JJK Chapter 159: Higuruma’s Past & A JoJo Reference!

JJK chapter 159 takes us through the past of a new character, Higuruma Hiromi, and surprisingly an unexpected JoJo reference this week!

JJK chapter 159 Higuruma

What is it with Akutami’s skills that whatever he writes lands the perfect impact? JJK chapter 159 is just another piece of evidence to support the mangaka’s finesse.

Although the latest chapter was in line with the last one in the aspect of centered on talk, we have to say both the chapters have not been dull at all.

If anything, I would say these chapters are precious before Akutami goes back to his business of making us cry our eyes out in anguish.

Coming back, this chapter was marvelous and fun in many ways, so let’s go over it!

Matters of the court

A mere shot of Higuruma’s collar was enough for the fandom to speculate his profession: a lawyer.

Surprisingly, JJK chapter 159 took us into the past of the newest character this week. I can hear some of us shouting about how we have no clue about Inumaki’s present or future.

But well, Akutami loves taking us by surprise. Not so much of a side character, are we Higuruma? We will discuss more on that later.

As soon as I read the starting line of the chapter, I realized that this was not going to end well. Blame or credit my traumatic experience with books based on court cases *coughs in Jodi Picoult*, but there is a high probability of things getting ugly at court.

Before that, we obviously have to talk about how well the story takes place.

So, our man is an upright man who is a defense attorney (hello there, Ace Attorney jokes) adamant on taking up hard cases.

Higuruma in JJK chapter 159

He believes that when the world turns against convicts, they deserve one ray of hope. Higuruma wants to go over and above not just his salary but also his personal capacity to bring unbridled justice.

And while it does sound heroic, this heroism also backfires.

When you give someone in a pitch dark room a candle and then it dies down suddenly, the same darkness seems to be worse than before.

The same happens with convicts Higuruma cannot save, despite doing against public opinion. And let’s be real – the chapter portrayed the influence of money and power pretty accurately.

It is but natural from all the precedents in real life and works of fiction that a prosecutor has much more avenues to overturn odds.

But Higuruma still refuses to be “blind,” unlike the judicial system.

That, however, does not change the outcome of a lot of trials. The chapter takes us through what seems like a fairly recent trial where Higuruma nearly won, but dirty tricks from the prosecutor killed his win.

And then came along the worst part, the convict’s anger and disbelief at Higuruma letting them down. It is pretty understandable; even Higuruma says so.

He could not keep up with the accusing gazes, though; his mental health was deteriorating rapidly. Again, one can see why. But his breaking point was about to come, and it did.

His recent trial ending in failure because of nothing but rigging was his last straw.

Let’s talk about Higuruma’s potential

I just want to say that Higuruma has already found a place in my heart. And I am pretty sure the same goes for most of the manga readers.

His story was simple, yes. But somehow, the impact of his quick descent into craziness from being a simple man drew me in very easily.

Can you tell yet that my favorite part of Jujutsu Kaisen is Geto’s descent into madness?

Also, Higuruma’s expression at the end?! It sent chills down my spine. That was one hell of an impactful panel.

Okay, now that we are at it, let’s address the elephant in the room. A STAND. Did we just see a Stand in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Well, if my (and your) eyes have somehow not given up yet, we sure as heck did. We know Akutami is quite fond of making references to popular series, but that caught me off-guard!

In a good way, though. Sometimes I wonder if Jujutsu Kaisen is the shorter and more serious version of Gintama. xD

Higuruma's stand

Even then, it’s no lie that JJK chapter 159 is a sick and amazing introduction to Higuruma’s power.

Also, the fact that his cursed technique has a cursed tool (?) which is a court hammer? Pretty cool way of saying that he is going to be the one to pass judgments now.

Even the Stand looks like the antithesis of the symbol of justice. It has scales of justice, but its eyes are forced shut. In my opinion, it shows the actuality of the judicial system rather than the ideal image.

I would say one thing: Higuruma feels like Nanami went rouge. If you didn’t know, Akutami wanted Nanami to be a curse-user-turned-ally at first. I can SEE it in Higuruma for some reason – the straight and honest man turning evil.

As such, Higuruma has a high potential to become both a formidable enemy or a reliable ally. In a hypothetical scenario, can we see the hammer duo in action soon if Nobara comes back and Higuruma turns into an ally?

Honestly, he is such an intriguing character that I want to know more about him.

The cliffhanger at the end just piqued my curiosity. Did Higuruma kill everyone in that courtroom? He seemed pretty derailed at the end there, so there is a high chance he did.

Also, did I say yet that his power seems super cool? Because it does, and Higuruma has already killed some 20 people in the Culling Game, so it IS strong too.

He might end up becoming another one of my most liked side characters.

Some random ramblings

I really made this section to put down a single thing. Yep, nothing else. Maybe.

What was that art change out of nowhere, Akutami?! Damn, the detailing in that panel of the convict’s eye! Thanks for blessing us with this chapter so early, I guess.

Convict in JJK chapter 159

It goes to show that the one-month break did Akutami well, did it not? This chapter also brought back some humor (at least I can laugh at the characters without being in pain).

While we are at it, I will also add that the number of jokes this chapter gave birth to is insane. Not only was I amazed at the chapter, but I had a hearty laugh too.

The first thing that came to my mind was that JJK chapter 159 took the whole “everything is a JoJo reference” too seriously. Someone said that the convict looks like Connie.

Also, Higuruma’s expressions are super relatable. The man looks dead inside, and honestly? Same (let’s hope my editor misses this).

Higuruma's expressions are priceless

His introduction chapter has to be one of the best ones because he went berserk in that itself. It is no surprise that most of the fandom loves the chapter and Higuruma already too.

Lastly, I cannot wait to see his ability, and I am sure you neither! Do you think Higuruma will join Itadori & Co. or be their enemy?

Either way, we are probably going to dive into the Culling Game next week, so this chapter was a 5/5 before it. Absolutely can’t wait to see what Akutami has in store further.

What are your thoughts on JJK chapter 159? Let us know in the comments!

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