How Did Kawaki Get His Karma Seal Again In Boruto?

After the death of Isshiki, Kawaki gets rid of his affliction, i.e. his Karma seal. But its too soon to heave a sigh of relief as we know that he definitely is going to get it back somehow. Look no further than the flashforward scene from chapter 1 one of the manga as a proof for this, because he is seen sporting the mark in the backdrop of the Konoha village that’s been laid to waste.

And Kawaki indeed does get his Karma seal back, and in Boruto chapter 65, we see him using it in the battle against Code.

This raises a major concern, how does Kawaki get the karma seal again? As Borushiki notes, it is not usually possible for karma seal that is lost to manifest again. So how exactly did this happen?

Before we come to the answer, let’s brief Kawaki’s history with the Karma Seal so that we’re all on the same page!

How did Kawaki get Karma Seal the first time?

Kawaki was just an ordinary child who lived with his abusive, drunkard father. He was then sold him off as a kid to a shady guy known as Jigen, the leader of the Kara, and an imperfect vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki

Isshiki used Kawaki as an experiment, in his bid to find a perfect vessel in which he could reincarnate. So, for this purpose, Isshiki infested the boy with his Karma Seal. While every other child involved died, only Kawaki and Code survived. And even among these two, Kawaki was the only one with the potential to be a perfect vessel for Jigen.

This is how Kawaki got the Karma Seal the first time around. Let’s not forget Amado was involved in this too!

How did Kawaki lose the Karma seal?

As we explained in one of our previous articles, the Karma Seal is nothing but compressed biological data of an Otsutsuki member. The karma seal is vital, as it helps the Otsutsuki member resurrect in their vessel’s body even after death.

However, once the Otsutsuki member resurrects, the karma seal automatically vanishes.

Isshiki Otsutsuki had implanted his karma both in Jigen as well as Kawaki. During his fight against Kashin Koji, Isshiki was forced to resurrect after being pushed to a corner by the latter.

And since Isshiki resurrected in Jigen’s body, the purpose of seal was complete and Kawaki lost his Karma Seal. However, he was not completely free from Isshiki’s curse as most of the Otsutsuki data had already merged with his body, raising questions about his true identity.

Identity aside, this dissipation of Otsutsuki data into his body also played a role in how he got his karma seal back. Now, let’s get into the real topic!

How did Kawaki get his Karma Seal again?

To answer it in short, Kawaki gets his Karma Seal back after Amado planted it in him again.

After the battle with Isshiki, we see that Kawaki’s arm was no longer functioning. So the former Kara scientist pitches in and fixes him a new arm. But unbeknownst to him, Amado had also planted the Karma Seal in it.

This was only able to happen because Kawaki’s body already had Isshiki’s data in him. He was still a vessel, with Otsutsuki powers. As Amado explained to Sumire, the Karma Seal was only a door through which this powers could be accessed.

When the Karma Seal vanished from Kawaki’s body, he only lost a means to access Isshiki’s powers. All Amado did was find a way to re-open that door, via the new Karma Seal. This enabled Kawaki to be stronger. However, the real reason why Amado instilled Kawaki with the Karma Seal is only explained later when his goals are revealed in chapter 75.

Now comes the tricky point.

Kawaki was against the use of the Karma seal initially, but he does end up using it in chapter 65 in the battle against Code and later Borushiki. What made him go along with Amado’s plan?

Why did Kawaki agree to having the Karma Seal again?

The groundwork for this is laid in chapter 59 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, as Amado forces Kawaki into an uncomfortable conversation.

This was a planned conversation from the genius’ part; as he always knew what Kawaki would say, and knew which points to use. He’s using the fact that Kawaki is a very emotional person to his advantage.

Amado basically manipulated Kawaki’s desire to protect Naruto, by making him realise that Naruto was no longer the shinobi he once was after Kurama’s death. He also brings up the plan that Boruto and Kawaki had concocted to defeat Code, and totally rubbishes it.

Amado doesn’t hold back at all, as he says that Kawaki will remain Isshiki’s vessel forever, and insists on it until Kawaki partially accepts it. Then, he even discards the boy’s theory of implanting Code with another Karma seal logically; hence putting more pressure on Kawaki.

He doesn’t stop here, as he clearly states that Naruto would lose to Code in a one-on-one battle. After instilling the fear of losing both Naruto and Boruto in Kawaki’s mind; the enigmatic schemer finally comes to the main point.

Amado says that he knows that Kawaki desires power capable enough to protect his Lord Hokage. And, then states that he can give it to him; but in a form of another Karma seal.

Amado in Boruto manga

And while Kawaki declined the offer then, Amado’s words weighed on his conscience and he was eventually pushed to accept what the latter offered.

In Boruto chapter 65, Kawaki left off to fight Code alone and during the fight, his karma remerged to everyone’s awe and dismay.

And as mentioned by Amado, this Karma Seal is purely a weapon for Kawaki. But this still doesn’t explain the flashforward scene or Konoha lying in waste. Why would Kawaki and Boruto fight each other?

Is he trying to protect the village. Or he is a victim of someone else’s schemes. Do you think that Kawaki is the real protagonist of Boruto? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “How Did Kawaki Get His Karma Seal Again In Boruto?”

  1. Number 1 is the Most logical and plausible in terms of canon. The other ones are not plausible in terms of canon. Isshiki cannot be revived, since he also entrusted Code with the will of Otsutsuki.

    Also the artifical Karma shows even a way, to get rid of Momoshiki.

    In my eyes, Karma also acts as a Kind of anchor for the soul of the Otsutsuki.
    The last 20% of Momoshiki are still inside the Karma. So they could just cut Borutos arm off. Momoshiki would probably surface, but after a short struggle, the karma would probably vanish alongside Momoshikis soul.
    Then they could reattach the arm or clone a new one (don’t forget, Amado also cloned Jiraiya).
    Then Amado could make a Rick-like Thing (through Amado is only an Amado-teur, when compared to Rick Sanchez) and Presto: New Arm and a Karma without the risk of Momoshiki.


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