Is Amado, Otsutsuki Or Jashin In Boruto?

Amado and his role in the story of Boruto have given rise to several mysteries. I try to decode one of them.


Everything that is happening in Boruto right now seems to be going according to Amado’s plan. He has always been a mysterious figure throughout the series.

Other than Sumire no one else seems to be suspicious of his activities within Konoha. Be it his sudden defection to Isshiki or building something within Konoha. A man of his intellect cannot make moves out of the ordinary.

His scientific genius is nothing short of God’s knowledge of creation within the series.

Amado as a human has created human hybrids that are on par with Otsutsuki’s. Beings like Eida and Daemon display power that are beyond the norms of human strength. Sometimes even Otsutsuki’s strength.

It is not the first time we see such extraordinary beings in the series. One such being was Hidan of Akatsuki.

Hidan, a follower of an unknown pagan God Jashin, was granted immortality by the latter.

In Naruto Shippuden, Jashin was never introduced in the series and no more information was revealed about him.

However, he was strong enough to grant boons like immortality.

This makes us think, Amado also granted “immortality” to Boro. He resurrected Delta and created beings like Eida and Daemon.

This makes us wonder whether,

Is Amado from Boruto the Jashin of Naruto Shippuden?

As of now, there’s no direct answer to this question. However, there are hints throughout the series that point to us that Amado could be Jashin.

I am going to list out some of the hints that I noticed throughout the series.

Apart from Boro, Delta, Eida, Daemon, Amado healed Kawaki’s broken arm like it was never blown to pieces.

On top of that, Amado gave Kawaki a new Karma that is purely a weapon. This new Karma also grants Kawaki the Dojutsu of Isshiki which the original Karma didn’t grant.

Also, Kawaki doesn’t have to risk getting possessed by Isshiki.

Such feats are similar to Jashin granting immortality to Hidan. Also, the symbolism used by Amado and Hidan is exactly the same.

Jashin and Amado similar symbols in Naruto Shippuden
Hidan and his symbols
Amado and Jashin sharing same symbolism in Boruto Manga
Amado and his symbols

This proves that Amado possibly is Jashin,

Consequently, it also implies that Amado could also be one of the remnants of the third Otsutsuki pair.

Yes, you read that right!

Here’s why I think so,

Is Amado/Jashin An Otsutsuki?

Assuming, Amado is currently in his late 40’s/50’s out of which he could be working with Jigen for 3 to 4 decades. There’s no humanly way possible to learn to create cyborgs that are on par with Jigen/Isshiki.

This implies he has been around rather longer than what he looks like. Or Amado is an apprentice/host of Jashin who could be one of the 3rd pair of the Otsutsuki from the tablets in the alternate dimensions.

Otsutsuki Stone tablet.
Stone Tablet with all Otsutsuki’s

In the above panel, we see that the third pair’s tablet is completely destroyed by an external force whereas the other two are unscathed.

Now this place exists in another dimension this implies it is accessible to beings with Space-time ninjutsu. Till now, we’ve seen only Otsutsuki perform such feats.

Implying no human could have done it.

The only one on earth who could beat an Otsutsuki back then was Kaguya. So it is possible that she killed them and destroyed the stone tablet.

Point to note, this Kaguya is the one who betrayed Isshiki and ate forbidden chakra fruit multiple times till now. So she could possibly be stronger than other Otsutsuki.

However, similar to Isshiki one of the Otsutsuki may have given Karma to another ignorant bystander human.

Or might have survived and continued living like a parasite similar to Isshiki.

That person could be Amado.

One of the main reasons why I believe he has such a deep understanding of the Otsutsuki body composition.

Hence, he could upgrade human bodies to an extent where they seem immortal or copy techniques of the Gods i.e Karma.

Also, when it comes to Jashin, we saw Hidan receive markings on his body and turn dark like just like Karma users. It could be one of the ways for him to activate his Karma just like how emotions were for Kawaki and Boruto.

All these feats and points make me and many others believe that Amado is an Otsutsuki or Jashin was an Otsutsuki.

There’s a high chance that Amado is Jashin. But there’s an even higher chance of him being an Otsutsuki.


Do you think Amado could be Jashin or an Otsutsuki? Let us know in the comments below.

  • I don’t believe He is a follower of Otsutsuki.
    I think he believes in science.

    And i don’t Like him. In my eyes, He is a Wannabe Dr Gero.

    The references of the Boruto Franchise to DBZ are more than clear. The father son Rasengang, was cleary the Moment, as Goku have the genkidama to gohan, to Name only one

  • He probably is no Otsutsuki.
    And he is no Jashin.
    The Sign at Deltas Coffins, is not necessarily the Jashin-Symbol. It could also be the greek Letter Delta, which makes more Sense. The Symbol Delta, at the Place with Delta Reserve-Bodies.

    And that he can create so strong Cyborgs, and repair Kawakis Arm, like a walk in the Park: Bad Writing. For me, the whole Cyborg Story and Amado, are just a bad copy of the Cyborg-Arc and Dr- Gero from DBZ. (The similarities to DBZ are in the whole Borutos Series, and are extremely bad. Momo- and Kinshiki: Vegeta and Nappa. The Father-SOn Rasengan: The Moment when Goku gave gohan the Genkidama. While i am at this point: Borutos Ressurection is just a wanna-be Rip off, of Sukunas and Yujis Deal. Even the Relationship of Momoshiki and Boruto ist just a cheap, uninspired Rip off, from Sukuna and Yuji.)

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