Who Is The Sixth Pillar Nataku Son In Fire Force?

Fire Force Company 8 has begun suspecting that Haijima industries have connections to the Evangelist. This is due to their involvement in using a human sacrifice to power the Amaterasu and then hiding this information from the world. In order to find out the truth, they set out to investigate the influential organisation. It is there that Shinra and Licht witness the awakening of the sixth pillar Nataku Son.

As both Company 8 and White Clads are behind the pillars in Fire Force, this results a clash between the two for Nataku Son.

However, this is not the first time we are seeing Nataku Son in Fire Force. In fact, we can even say that the sixth pillar is a successful byproduct of the White Clad’s experiments. So who exactly is Nataku Son and what is he doing in Haijimi Industries?

Who is Nataku Son?

Nataku Son is a child in Fire Force whose third generation pyrokinetic abilities were awakened when he was forcibly bitten by a bug. He was then taken in by Haijima Industries where he was subjected to violent training exercises to awaken his Adolla Burst

If you remember well, Nataku Son was introduced in Season 1 of Fire Force anime. He was kidnapped by Tamaki Kotatsu along with some other children at the behest of Rekka Hoshimiya. Rekka was working undercover for the White Clads and was in search of pyrokinetics who could awaken the Adolla Burst by using the bug. Nataku was the only one in that group who awakened his pyrokinetic abilities without turning into an infernal.

Nataku Son | Fire Force Wiki | Fandom

This incident scarred Nataku to a great extent making him mentally fragile. He began suffering from PTSD and had frequent hallucinations of Rekka Hoshimiya trying to cheer him to become more powerful. 

How did Nataku Son become the Sixth Pillar?

After Shinra defeated Rekka, Nataku was taken to the Haijima Industries’ Skills Development Lab. Here he was subject to violent training exercises. In these exercises he had to combat one of the craziest persons there, Kurono Yuuchiro, who called himself the Shinigami.

Kurono Yūichirō | Fire Force Wiki | Fandom
Nataku fighting Kurono

Nataku manifests his Adolla Burst and becomes the sixth pillar after one such training experiment with Kurono. However, shortly before this happened, Nataku experienced an Adolla Link with Shinra Kusakabe. It is possible that it was Shinra’s presence that led to Nataku Son awakening his Adolla Burst. Shinra and Viktor Licht were at Haijimi industries at that time to investigate the Skills Development Lab.

Nataku’s Adolla link with Shinra is characterized by the former’s desperation and fear. His feelings of wanting to go home is what reaches Shinra. As we mentioned before, Nataku Son is a successful byproduct of the White-Clads experiment with bugs. Thus it goes without saying that they would want to recruit him into their team. This sets off a three way confrontation between Haijima Industries, Fire Force Company 8 and the White-Clads, with all looking to claim Nataku.

Kurono, Obi and Charon try to get a hold of Nataku Son
Kurono, Obi and Charon try to get a hold of Nataku Son

What are the powers of the Sixth pillar?

After Nataku awakened his Adolla Burst he was able to fire beams out of the floating radiation symbols that he created from fire around him. These beams can supposedly travel great distances and are even able to cut through concrete surfaces. Before that he was able to ignite a claw from his right hand using his ignition ability as a third generation pyrokinetic.

Nataku Son | Fire Force Wiki | Fandom

When Nataku manifests the radiation symbols, his body starts emitting dangerous radiations. This is noticed by Vulcan who asks everyone to stay away from him. He can also create blasts of radioactive energy, similar to the one he used to destroy the Fire Giant that the White Clads created to capture him. In fact this explosion was so powerful that if left unchecked it would have destroyed the whole of Tokyo empire.

Nataku’s fragile mental state at a young age and his lack of experience are a major hindrance for him in being able to completely unleash or control his powers properly. How powerful do you think the sixth pillar Nataku Son is? Can he take down a Knight of the Ashen Flame? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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