Does Yuno Have Two Grimoires? How Did He Get His Second Grimoire?

Read the article to know why and how, at the verge of a massive defeat against Zenon, Yuno received another grimoire from the Spade Kingdom!

Black Clover might be Asta’s story primarily, but there’s no doubt that other characters also contribute a lot to its plot. As soon as you look a bit past Asta, the first such character you notice is Yuno.

Yuno is not just Asta’s foster brother but also his lifelong rival. They both compete with each other to grow at every step of the way. So, when Asta got a major boost with his contract with Liebe and a Devil Union, we knew a power-up for Yuno was due too.

In the recent chapters, a great surprise awaited us as Yuno received another grimoire! He was already the owner of the lucky four-leaf grimoire as well as the Wind Spirit, Sylph.

Just like us, you might have also been taken aback by these developments. So, let’s go back a little and go over the events. While we are at it, we also see why exactly Yuno got another grimoire!

Why does Yuno have two grimoires?

Yuno has two grimoires because he is from the Spade Kingdom and Star Magic is his own magic.

With the situation against Zenon getting grimmer by the second, both we and Yuno were losing hope. Who knew that the psychopathic Zenon had an ace up his sleeve? Rather than just being a devil host, he became the devil himself.

Not only Langris, but even the combined attack of Finral and Langris also failed against Zenon. As was natural, Yuno broke down in the face of such overwhelming odds. He had not been able to protect Golden Dawn or William from Zenon’s attack, either.

Yuno grimoire

He could only question if this was how everything ends. Ha, of course not, Yuno. You are the invincible second lead, have some faith in the shounen story rules.

And of course, what a more perfect time for Yuno’s Spade Kingdom side to wake up? Yuno received his second grimoire, one marked with a spade instead of clover – representing his birth kingdom.

Yuno’s second grimoire has spells related to Star Magic, which is his own magic. It seems that the Resistance Forces of the Spade Kingdom were aware that Yuno’s true magic was not Wind Magic.

It makes sense because they had been with the Grinberryall family for a long time. They had even protected Yuno from the Dark Triad. So…

Speaking of the Grinberryall family

We knew from the early days of the Spade Kingdom arc that Yuno is, in fact, a Spade Kingdom royal. With a royal bloodline, it was easy to see how Yuno had such powerful Wind Magic.

Except for the fact, as we discussed, that when the Resistance saw Yuno, they were surprised. They also commented that Yuno had become such a fine wind mage, sounding very out of place. After all, they had seen Yuno grow up.

Moreover, despite not knowing what magic Yuno’s parents had, we were never shown Wind Magic. These were small hints and setup from Tabata to the big reveal of Yuno’s real magic.

In chapter 309, the story finally took us through the Grinberryalls’ magic. It turns out they had quite some impressive magic. The royal family of Spade Kingdom has been passing down unique kinds of magic: Sun and Moon.

Grinberryall family

Hence, Yuno’s mother, Ciel, had Moon Magic, while his father, Loyce, had Sun Magic. So, to complete the trinity of celestial objects, the one who inherited their blood would obviously have Star Magic!

Since this magic is unique, only the true successor of the Grinberryall family could possess it. The Dark Triad had probably forgotten about Yuno’s existence after his escape or wrote it off as nothing to worry about.

None of them had expected him to show up in this battle by such sheer coincidence. They did not know they were the only antagonists of a shounen manga against the protagonist’s best friend. Thus, Zenon was also taken aback when he realized that Yuno was a son of the royals.

Perhaps since Yuno was driven into the corner by Zenon, his Spade royal blood woke up. He received his rightful grimoire of Star Magic, specifically engraved with spells to defeat Zenon – or rather a devil’s heart.

Banzai! Also, lovely of Zenon to stay put until the whole private grimoire ceremony was done. Ethical villain, we have here. But between Yuno’s hopeless moments to him lashing out at Zenon, another event transpired.

So, what or who was the spirit Yuno saw?

It seems that the spirit Yuno saw was that of Licht and Tetia’s child.

Yuno portrays himself as quite confident and cool and for good reasons too. He is an excellent magic knight, yet extremely kind at heart. He might seem like a kuudere, but he still respects people, starting from Asta.

In fact, with this image, we perhaps forgot that Yuno was the crybaby Asta had to handle in childhood. Despite trying to keep his emotions shut, it is understandable Yuno broke down.

