What Happened To Raffles Smith In Fire Force?

Benimaru and Joker storm the Holy Sol Temple in order to find the “original scriptures” and consequently the truth. They did it because of the inconsistencies the Fire Force team found about the Amaterasu during their expedition to the Chinese Peninsula.

In the Holy Sol Temple they come across Leonard Burns. Being a member of the church, the captain of the First Company tries to stop the unruly duo from going any further. However after his fight with Benimaru fight, Burns gives in. During his own investigation into the Holy Sol Temple, Burns had come across the diary of the founder Raffles’ wife. He hands over this diary to Joker and Benimaru.

In the diary she noted that Raffles began acting strangely ever since he came back from his journey to find the light. This sows doubts in the minds of these three and the Fire Force that Evangelist may have been somehow involved in the formation of the Holy Sol Temple.

Who is Raffles Smith?

Raffles Smith, also known as Raffles-1, is the person publicly credited with the creation of the Amaterasu and the Holy Sol Temple by the scriptures. According to the church he Raffles (Raffles the first), who had gone in search of the “light” with his disciples after the Great Cataclysm, stumbled upon the unsullied flames of the Adolla. He then used the technology available to him and created the Amaterasu and established the Holy Sol Temple.

But we later find out that this was not true. The Raffles who established the temple was not the real Raffles Smith!

What happened to Raffles in Fire Force?

In the aftermatch of the Great Cataclysm, Raffles had gone out on the journey with his caravan. This much was true. However, during his travels he comes across Yona, an infernal from Adolla. Acting on the Evangelists orders, Yona kills Raffles. He then absorbs Raffles into his body.

RAFFLES IS A LIE Fire Force Chapters 129-131 #MangaNerdigan Live Reaction -  YouTube
Yona impersonating Raffles-1

Yona had already come across Hitohashira-me by that time. He brings her in a container to the followers of Raffles, saying he had found the unsullied Adolla flame. Then using the technology available to them at that time, he creates the Amaterasu and then goes on to form the Holy Sol Temple. Twas the dominant religion post the Great Cataclysm, it had a sway over people’s hearts. This would help the Evangelist achieve her goals eventually.

This information about the origin of the church or the fate of Raffles-I is not known by anyone at the church. Even Raffles – III (the current head of The Holy Sol Temple)is not aware of the Evangelist’s involvement in the creation of Holy Sol Temple.

However, Raffles’ wife was able to tell Yona’s distinct change in behaviour from the real Raffles. After all the demon infernal could only mimic looks, not the personality. This makes her note down her observation in her diary, which is then found by Leonard Burns.

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