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How Did Kawaki Get His Karma Seal Again? Boruto

Kawaki karma

With the recent developments in the manga, Kawaki lost his Karma seal due to Isshiki manifesting in Jigen. Thus, the Karma seal on Kawaki disappears.

This raises a major concern, whose Karma does Kawaki have in the first panel of the manga. This led to fans speculating on how Kawaki got the seal again!

But, let’s brief Kawaki’s history with the Karma Seal so that we’re all on the same page!

How did Kawaki get his first Karma Seal?

Kawaki was an ordinary child who lived with his abusive, drunkard father who then sold him off as a kid to a shady guy known as Jigen.

As you know, Jigen is the leader of the Kara organization. Jigen used Kawaki as an experiment and infested the boy with his Karma Seal. While every other child involved died, only Kawaki and Code survived. Even out of the two, only Kawaki had the potential to become a vessel.

This way, Kawaki got his Karma Seal!

How did he lose the seal?

After Isshiki was forced to resurrect using Jigen’s body by Kashin Koji, Kawaki lost his Karma Seal as Isshiki was finally alive. However, his struggles would not end here.

This is because Isshiki was on a timer as Jigen’s body couldn’t handle Isshiki’s immeasurable power for more than 2 days. Hence, the Otsutsuki wanted to infest Kawaki with another Karma Seal.

However, Kawaki managed to bamboozle the god into applying the Karma Seal on his shadow clone in the final moments, hence saving himself and the whole world!

Now, let’s get into the real topic!

How did Kawaki get his Karma Seal again?

In the very first panel, Kawaki has a karma seal and is fighting Boruto. In this, his words display a rather sinister motive. However, despite the sinister tone, he mentions “sending” Naruto away.

This could mean he again took Karma seal, not for his own benefit. There are various possibilities that can make him regain the Karma seal. Let’s dive deeper into them!

Amado gives Kawaki a new Karma Seal:

We all know that Amado isn’t trusted by Konoha and Kawaki. However, they all accept that he is a genius. Recently, he is doing some rather suspicious things, again.

As you’d expect. one of these suspicious acts revolves around the Karma seal! In chapter 59 of the manga, Amado forces Kawaki into an uncomfortable conversation.

He doesn’t hold back at all, as he says that Kawaki will remain Isshiki’s vessel forever, and insists on it until Kawaki partially accepts it. Then, he even discards the boy’s theory of implanting Code with another Karma seal logically; hence putting more pressure on Kawaki.

He doesn’t stop here, as he clearly states that Naruto would lose to Code in a one-on-one battle. After instilling the fear of losing both Naruto and Boruto in Kawaki’s mind; the enigmatic traitor finally comes to the main point.

Amado says that he knows that Kawaki desires power capable enough to protect his Lord Hokage. And, then states that he can give it to him; but in a form of another Karma seal.

Amado in Boruto manga

Kawaki is angered by this and says that Amado should know that he loathes that seal. However, Amado flips this too and says that he also knows that Kawaki will act rationally and do whatever it takes to protect his beloved; forcing Kawaki into a pinch.

While Kawaki has declined the offer, for now, it certainly is constantly on his mind; the expression on his face gives it away.

This was a planned conversation from the genius’ part; as he always knew what Kawaki would say, and knew which points to use. He’s using the fact that Kawaki is a very emotional person to his advantage.

In the recent chapter, Kawaki left off to fight Code alone. This raises a lot of eyebrows and also supports this theory, as this could be the only if not one of the only reasons for Kawaki’s confidence in his ability to take out Code.

Hence, this is the most plausible theory in our opinion. Since we don’t know what twists the story has in store for us, let’s take a look at other possibilities as well!

Momoshiki Imprinting Kawaki With New Karma

Momoshiki Karma

Since Isshiki is dead he can’t plant Karma seal anymore. Thus, Momoshiki is the only one who can plant a new Karma seal.

Since Isshiki is now dead, Momoshiki would need a sacrifice for the karma seal. To obtain a chakra fruit from the god tree, two things are essential; A ten tails beast and a sacrifice for the ten tails.

We know that an Otsutsuki can apply multiple karma seals, hence Momoshiki could try to infuse a karma seal on Kawaki and proceed to sacrifice him for the chakra fruit. This is also why Isshiki didn’t kill Boruto right away.

You could say that this move was foreshadowed because this won’t be the first time we’ll see an Otsutsuki having two vessels. If you remember, Isshiki had implanted his Karma in both, Jigen and Kawaki. Could Momoshiki be thinking of doing the same?

