Black Clover: Descendants Of Licht & Tetia Have Survived!

We got some major reveals in Black Clover manga chapter 265. The most important one being that the elf bloodline has managed to survive and continues to live on.

If you remember clearly, the elves were a race that had immense magic power. Their magic power made them superior to other races and were seen akin to gods. This also created a wedge between the Elf Tribe and the humans. In order to bring the humans and the elves closer, the first magic emperor Lemiel Silvamillion Clover gives the hand of his sister, Tetia, in marriage to the leader of the Elf Tribe, Licht.

However, thanks to the evil plan hatched by the devil Zagred, human royals betrayed the elves. They stole their magic powers and massacred the whole tribe on the day of Licht and Tetia’s wedding. Tetia was also pregnant with Licht’s twins at that time. It was believed that the elf tribe was wiped away in that massacre.

But Black Clover Chapter 265 revealed that Licht and Tetia’s child (son?) did manage to survive the massacre of the elves!

Licht | Black Clover Wiki | Fandom
Licht and Tetia in Black Clover

How did Licht and Tetia’s child survive?

After finding out about the massacre, Secre and Lemiel raced to the wedding venue. However, they were late and the massacre had already happened. Among the victims, Secre finds an injured Tetia. Upon examining her, she finds that one of the twins that Tetia was pregnant with was still alive in her womb.

Secre immediately seals Tetia’s wounds and then rushes to help Lemiel battle Licht who had turned into a demon. Secre’s timely intervention helped save Tetia’s life. It seems that she managed to survive and gave birth to a child, who then continued the bloodline of the elves and the royalty of Clover Kingdom.

Patri reveals the info about descendants

But Secre had no idea about Tetia’s survival or the descendants. By the time she woke up as a bird, many years had passed. She didn’t have any means of knowing what happened to Tetia.

The current descendants (a boy and a girl) of Licht and Tetia are seen residing in the village of Elysia deep in the Heart kingdom along with the other elves. Noelle and the others are pretty shocked when Patri reveals their lineage to them. When Secre knows that Tetia survived, she almost comes to tears. And guess what? This event has already been foreshadowed in Black Clover anime. In episode 120, we catch a glimpse of there descendants seen in the image below! Now that’s cheeky!

Licht and Tetias descendants Black Clover
Licht and Tetia’s descendants in Black Clover anime

Now let’s put on our tinfoil hats!

But there’s one thing that caught our attention. The fact that the children are also the descendants of the royal bloodline. This means that if the royals in the clover kingdom come to know about their existence, there is a chance that they’ll try to eliminate the children in order to strengthen their claim on the throne (we are just speculating).

If things go as we speculate, then this could lead to a full blow political war, and also a second war agains the elves and their village. However, this time Asta and the others could end up saving the elves, thus bringing the cycle of hatred to a close. This could be the reason why Patri (Patolli) and the others survived and still continue to exist in the current era. Well there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered and we can’t wait for the next chapters of Black clover to drop!

How do think events will shape up now that the elf bloodline has survived? Will clover kingdom accept the elves or will it lead to a new war? Let us know in the comments below!

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