What Is The Binding Vow Or Pact That Sukuna Formed With Itadori?

When we detailed how Yuji Itadori survived even though his heart was ripped off, we kept mentioning that Sukuna had an ace up his sleeve. He had Itadori right where he wanted. He can impose some conditions on the headstrong lad if he wishes to be revived. And he did impose some or to put it more properly, Sukuna formed a contract/pact with Itadori.

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Until now, Itadori was using Sukuna as per his own wishes. He switched with Sukuna whenever he wanted and made the cursed spirit do his bidding. We saw this happen in the Juvenile detention center. It goes without saying that Sukuna hates this arrangement. He has his own ulterior motives.

In order to prevent this, a contract or a binding vow needed to be formed between the two. Binding vows are something that hold great importance in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. They are contracts or pacts based on mutual interests, made using cursed energy. The repercussions of breaking such a pact are immeasurable.

It goes without saying that Sukuna would try to be the person holding the strings while making a contract with Itadori. But exactly were the contract’s contents and how did he get Itadori into agreeing to his binding vow?

The Binding vow between Sukuna and Itadori:

As we mentioned in a previous blog, Sukuna had transferred Itadori into his innate domain and kept him alive. He did so because he wanted to form a contract with him in return for keeping him from dying.

Sukuna puts forth two conditions in order to fix Itadori’s heart:

  1. When Sukuna would chant “Extention” (“Enchain” in the manga), Itadori will let Sukuna take control over his body for one whole minute.
  2. Itadori will forget about this agreement that he has with Sukuna.
Sukuna in his innate domain

But after seeing how evil Sukuna is, Itadori initially refuses to form a pact with him. He prefers to stay dead rather than being in cahoots with an evil cursed spirit. Even though Sukuna promises to not kill or hurt anyone during this one minute, Itadori refuses to believe him. Partly because he did not know how binding vows worked. He forces Sukuna to revive him without any conditions.

But Sukuna had a plan up his sleeve to make Itadori agree to his terms. It’s an established fact that shounen protags are quite gullible. Especially when it comes to making them fight. This is visible when Sukuna challenges Yuji to a fight to death. He fooled Itadori into believing that he had a chance at winning the fight and in turn, refusing the contract.

Over in a flash:

Itadori should have understood that Sukuna was too powerful and even clever. If Yuji even had the slightest chance of winning, the cursed spirit wouldn’t have proposed such an option.

As soon as Itadori accepted Sukuna’s challenge, the issue regarding was put to rest. The fight was over in a flash. A miserable and humiliating loss for Itadori. A clean win for Sukuna.

He achieved his motives.

Itadori Loses the fight to Sukuna
Itadori Loses the fight and his head to Sukuna

And hence a binding vow or contract was formed between Sukuna and Itadori. According to this pact Sukuna would be able to take control over Itadori’s body for one whole minute when he chanted “Extension” (or “Enchain”). Also Itadori would have no memory of this agreement.

When Gojou Satoru later questions if Sukuna made any contracts with him, Itadori has no memory of his interaction with Sukuna. Gojou has probably deduced what could have happened between the two. But he would also have a hard time guessing the contents of the pact between the two.

Now that the binding vow is in place, it needs to be seen how Sukuna puts it to use. What could be his reason for forming such a contract? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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