Black Clover: The Reincarnation Of The Elves (& Patolli) Explained

The reincarnation of elves

When Licht, or Patolli if you will, placed the magic stones into the Tree of Life monument, it started to shine with a weird light. This light went out to the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s base, and to a number of people of the Clover Kingdom. The people started glowing with an eerie light too, slowly growing pointy ears and red marks on their faces. Some magic knights like Klaus, Gauche, and Hamon suddenly turned contemptuous towards humans.

It seemed like their human personas had been suppressed. What was even going on throughout the kingdom? The people retained their appearances, but their behavior and mana levels were completely different. Everyone was thrown into bewilderment. Who were these people? Where did they come from? This was the beginning of the reincarnation of the elves, and the apparent end of humanity.

Magic knights turn into elves

But the biggest question is;

How did the elves reincarnate?

The reincarnation of Elves was possible because Zagred used the Noad Nephesh to suspend their souls. This made it possible for Patolli (Patri) to use the reincarnation magic in the future and revive the dead elves in the bodies of humans.

Let’s go back a bit to understand how exactly this happened. Zagred was looking to create a black five-leaf grimoire. To achieve this he formulated a plan which involved killing the elves and pushing Licht into despair. Lumiere would have been the scapegoat here. However, Zagred’s plan went awry and Secre Swallowtail managed to trap the devil into an Eternal Prison.

Just before he was trapped, he used the magic stones to cast Noad Nephesh. It was a forbidden magic spell that suspended the souls of the elves, and himself, to be reincarnated in the future. This magic prevented their souls from moving on. Hundreds of years later, these souls were fused into human bodies. However, their resurrection would only be complete with the Reincarnation Spell.

How were the humans chosen?

The humans whose magic was compatible with the elves’ magic were chosen to be taken over. In some cases, even the personalities and relationships of the elves were the same. The manga refers to this as ‘wavelengths‘. Since there is no clear explanation, we can also assume that the bodies of the elves were also “reincarnated” in the future. This is because the appearance of humans is exactly like the elves’ who took over them.

Aside from Patolli, nobody knew of which humans were selected for reincarnation. Valtos nearly killed Luck who was supposed to be an elf, but Patolli missed the vital points of Gauche on purpose.

The Reincarnation Spell

A reincarnation spell is a form of forbidden magic. It allows the souls of the dead to reincarnate in new bodies. The reincarnation spell for the elves was carried out by Patolli under the guise of Licht. He deceived humans who followed him into thinking he cared for them, while he just wanted to offer them as a sacrifice.

The eleven magic stones which were spread across the Clover Kingdom were the key to casting this spell. Ten magic stones had to be placed in a stone monument called Tree of Life, for the spell to begin. However, the souls reincarnated by the spell were highly susceptible to amplified negative emotions of hatred and anger.

Apostles of Sephirah (Black Clover) vs Akatsuki (Naruto) |

After the souls of the elves took over the body of humans with the same ‘wavelengths’, the reincarnation spell had to be completed. For this, the Apostles of Sephirah opened the Shadow Palace, where the final magic stone had to be placed on the pedestal. But Zagred used the last stone to revive himself in the Shadow Palace, revealing his plans and corrupting Patolli.

But then, if Reincarnation spell was needed for the elves to completely resurrect, how was Patolli able to control William’s body? How was he able to reincarnate completely without any help?

The Curious Case of Patolli’s Reincarnation

Patolli in William's body

Patolli was the only elf alive after the massacre at Licht’s wedding and also the only elf who was reincarnated first. He woke up 500 years later in the body of William Vangeance. He had the appearance of Licht but also had full consciousness of his situation. He tried using William’s grimoire, but couldn’t, to conclude that he had not just transmigrated into another body.

He was fully functional as himself. This could mean that only Patolli’s reincarnation was complete, out of all elves. This complete reincarnation may be a result of Patolli being the only one alive, hence his entire consciousness was just transported into William. Is it that Licht saw him alive, or sensed his mana, and decided to send him into the future?

It can be a plausible idea because Noad Nephesh was only cast after Licht died, thus he had no idea that all the elves’ souls will be suspended. It is also possible that reincarnation magic affects the souls of the living differently than those of the dead. Or was it Zagred’s doing? Did he purposefully cast Patolli’s soul to achieve his own ends through Patolli’s rage and contempt towards humans? For all we know, it could be anything and nothing. Just a pure coincidence too.

Do you have any theories? What do you think was the reason for Patolli’s reincarnation being different? Let me know in the comments!

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