those blows head-on.

Now I don’t know whether it is simply Vegeta’s way of doing things or that is how the power/form is supposed to be handled. For all we know, Vegeta could be going about the wrong way and Beerus knocks him on the head as he did in chapter 71.

Vegeta getting boinked on the head by Beerus for messing up his planet
Beerus hits Vegeta on the head for destroying his land

Why I think so is because this is the first time Vegeta has awakened this power.

He obviously cannot perfect it right away. Unlike Granolah, the Saiyan Prince unleashed this form through his own hard work. Beerus would have given him some pointers along with the training.

We haven’t seen Beerus or any of the other G.O.Ds taking attacks head-on to get stronger. Even Toppo didn’t use such a strategy in the T.O.P.

So I think this is Vegeta’s own interpretation of his newfound powers. Whis did say that Hakai is a technique that is not easily mastered.

It requires high levels of Ki control & mind stability to wield it properly.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Breakdown: Whis says Hakai is difficult to perfect
Chapter 69

I reckon it’d corrupt the mind if the user doesn’t learn to control the incoming flood of destructive emotions. Beerus has been training for millennia and that’s why he’s an expert. We’ll have to see what the lazy G.O.D thinks of Ultra Ego.

Granolah evolves his eyes

A person reading Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 will get an obvious question in mind. “How the hell is Granolah growing stronger??

I thought he was at the peak of his power!” Now calm your horses as I explain.

Granolah, technically, isn’t getting stronger by some external means. He’s merely unlocking the power which already exists within him.

In my review of Chapter 74, I mentioned how the Cerealian has three main drawbacks – Lack of combat experience, weak psyche (drunk by his own power) and not so accurate Ki control.

In Chapter 70, Toronbo said that he can multiply Granolah’s current strength by condensing any and all power he could have gained in his lifetime.

This means Toronbo bestowed the strength, speed, techniques, and a body to wield them. But the Cerealian doesn’t know how to draw that innate power in battle in full capacity.

That’s why Vegeta said Granolah should have trained in that time gap between getting the wish and brawling with the Saiyans.

Also, Granolah asked the dragon to make him the greatest WARRIOR in the Universe. So he too, like a warrior race, can get stronger the more he fights.

Furthermore, not relying on Oatmeel anymore made him push himself to compensate for the loss. A loss incurred by his own actions.

And he converted it into a plus point.

On the brink of complete annihilation of his planet, Granolah had no choice but to search deep within for a solution. And what he got is another red-eye.

In a lighter vein of things, the Cerealian unlocks two Sharingans. The shattering of his old eye to a new one symbolizes the unveiling of something which was already there but hidden till now.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Breakdown: Granolah unveils his left red eye
Granolah’s left eye pupils crack

This reminds me of Broly’s pupils shattering as he transforms into the golden-haired Legendary Super Saiyan form.

To add further weight to this idea, V-Jump released a scan in March 2021 that foreshadows the unveiling of the Universe’s strongest warrior’s hidden potential.

So Granolah himself has no idea how much hidden power he has within. You can expect more surprises in the future.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Breakdown: V-Jump scan foreshadowing Granolah unlocking his new power

Regarding its significance in the fight, Granolah would now be able to observe his enemy’s blood flow and muscle movements more accurately.

He can probably strike at vital points from a wider distance than before. If the Cerealian can destroy a Hakai blast as big as Vegeta’s, he’s going to be a real threat.

The “low-class” warrior and the Prince have to work together if they want to stop him. Am I sensing a fusion on the way? Its effectiveness will depend on whether Granolah has Forced Spirit Fission or not.

Now that I’ve addressed the main aspects of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, let’s take a bird’s eye view of the chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 – Vegeta Vs Granolah (Part 2)

Ultra Ego Vegeta dominates in the first half of the chapter. Grabbing Granolah by his collar/scarf and head-butting him sounds like classic Vegeta. “Get ready for a dose of my tough love” I love this line.

A line that can be said to your enemy and your girlfriend. Though it’d sound cheesy when you say it to your girlfriend. Do not attempt Vegeta one-liners elsewhere.

