Are The Evangelist And The Holy Sol Temple Somehow Related?

During their investigation of the Tabernacle in the Chinese Peninsula the  Fire Force members discover that the Adolla Burst powering the Tabernacle and the Eternity style thermal power Generator Amaterasu is actually a human being who is burning away as a sacrifice inside it. According to the Woman in Black who is currently the pillar powering the Tabernacle, the Holy Sol Temple and the Haijima Industries are aware of this. However, this information is not mentioned anywhere in the scriptures of the temple. 

The Holy Sol Temple preaches that the Amaterasu is powered by an “unsullied flame” which was discovered by Raffles-1. Raffles then went on to use the technology available to them at that time to build the Amaterasu. This would help the human civilization thrive and progress in the wake of the great cataclysm. The fact that the Holy Sol temple scriptures conveniently left out the part about a human sacrifice powering Amaterasu, even after knowing about it, raises questions about whether they are allied with the Evangelists and her White-clad.

Evangelist and the Holy Sol Temple:

The Evangelist and the Holy Sol Temple are in fact related to one another. The church was founded by the Evangelist’s henchman Yona, who posed as Raffles-1. It was all done according to the will of the Preacher, in order to bring the people closer to Adolla. And as the Holy Sol Temple was the dominant religion post the Great Cataclysm, it had a sway over people’s hearts. 

However, the information about the origin of the church or the involvement of the evangelist in it is not known by Raffles – III (the current head of The Holy Sol Temple) or the current management.

Iris is one of 2 surviving nuns of the Holy Sol Temple before joining the  Special Fire Force as a medic & is one of its non-powered members.
Sister Iris

After Benimaru and Joker storm the Holy Sol Temple in order to find the “original scriptures” and consequently the truth, they come across Leonard Burns. During his own investigation into the Holy Sol Temple, Burns had come across the diary of the founder Raffles’ wife. In the diary she noted that Raffles began acting strangely ever since he came back from his journey to find the light. This sows doubts in the minds of these three and the Fire Force that Evangelist may have been somehow involved in the formation of the Holy Sol Temple.

Raffles had gone out on the journey with his caravan. However, during his travels he comes across Yona, an infernal from Adolla. Acting on the Evangelists orders, it was Yona who killed and posed as Raffles 1. Yona had already come across Hitohashira-me by the time he posed as Raffles. He brings her in a box to the followers of Raffles, saying he had found the unsullied Adolla flame. Then using the technology available to them at that time, he creates the Amaterasu and then goes on to form the Holy Sol Temple.

But why did Evangelist create the Holy Sol Temple?

Who is the Evangelist Fire Force
Evangelist in Fire Force

The Evangelist’s goal is to recreate the Great Cataclysm. Then why would she go and create the Holy Sol Temple, which has been a pillar of human faith in their fight against the infernals? In fact, the Holy Sol temple is also involved in creating the Fire Force and also for providing medicine and creating the medicinally focused Fire Force company 6. What benefit did the Evangelist gain from creating the Holy Sol Temple?

The Great Cataclysm, which took place more than 250 years ago was a failure. It did not go according to the Evangelists plans and some parts of the planet managed to survive it. However, in order to carry out a similar Great Cataclysm, the Evangelist would need more pillars. But with humanity almost wiped out, there was no way that she would be able to find enough pillars in order to carry out her disastrous plan. 

And so, she decided to let human civilization progress and let more people with pyrokinetic abilities appear. All this time, she has been trying to find more pillars with the help of the White Hoods and the bugs that she brought from Adolla. Basically, the creation of Holy Sol Temple and the progress of mankind was to lead them closer to Adolla and cause a second Great Cataclysm. 

Do you think Shinra and Fire Force Company 8 will succeed in uncovering the secrets about the Evangelist and the Holy Sol Temple? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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