Who Are The Pillars In Fire Force?

The term “pillar” first came into picture in Fire Force when the Evangelist and her white clads were introduced in the series. Since then, the main plot of Fire Force has revolved around the pillars or hashiras in some way. In Season 2, the Fire Force company and Evangelist’s white hoods are in a race to find the pillars. So who exactly are these pillars in Fire Force?

To answer the question in short;

Pillars are individuals who possess the Adolla Burst. These individuals are believed to have descended from the Sun God’s lineage. The Adolla Burst is a pure and unsullied flame that originated from Adolla, a lesser known alternative dimension.

Who are the pillars?

In Fire Force, Pillars or Hashiras are pyrokinetics who possess the Adolla Burst or the Flames of Destruction. These pillars can form a connection with the Evangelist via the Adolla Link, which is termed as the “Evangelist’s grace”, granting them unparalleled powers. Haumea dubbed the ones receiving the grace as Fourth Generation pyrokinetics. When under the grace of the Evangelist, Sho Kusakabe is able to slow the passage of time and Shinra Kusakabe is able to move faster than the speed of light.

In all there are a total of eight pillars in Fire Force, and five (almost 6) of them have been revealed in the anime.

List of Pillars introduced in Fire Force Anime:

  1. First Pillar: Amaterasu (Hitohashira-me)
  2. Second Pillar: Haumea
  3. Third Pillar: Sho Kusakabe
  4. Fourth Pillar: Shinra Kusakabe
  5. Fifth Pillar: Inca Kasugatani
  6. Sixth Pillar: Nataku Son

Shinra Kusakabe and Company 8 are able to find out that the Evangelist and her White Cloaks are seeking the pillars in order to recreate the Great Cataclysm which happened 250 years ago. Fire Force company 8 thus enters the fray, and now are in a race against time to capture all the pillars before the White Cloaks. The Evangelist and her followers have been using a special parasite created by the Haijima industries in order to identify the individuals who possess pyrokinetic abilities and in turn the Adolla Burst.

White Clads in Fire Force
White Clads in Fire Force

More details about the pillars and how they will bring about the great cataclysm was revealed in the Chinese Peninsula arc of Fire Force.

In the Chinese peninsula, the Fire Force’s joint task force involving Shinra, Victor Licht and members from Company 2 and Company 4 find a structure similar to Amaterasu in the deserted peninsula. This power station, known as the Tabernacle, was too being powered by an Adolla Burst. Here they come to know that the pillars are indeed going to be used as a sacrifice by the Evangelist in order to bring about the Great Cataclysm

Inside the core of this power plant, the team comes across eight white fletched arrows that are shaped as keys. One of these arrows was sticking out from the core of the Tabernacle. In ancient Japanese culture, when a white fletched arrow sticks out from the roof of a house, it means that the person in the house was chosen as a “Human Pillar”, a sacrifice (Fire Force chapter 120). So each of those arrows represented a pillar who will eventually be sacrificed in order to bring about the great cataclysm.

The Amaterasu’s source of power, which was believed to be an Adolla Burst, is actually a human pillar possessing the Adolla Burst, and can be considered as the first sacrifice. 

The Evangelist also dabbled in experimenting on people in order to create the Pillars so that she could go ahead with the plan of the Great Cataclysm. The pillars can be seen as sacrificial offerings to bring about mass destruction. 

What are opinions about the pillars in Fire Force. Who do you think is the strongest pillar in Fire Force? Let us know them in the comments section!!

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