What Is Elysia In Black Clover?

Elysia Black Clover

Patolli and the elves who were the third eye of the Eye of the Midnight sun were reincarnated in their artificial bodies after their defeat by Rades. He asked them to atone for their sins. They have been missing in action ever since. However, Six months after the elves’ attack on the Clover Kingdom, they have made an appearance again. 

In chapter 265 of Black Clover, we see that Noelle Silva and the others who survived Vanica’s explosion were taken in by these very elves to a place where they currently reside. It was believed that the elf tribe was wiped away in the massacre that was orchestrated by the devil Zagred. However, Secre’s timely intervention helped save the life of Tetia and one of her twins. Thus the bloodline of the elves, which includes the descendents of Tetia and Licht, have survived.

They are currently living in a secluded elf village called the Elysia. 

What is Elysia?

Elysia is the village where the Elves currently reside. It is a secluded area in a strong magic region located deep within the Heart kingdom. The village and its surrounding is flooded with intensely concentrated mana. Elysia has a guardian deity named Dryad, who regularly communicates with the elves. It appears to be in the form of a huge tree. 

It was Dryad who sent a divine revelation to the elves asking them to save Noelle and her companions. 

Patolli talks about Dryad
Patolli talks of Dryad

Elysia and Dryads could be references to Greek Mythology. Elysia was originally the paradise to which heroes on whom the gods conferred immortality were sent. However it later became a place for the blessed dead. Dryad is a tree nymph or spirit that is commonly found in Greek Mythology.

What is Patolli doing in Elysia?

Patolli, Rhya, Fana, and Vetto came across Elysia sometime after their defeat at the hands of clover kingdom. When they encountered the descendants of Licht and Tetia in the village, they realised why they had remained in this era. The elves decide to stay there and protect the descendants. 

Patri reveals the info about descendants

Noelle and the others are pretty shocked when Patri reveals about the descendants. Even Secre had no idea about Tetia’s survival or the descendants. By the time she woke up as a bird, many years had passed. She didn’t have any means of knowing what happened to Tetia. When she sees the descendants of Lemiel in Elysia, she almost comes to tears. 

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