Implanting a karma seal on Kawaki would mean that even if something happens to Boruto, Momoshiki would still have a backup option to resurrect. Naruto obviously wouldn’t kill Kawaki, either.

Momoshiki can also sacrifice himself and then resurrect himself using the Karma from either of these boys. 

While he could use Kawaki as a sacrifice, using Boruto as one wouldn’t be a bad choice either; as Isshiki stated that Boruto would make an ideal sacrifice.

He probably said so because of Boruto’s lineage which comes from the Hyuga and Uzumaki Clan, combined with his father being the direct descendant of Asura.

Now, there are two ways for Momoshiki to implant a Karma seal on Kawaki.

The first is to directly implant the seal on Kawaki, as the boy is in his reach. I mean, they live in the same house. The second is that Borushiki deals with Naruto and Sasuke first.

He has tried to do this before, but he couldn’t execute his plans. However, he did get rid of Sasuke’s Rinnegan!

Furthermore, as mentioned in the manga, Code is stronger than Isshiki, who belittled Naruto and Sasuke in their fight. Thus, in their fight against Code, Boruto again might succumb to Momoshiki.

He could use their fight as a stage to set up for his return, in the same way, he did after Isshiki’s death. This time, however, there’s a good chance that at least one half of our favorite duo will sacrifice himself to save everybody else.

This could further lead Momoshiki to implant a new karma seal on Kawaki. In addition to creating a backup for himself, it’ll also serve the purpose of hurting Boruto.

Hence, Borushiki won’t have to get his hands dirty as Code will die and so will either Naruto or Sasuke. And, Borushiki will return as the Momoshiki Otsutsuki!

Hence, Momoshiki could be one of the reasons for Kawaki regaining his Karma seal.

Code will implant Karma on Kawaki to revive Isshiki:

Code White Karma
Code White Karma

As mentioned by Kawaki in chapter 56, Karma can be transferred by its user to someone else. And as we all know, Code possesses the White Karma, he recently used its power to free Eida from Boro’s hideout.

So during their final showdown, Code might eventually get defeated by the heroes. And in his final moments of desperation and affection towards Otsutsuki, he might transfer his Karma seal to Kawaki.

This could be one of the possibilities for Kawaki to regain his Karma seal.

However, unfortunately for Code, this karma seal will not resurrect Isshiki as Code’s karma is incomplete. Thus, granting Kawaki all the powers of Isshiki without any risk.

Eida bewitches Code into transferring the Karma to Kawaki

Eida in Boruto

A newly-introduced villain with unbelievable power. She can make anyone fall for her without even trying. However, her abilities don’t work on Otsutsuki and blood relatives.

She stole Code’s heart the moment he lays eyes on her. Also, she has the power of Clairvoyance, she views every event happening, globally, in real-time.

Thanks to this, she knows about Kawaki being 80% Otsutsuki. Thus, making him a candidate of being the only guy with whom she can experience true love.

Since Code is already under her spell, she might force him to implant Karma on Kawaki and make him powerful. Also, she doesn’t seem to like Code and work under him.

Thus having a person who is stronger than Code as her partner is favorable to Eida. This could be one of the reasons how Kawaki regains his Karma.

Kawaki steals Karma from Code to battle Boruto.

Kawaki Karma seal
Kawaki Karma seal

Momoshiki while passing Karma to Boruto mentions that he will lose everything he holds dear. This statement is emphasized in the manga via various scenarios. Be it Naruto getting sealed by Jigen or Kurama’s death.

Also, with the introduction of Byakugan destroying pills, Hinata and Himawari are also in danger.

In addition to all these threats, the hints of Sasuke’s death also point to the dark future of Boruto. Due to these unfortunate events, Boruto might become the villain of his own story.

Due to this Kawaki might be forced to take up the responsibility of stopping Boruto.

Thus Kawaki reaches out to Code and deceives him into giving Karma back to him. And that’s why Kawaki is sporting a Karma in the first scene of the series.

Also, with the way Kawaki’s affection for Naruto is growing, he might actually be the Hero of this story.

Also, Momoshiki inside Boruto could be a major factor as to why Boruto goes down a darker path. I highly doubt that Momoshiki will turn around like Kurama did with Naruto.

He’s pure evil wanting to destroy Earth and become a powerful God.


These are some of the reasons that explain how Kawaki could regain his Karma. These reasons also hint that Kawaki is not acting against the village.

However, he is trying to protect it. Or he is a victim of someone else’s schemes. Thus, noting that Kawaki is a good guy and has a motive to protect the village.

Do you also think that Kawaki is the protagonist? Let us know in the comments.

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