What is the Amaterasu in Fire Force?

The Amaterasu is an Eternity-Style Thermal Power Generator running on Adolla Burst. It is responsible for supplying energy to the whole of the Tokyo Empire.

Amaterasu Power Plant In fire force

This article refers to the thermal power generator Amaterasu. If you are looking to read about the first pillar, who is also called Amaterasu then check out this post.

The Amaterasu is an Eternity-Style Thermal Power Generator running on Adolla Burst. It is responsible for supplying energy to the whole of the Tokyo Empire. Amaterasu is located in the central district of Tokyo and is one of the main reasons why human civilization was able to progress in the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm. 

According to the scriptures of the Holy Sol Temple, Raffles (Raffles the first), who had gone in search of the “light” with his disciples after the Great Cataclysm, stumbled upon the unsullied flames of the Adolla. He then used the technology available to him and created the Amaterasu to power the entire nations. On the other hand Vulcan claims that the Amaterasu was actually built by his ancestors. But the project was later stolen from them by the Haijima industries. 

However, none of these accounts are completely true and there is a mystery that surrounds the Eternity-Style Thermal Power Plant. This information comes to light during the Chinese Peninsula arc of Fire Force Season 2 Episode 10. When Shinra and the other members of the Fire Force come across the Tabernacle and the Woman in Black in the Chinese peninsula, some dark secrets regarding Amaterasu are unearthed by them.

What is Amaterasu’s Dark secret?

After investigating the Tabernacle whose construction and operation was very similar to the Amaterasu, Shinra and the Fire Force company realise that the Adolla burst that is powering the Amaterasu is actually a person. This person is none other than the First Pillar, who is also called the Amaterasu or referred to as Hitohashira-me. 

She has been used as a sacrifice and is continuously burning inside the power plant to provide energy for the whole nation. However, unlike the Woman in Black, who willingly became a sacrifice for the Tabernacle, Hitohashira-me (Amaterasu) was forced into being a sacrifice. This is the reason behind the First Pillar’s intense hatred for the whole of humanity.

First Pillar Amaterasu
First pillar powering the Amaterasu

According to the Woman in Black, the Holy Sol Temple, Haijima Industries and the Evangelist’s White hoods are all aware of Amaterasu’s secret. She even hints that the Evangelist has controlled everything from the shadows since the Great Cataclysm. And if these organisations are aware of the source of Amaterasu’s power, then why did keep it a secret from the people? Are they in cahoots with the Evangelist?

The following part of the article contains major spoilers from the Fire Force manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

The Amaterasu’s real history:

The creation of Amaterasu was actually a part of the Evangelist’s plan. Acting on the Evangelists orders, it was Yona (who is another being from Adolla) who killed and posed as Raffles 1. Yona had already come across Hitohashira-me by the time he posed as Raffles (Fire Force manga chapter 130). Thr first pillar had survived the Cataclysm thanks to her awakening her pyrokinetic powers and possessing the Adolla Burst. He brings her in a box to the followers of Raffles, saying he had found the unsullied Adolla flame. Then using the technology available to them at that time, he creates the Amaterasu (Fire Force manga chapter 208).

Fire force manga chapter 208, Yona finds Amaterasu

Thus the first pillar’s Adolla Burst helped the civilization bloom and pillar linked to the Adolla dimension was born.

But if the Evangelist’s goal is to destroy the world by causing a second Great Cataclysm, then why would she help build the very same civilisation using Amaterasu?

The Great Cataclysm, which took place more than 250 years ago was a failure. It did not go according to the Evangelists plans and some parts of the planet managed to survive it. However, in order to carry out a similar Great Cataclysm, the Evangelist would need more pillars who possess the Adolla Burst. But with humanity almost wiped out, there was no way that she would be able to find enough pillars in order to carry out her disastrous plan. 

And so, she decided to let human civilization progress and let more people with pyrokinetic abilities appear. All this time since the first Cataclysm, the Evangelist has been trying to find more pillars with the help of the White Hoods and the bugs that she brought from Adolla. Basically, the creation of Amaterasu and the progress of mankind was to actually lead them closer to Adolla and cause a second Great Cataclysm. And as per her wish, Yona impersonated Raffles-1, acted as the leader for the last faction of humans looking to survive the aftermath of the disaster and made them dance to his tunes.

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  • I believe the dark secret of the Amateresu is they use a goddess to power the nation since she lived many years without food or aging and her counterpart is the key to regain her sanity back

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