Is Delta Amado’s Daughter In Boruto? What Is Amado’s Plan With Kawaki?

Since Boruto is a monthly manga, the fans are stuck in a cycle of reading the chapter and then spending the month speculating. During this rather slow cycle, we end up re-reading the manga quite a few times, in hopes of finding something new from time to time. This time, let’s discuss the possibility of whether is Delta Amado’s daughter? In this article, I’ll discuss the scenes that make me believe that Delta and Amado could be related! So without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

Is Delta Amado’s daughter?

In the manga chapter 75, Amado finally reveals that Delta is the clone of his daughter, Akebi, whom he had mentioned in earlier chapters of the manga and that she died 12 years ago.

Amado's daughter died 12 years ago


How did Akebi die and why did Amado chose to make her clone?

Akebi died due to an unrevealed disease which had no cure. Although Amado tried several doctors to cure her. However, that didn’t help her at all and then later she succumbed to her disease.

The very thought of losing his daughter at such a young age drove Amado crazy and in turn he started preparing a clone of her even before she died. This was also due to the fact that cloning was Amado’s field of interest as well.

After Akebi died, Amado successfully managed to clone her and create Delta. However, Delta, although looked like Akebi had a complete opposite personality of Akebi.

Post which, Amado attempted several times to perfectly recreate Akebi’s personality but failed each time. It led him to believe that this needs the work of a God and that’s when Jigen approached him and promised to bring Akebi back using Karma.

However, Jigen died while fighting Kashin Koji which led to rise of Isshiki who was beaten thanks to Kurama sacrificing his life.

Before dying, Jigen/Isshiki had promised Amado that once he acquires his goal of consuming the chakra fruit he will revive Abeki using karma seal. But with Isshiki i.e. Jigen dead Amado came up with another plan to use Kawaki for his own benefits.

What does Amado want with Kawaki? Why did Amado give Kawaki his karma seal back?

The answer this too is revealed in Boruto chapter 75. Amado is planning to use Kawaki to embed a karma seal on to a clone of his daughter. This is the reason gave Kawaki a new karma seal.

As we mentioned in one of our previous blogs, Karma Seal is nothing but the compressed biological data of an Otsutsuki member.

What Is Karma Seal In Boruto? Explained

Amado somehow wants to manipulate this karma seal, and instead of the biological data of an Ohtsutsuki member, he wants to transfer the data of his daughter to the clone, so that their personalities too match, unlike his previous attempts.

If you are thinking that replacing the data in the karma seal is impossible, then you are far off the target.

You see, Kishimoto had teased this possibility in chapter 67 of the manga, when Momoshiki rewrote the Otsutsuki data in Boruto’s karma seal to resuscitate him.

So, if such a rewrite is possible, then Amado’s plan is plausible and not an asspull.

Here’s how it might go down: First Kawaki will embed the karma seal on the clone that Amado created, and then he will rewrite his biological data which is present in the karma seal and replace it with that of Amado’s daughter.

Seeing Amado go to such extents to bring his daughter back makes us believe that he must have loved her a lot.

However, we are still not completely convinced as to whether this is his final goal. If reviving daughter was all he cared about, then where does killing Jigen or Isshiki fit into this motive?

Also, in the chapter, Momoshiki once again makes a small appearance and holds a conversation with Boruto; and he too is suspicious of Amado’s intentions, suggesting that he might still be holding something back.

Eida definitely has a grasp on what Amado is planning to do. She should have spoken out if the old man was still trying to fool Naruto and the others. But, for some reason, she doesn’t say much.

However, that brings us to the question, how did Amado a mere human grant such extraordinary powers to his clones/cyborgs?

This was answered recently in chapter 75 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations wherein Amado stated that he only transplanted those powers from Shibai Ohtsutsuki to Delta, Eida, Code and Daemon. As well Isshiki’s Sukuna-Hikona and Daikokuten as well as Karma in Ohtsutsuki species.

Who Is Shibai Ohtsutsuki In Boruto: Naruto Next Generation?

Shibai ohtsutsuki

According to Amado, Shibai Ohtsutsuki is a being who has achieved Godhood in Naruto-verse and uses Shinjutsu.

Shinjutsu is a predecessor to Ninjutsu and Senjutsu. It will be apt to say that Ninjutsu and Senjutsu are just a vulgar copy of Shinjutsu.

This has also been confirmed by Momoshiki Ohtsutsuki who is inside Boruto.

Momoshiki also confirmed that Shibai has evolved his consciousness to the point that he no longer requires a physical body and he has ascended to another dimension.

That’s the reason why Shibai left his body behind on earth in search of which Isshiki and other Ohtsutsuki arrived obviously their alternate goal was to absorb earth’s chakra as well.

Through this body of Shibai, Amado copied the genetic material and created clones like Delta, Eida, Code, Kawaki etc. And thanks to this genetic material these cyborgs have such weird and overhax abilities.

It is unknown how did Amado get his hands on Shibai’s body however it is implied that Isshiki first found it.

Or there is a possibility that Shibai’s body is none other than the planet earth itself.

Also, it is important to note that although Momoshiki claimed that Eida’s Senreigan is an offshoot of Shibai’s ability however her charming powers are not a result of Shibai’s genetic material.

All in all, one can say, that Shibai is that being which has achieved what all Ohtsutsuki’s want to achieve and this has been already teased in earlier Boruto chapters.

otsutsuki God

If you look at the silhouettes, the Ohtsutsuki God resembles Shibai Ohtsutsuki. Shibai using his senjutsu could create planetary level storms without weaving a single sign. He could also create lightning bolts with a single roar. His abilities are far off the charts compared to what we have seen throughout Naruto-verse.

Final Thoughts:

Since there’s a lot to be known still, I can’t say anything for sure. However, I do think that this is a crucial angle in Boruto’s plot, which will help to build stronger side characters, which the series is in dire need of. While it is completely possible that none of them could be Amado’s daughter, they definitely have some sort of a relationship. It is impossible that Amado will stay uninvolved with either of the two over the course of this series as the build-up already exists, it’s just a matter of time. Over this course of time, we’re inevitably going to learn more about Amado and that will help us tie things together better; so let’s look forward to it! Let us know in the comments whether do you believe is Delta Amado’s Daughter and Eida are somehow related to them as well.

With that said, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Is Delta Amado’s Daughter In Boruto? What Is Amado’s Plan With Kawaki?”

  1. First: IT was mentioned, that Kawakis New Karma already hast Akebis Data.

    I don’t think IT can Work. Karma ist also an Anchor for the Soul of the Otsutsuki. Akebi died 12 years ago, so her Soul has passend on.

    The whole cloning… I don’t Like IT. Amado could Had created a Clone of Akebi as a Baby and raised her all over again.

    And the Cloning…there is the question Why Isshiki didn’t forced Amado to created the perfekt Vessel or an Kawaki Back-up?

    And Shinjutsu: Why didn’t Amado gave Kashin Koji Shinjutsu If he Had the means to do so. If he Had given daemons Power to Koji, Isshiki wouldn’t Had an Chance.

    And the whole Shibai Thing, doesn’t make any Sense. He probably legt His Body behind, after consuming one Last fruit. So Why was there a New Shinju? Why didn’t Kaguyas became a god? She ate the fruit , and it is supposed to contain all genetic information of all Things that live or ever lived on Planet. Including the Shibais Body. So Why didn’t she never became a god or attain Isshikis Power?
    (I forgot. Otsutsuki are a giant retcon which isn’t logical in itself, since all information about them contradict each other)


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