Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 6: After Rain Review

Sukuna in his innate domain

Jujutsu Kaisen will probably make me say this at the end of every episode, the best one so far.

After having his heart ripped out by Sukuna, Itadori finds himself in Sukuna’s domain. This whole segment goes as one would expect. Sukuna proposes a condition and Itadori has to agree, one way or the other. However, it was rather interesting how Sukuna’s conditions were fairly reasonable, considering that he’s literally just negative energy and would be alive anyways as many of his fingers still exist.

After the negotiations, the episode moves towards a more glum scene.

Fushigoro visits Tadashi’s mother to inform her about the death of her son. Fushigoro is hurt as he sees the death of Tadashi as a failure on his part. The fact that he brought Tadashi’s nametag with him proves that both Itadori and Fushigoro are influencing each other and his intentions have become clear now.

Most of the episode shows the first years training with their senpais, as Kugisaki is involved in a “falling practice” with Panda and Fushigoro is learning more about hand-to-hand combat from Zenin senpai. He inquires about storing cursed tools and realises that even he may be skilled enough to do so!

Itadori is being instructed by Gojo sensei about cursed energy, which makes the Jujutsu system a lot better and Itadori’s reactions in this segment are hilarious. Love me some stupid shonen comedy. Make sure to not miss all the anime references that Jujutsu Kaisen made in this episode!

Yuji Itadori Jujutsu Kaisen

His training is to watch movies while constantly transferring cursed energy into a small doll, or the doll will punch him. Nice. The transition between these scenes play off well, helping break the heavier tones of the episode and follow the standard norm of the series.

The final element of the episode revolves around the mysterious gentleman sitting in a restaurant, making negotiations with an unknown cursed spirit. This scene delivers the horror element of the series, with well; some random people burning to death as the enigmatic guy just sits there

Clearly, the best moment of this episode is Kugisaki training with Panda.

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Kugisaki training with Panda.

In the next scene, the unknown cursed spirit attacks Gojo sensei, setting up the big fight of the series and a potential reveal of Gojo sensei’s capabilities. 

All in all, this episode had a good mix of comedy, world-building, character progression and set up for the series. It was well written and directed and of course, MAPPA never disappoints when it comes to animation and osts.

A solid 8.6/10 for me, please lend me your time machine!!

  • Think you missed that we did get the name of the man and the Curse.

    The Curse was called Jogo and the mysterious man was Getou.

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