Fire Force: Who Is The Evangelist? What Is Her Goal?

Who is the Evangelist Fire Force

The Evangelist is the primary antagonist in the Fire Force series. She and her White-clads have managed to be a thorn in the Fire Force Company 8’s side for a long time. And even though her unseen hands seem to be controlling everything bad that happens in Fire Force, nothing much is known about The Evangelists identity or her motives. Who is the Evangelist and what exactly is she trying to achieve? 

The following article contains spoilers for the Fire Force series. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Who is the Evangelist?

The Evangelist is the leader of the cult organisation White-Clads. She came to Earth from the alternate dimension Adolla through a tear in space, during the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm. She is seen as a higher being and as a God by her followers and by the very few people who have had the chance to see her. Those who at the Evangelist’s eyes directly seem to go blind with excruciating pain. 

And since her identity has been a closely guarded secret, it has led many people to wonder if the Evangelist is somehow related to Shinra’s mom.

Is Shinra’s mom the Evangelist?

From what we have seen so far, Shinra’s Mom is definitely not the Evangelist. The Evangelist is a being who came to Earth from Adolla, whereas Shinra’s mom is human. The last we saw her, Shinra’s mom is currently alive in the Adolla existing as a demon infernal. The night she became an infernal, she had a vision of the Evangelist holding her baby Sho Kusakabe. 

The Evangelist and her white-clad are the ones responsible for creating artificial infernals in the world of Fire Force using bugs that originated from Adolla. The motive behind this action is revealed when Shinra confronts Rekka Hoshimiya. 

By creating artificial infernals, the Evangelist is trying to seek out people who are in possession of the Adolla Burst. If the people are compatible with the bugs, then instead of turning into infernals, they are converted into a second or third generation pyrokinetic. And based on how the bugs react to the flames of the pyrokinetic, the White Clads can find out the eight pillars possessing Adolla Burst.

But why does the Evangelist need the eight pillars? What is her ulterior motive here?

What is the Evangelist’s Goal and Ambition?

The Evangelist’s goal is to gather the eight pillars possessing Adolla Burst and to recreate the Great Cataclysm. She wants to engulf the Earth in flames and eventually make it into a second sun. The Evangelist and her minions have ultimately been plotting to achieve this end goal. 

Evangelist and  Sho in Adolla, Fire Force
Evangelist with Sho Kusakabe

Even though the Evangelist emerged from the tear in space post the Great Cataclysm, it is hinted that she was the one behind it too. 

The Great Cataclysm, which took place more than 250 years ago was a failure. It did not go according to the Evangelists plans and some parts of the planet managed to survive it. However, in order to carry out a similar Great Cataclysm, the Evangelist would need more pillars. But with humanity almost wiped out, there was no way that she would be able to find enough pillars in order to carry out her disastrous plan. And so, she decided to let human civilization progress and let more people with pyrokinetic abilities appear.

She has been controlling things in the new world from the dark. She is the one responsible for the creation of the Eternity-Style Thermal Power Generator Amaterasu and also the Holy Sol Temple, in order to guide the people of the Earth closer to Adolla using infernals like Yona from Adolla. She then gathered worthy followers from the Earth and formed the secret organization of White-Clads. Every action that the white hoods carried out has been to get closer to the Evangelists goals. 

However, the Evangelists motives are not driven by a sense of wanton destruction. She has her own reasons for converting the Earth into a second Sun. While these reasons remain ambiguous, it is clear that her ambitions do not align with the Fire Force company’s motto of protecting people. And so Shinra and Company 8 will have to do their best to unravel the mystery about the Evangelist and bring an end to her sinister plan.

We might get more details about the Evangelist in the upcoming chapters and seasons of Fire Force. We’ll be updating this post when that happens. Let us know what you think about the evangelist and her goals in the comments below!

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