Only he can convert cringy statements to pure badass.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Breakdown: Vegeta voluntarily taking damage to get stronger

From the smile in the above image, it’s very clear that Vegeta is purposefully taking blows from the Cerealian. Injuring himself to get stronger.

Goku Black employed a similar idea. Is Vegeta embracing the evil within his heart?

He definitely seems to be enjoying this. As explained in my review for Chapter 74, he target’s not only Granolah’s physique but also his psyche.

Vegeta is deliberately throwing Granolah away towards the ruins. A place where Granolah is deeply attached to.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Breakdown: Vegeta voluntarily hurting Granolah's heart by throwing him to the ruins
That smile says it all

Both draws out each other’s potential

As mentioned earlier, this battle between Vegeta Vs Granolah is pushing both fighters to their limits and beyond.

Vegeta thanks Granolah for drawing the innate power within and Granolah, later on, thanks Vegeta for the same.

But don’t forget, a considerable difference does exist between them in terms of attributes.

This will definitely be an advantage to these two fighters as they might join hands in the future to fight the common enemy – the Heeters.

Did Vegeta choose the right strategy?

I think his strategy suits him well, but he may be biting off more than he can chew.

Ultra Ego brings forth the instinctual part of the mind and its deepest desires. As the Saiyan Prince mentions in the last chapter about this battle scenario being his happy place, he can go all out.

Uncontrolled. Unconcerned. Without any guilt or conscience holding him back. For more details on Vegeta’s new form, Click Here!

But that doesn’t mean he’s totally gone insane.

As he talks with Granolah about the Saiyan race and its extinction at the hands of Frieza, he has this soft-looking face. An expression of concern and sorrow.

Vegeta saddened by the destruction of planet Vegeta and his race

Why I think the words are bolded here is, this is the commonality between Vegeta and Granolah. This will be a significant point that may instigate feelings of belongingness and friendship between the now two enemies.

Now, coming to the Hakai ball of energy Vegeta thrusts towards the planet.

Some fans question “Why is Vegeta going back to Saiyan-saga mode and trying to destroy the planet including himself?” This is Vegeta taunting Granolah.

An “I’m curious about what are you going to do” kinda scenario.

He perfectly knows that he and Goku will not be able to survive in the vacuum of space. The Prince is not a suicidal maniac.

Will Vegeta Vs Granolah be interrupted?

In fact, this is very similar to what Beerus did in his spar with Super Saiyan God Goku. The postures, the dialogues, they’re very close.

Can’t be a coincidence. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Comparing Vegeta's and Beerus's Hakai Energy Balls
Left (Chapter 4) – Beerus throws a Hakai Ball towards Goku
Right (Chapter 75) – Vegeta throws a Hakai Ball towards Granolah

In both scenarios, the defender awakens more of their hidden powers and unleashes Ki Blasts against the incoming attack. The same kind of intense explosion follows the collision.

In the battle between Goku and Beerus, Whis interrupts and says the same thing Elec remarks about Vegeta Vs Granolah. Does this mean that Elec will be the one interrupting the fight?

Both Whis and Elec think that Vegeta Vs Granolah is still undecided
Both Whis and Elec come to the same conclusion post-collision

I think the clash between the Saiyans and the Cerealian will be interrupted by either the Heeters or Oatmeel via Monaito. Speaking of whom, Oatmeel’s got some development here. And we see Monaito’s face after 3 months.

“Oatmeel will come into play later” – Toyotaro

When Vegeta tells about Frieza annihilating his race (note that he doesn’t mention Beerus), Oatmeel says Vegeta’s words contradict what Granolah has been told.

In Chapter 68, Granolah tells that “they” said the Saiyans were wiped out by a meteor.

Somebody unknown lied to Granolah that the Saiyans were annihilated by a meteor

Now, I don’t know who “they” is. Whoever they are were clearly lying to him or passing on the misinformation. Maybe we’ll get to know who “they” are later on…

Anyway coming back to Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, Oatmeel tries to knock some sense into his buddy. Unfortunately, those words fell on deaf ears.

