Fire Force: Who Is The First Pillar Amaterasu or Hitohashira-me?

In the latest episode of Fire Force Season 2, Shinra Kusakabe’s mind was taken over by the First Pillar with the help of the Adolla Link. She appeared as a spectral naked woman, with shoulder length blonde hair and bore an uncanny resemblance to Sister Iris (Latom!).

Clinging onto Shinra‘s back via the Link, she manipulates him into attacking Captain Hague and members of the fourth company. She used Shinra’s pent up resentment of the past 12 years for being labelled a devil and mother-killer and let it loose. The First Pillar incited him to burn and destory everyone in their path.

But this is not the first time that Shinra has met the First Pillar. In Season 1 Episode 19, Shinra has a dream before his visit to the Netherworld. The dream is cut short by an earthquake and in the ensuing confusion, Shinra mistakes the girl in his dream to be Iris. Who is the first pillar and what could she want?

The following part of this post contains SPOILERS from the Fire Force manga which has not yet covered in the anime. Read further at your own discretion!

Who is the First Pillar? Is she Sister Iris?

Hitohashira me First Pillar
The First Pillar, Hitohashira-me

The First Pillar is a woman named Amaterasu, also called Hitohashira-me, who possesses the ignition ability and the Adolla Burst. She is currently the sacrifice and the source of energy that powers the Amaterasu, a thermal power generator, which provides power to whole of Tokyo.

The first pillar is definitely not Sister Iris. However, the resemblance could suggest that they are probably dopplegangers.

In Season 1 of Fire Force, it is revealed that Amaterasu is powered by the Adolla Burst. According to the Tokyo Empire, Raffles Smith (who also founded the Holy Sol Empire) and his apostles chanced upon the pure flames, Adolla Burst, in their search for light after the Great Disaster (Cataclysm). Utilizing the technology which was available to them, they built the Amaterasu in order to further the human civilization in the wake of disaster. Vulcan’s ancestors probably helped him to build the huge thermal power plant.

In reality, this Adolla Burst was really the girl Amaterasu (Hitohashira-me). She was found unconscious by Yona (one of the disciples of the Evangelist, he is seen in the Nether arc alongside Haumea in Fire Force Season 1) soon after the Great Cataclysm took place. She had survived the disaster, thanks to the awakening of her pyrokinetic powers and her possession of the Adolla Burst. Nothing much has been revealed in the manga about this part.

Since the Evagelists first attempt at creating the Great Cataclysm failed, they decide to utilize the Adolla Burst of the girl in order to further the civilzation. This would help them find more people with the Adolla Burst who could then be used as a sacrifice for the next Great Cataclysm.

Hitohashira-me powering the Amaterasu

After capturing the girl, Yona comes across Raffles and his disciples, who were in search of Adolla. Yona kills Raffles and poses as him under the orders of the Evangelist. He then goes on to establish The Holy Sol Temple and use Amaterasu, who was the first person to possess the Adolla Burst post Cataclysm (making her the first pillar) in order to power the Amaterasu (The Power Plant).

The First Pillar is currently held captive inside the Amaterasu amongst flames that are strong enough to evaporate her tears. This is probably one of the reasons for her extreme hatred of humanity and the world. The fact that she powers the Amaterasu single handedly tells a lot about her immense powers.

This is all a part of the Evangelists grand plans, which will slowly be revealed as the second season of Fire Force progresses. What do you think of the First Pillar? What could be the Evagelists Grand plan here? Let us know in the comments section!

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