Granolah is too much consumed by anger that he refuses to see the reality. In a sense, this exchange kind of reminds me of Gabi and Falco in Attack on Titan.

Gabi, too, was in constant denial and wanted to exterminate the Paradis Islanders for causing trouble to her people in Liberio.

It wasn’t until way later in the story that Gabi realizes her mistake and teams up with the remains of the Survey Corps to attack a common threat – Eren Yeager.

Similarly, I think it’s a matter of time before Granolah realizes the truth and teams up with Goku and Vegeta to fight against the common enemy – the Heeters.

Right now, Granolah is in full denial mode and throws away the A.I. Oatmeel calls Granolah’s name in concern and signals the ship to come to fetch him.

He might be looking for help. Monaito is nearby. So Oatmeel can take the old Namekian with him to the battlefield and both of them can help interrupt the fight, which is basically going out of control.

On the sidelines, we see Goku trying to recuperate.

Does Goku really have healing powers?

“C’mon, body… you gotta heal for me” says Goku. This raised a lot of doubts in the mind of fans. We never saw Goku heal himself before. Or did we?

In the Battle of Gods arc, Super Saiyan God Goku somehow healed the injury to his hip as he flies back up to face Beerus once again.

The Saiyan magically healed up Roshi (first he tried CPR with Ki, then Roshi was surrounded with blue energy which woke him up) in the T.O.P.

However, he never pulled a maneuver like this in the Manga. So this is his first time.

Actually, I’m beginning to think whether it was healing at all. Maybe it was Goku just using Ki to close up the wound on his chest.

The sound effect in the panel goes “vmmmm” as he puts his hand on the wound. In the above image, while Beerus is charging his Hakai energy ball, the same sound effect “vmmmm” is present.

This adds weight to my idea of Goku using Ki.

Goku uses Ki to close the wound in his chest

Final Thoughts

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 was a decent chapter. It was certainly better than what many fans anticipated. The art and choreography are, as usual, spot on.

Toyotaro keeps getting better and better in the art division. Maybe he’ll draw as good as Toriyama someday…

With that leak coming out, negativity and hatred on the authors spread like wildfire. The overreaction by fans for a mere spoiler was unwarranted.

Moral of the story: Wait for the full chapter to drop before you start wailing out. We didn’t know the context for the spoiler at all and now we do.

So chill out guys, the battle’s still undecided and Vegeta is far from finished. Don’t forget, he still has a Senzu bean left. After consuming it, he’ll get a considerable amount of Zenkai Boost.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 closes with the Heeters preparing to gather the Cerealian Dragon Balls.

Now regarding their wish, the more I think about it, the more I feel they might not ask Toronbo to power up Gas.

Elec mentions in Chapter 68 that if they require more muscle, they’d hire the best that money can buy. The Heeters are not the type to bring forth an army on their own, so they just steal an existing one, Frieza’s army, for instance.

They’d make others do their dirty work for them.

Also, they’re so confident that the three combatants will wear each other out. For argument’s sake, let’s say Goku and Vegeta are KOe’d and Granolah struggles to even stand.

Current level Gas is more than enough to take out the Cerealian. So why wish for Gas to become stronger just to take out Granolah and the Saiyans.

And besides, the Heeters possess Goku and Vegeta’s weaknesses. So I doubt whether they’d consider accepting a condition just to pump up Gas (pun intended).

My guess is (I could be wrong okay) that Elec’s wish has something to do with Frieza and his army in the direct sense. Here are my three possible wishes he could ask Toronbo:

  • Instead of Gas getting stronger, wish Frieza to become weaker. Finishing him off would be easier.
  • Wish for direct control over Frieza’s army
  • Make Frieza’s army stronger than the tyrant himself so that they can channel their already existing grudge over him by killing him. Elec then later swoops in and hires them all with money. Hence making his end goal a reality.

Keep in mind that the wish can revolve around these ideas and not necessarily be the exact same. My point is, it may not be involving Gas. And yes, the fight will be interrupted somehow or the other.

Before taking off, check out the following PV of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75!

What do you think of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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