His self-confidence must have come crashing down. Yuno’s denial of being worth only this much was almost painful to watch. However, like a life-saver, he remembered his promise with Asta to become the Wizard King.

At this point, the promise has surpassed being a promise and rather has become a driving force for both of them. With the help of that promise, Yuno managed to pick himself up and tell himself that he was worth much more than a defeat.

This moment is when he sees a strange spirit in front of him. Oddly enough, this spirit tells him that it is Yuno himself.

Yuno spirit

The panel and the spirit’s words made it clear that “your own strength” meant that Yuno had his own magic. The magic he had been using all this had been that of the spirit. CRAZY, if you ask me, Yuno had a fricking Wind Spirit on someone else’s magic??

And then we also have this panel of Patri:

Patri ch309

Licht and Tetia’s what? If you’re good at math, well, scratch that, even I am not good at math. Let’s just say that by putting two and two together, you will realize that Licht had Wind Magic! So, Yuno is related to not just the elves, but that too to Licht himself?!

Basically, Yuno is somehow a Spade Kingdom royal, a Clover Kingdom royal from his mother’s side, AND also related to the elves’ chief? Goddamn it! The contrast between Asta and Yuno keeps growing, doesn’t it?

Well, it is safe to say that the entire fandom lost its mind at this revelation. It is needless to say that the most obvious theory started making rounds of the internet as well:

Is Yuno Licht’s son?

Let’s talk about this. When humans attacked the elves, Tetia barely survived. Secre made it in time to seal her wounds, thereby trying to protect the yet unborn twins of Licht and Tetia. Post this event, a lot of stuff went down – Licht turned into a demon, and the first Wizard King was created.

However, it was not until later we came to know that one of Licht and Tetia’s children had survived. The descendants had also created a secluded and peaceful place for the elves to exist – Elysia. In this section, though, we discuss what happened to the other child.

Yuno shares his body with the soul of Licht and Tetia’s child

Remember how William shared his body with Patri the whole time until the elves’ arc? The part where he revealed so only to fight Julius to death (technically) was really hurtful, yes. But, let’s talk about William and Patri for a while.

In the process of an incomplete reincarnation spell and lots of mess because of Zagred, only Patri found a body in the future. He later went on to make everyone reincarnate else. For a long time in William’s life, however, he shared his body with Patri.

They had shared experiences and also became somewhat friends. Patri also saw the world through William’s eyes, and William could understand the elves’ strife.

The point of reminding you of all that was to put forth just a simple question. What if Licht and Tetia’s other child had also gone through the same ordeal? We don’t know how the bodies for the reincarnation were chosen even from the Reincarnation arc.

So, what if a not yet sentient soul of Licht and Tetia’s child found its way into Yuno’s body? It is also highly likely that Yuno was either very young or even newly born. That would explain why, unlike Patri, this spirit had not spoken anything to Yuno until now.

Essentially speaking, they both were the same. Licht and Tetia’s child had no identity of its own or awareness, that is, until the elves’ arc. To substantiate this claim, we also have this cover from chapter 200:

Asta Yuno Elf

Yuno and Asta surely fit in the picture, but who is the third child? Plus, the third child clearly looks like an elf! It is such a heartwarming picture (if it is true) that the child got to grow up alongside Yuno and Asta.

This theory also explains why Yuno could use Wind Magic so skillfully, that’s because he had literally grown up with it. It was like having another version of himself with a different magic type! We also know how elves’ are blessed with mana, so Yuno also got the Wind Spirit.

Also, just for the record, I had goosebumps when I came across this picture because damn the foreshadowing? Hats off to Tabata for hiding such an obvious hint right under our noses.

Well, that is that! But there is another theory we should discuss:

Yuno is the true reincarnation of Licht and Tetia’s child

This second theory is more or less connected to the first one, but let’s discuss it anyway! Taking the previous idea a step further, what if Yuno is the perfect reincarnation of Licht and Tetia’s child?

Where does this theory come from, you might be asking. Let’s go back to the Reincarnation arc once again. Wow, too many revisits to the old days in this article, huh? When all the elves’ souls were reincarnated, they took over their hosts’ bodies.

The magic knights saw a drastic change in the personalities of their comrades, like Luck and Gauche wanting to kill their own squadmates. The most terrorizing moment was when we all believed that Yuno had also gone to the other side.

Even the others commented that Yuno hadn’t gotten his sense of self back. However, as soon as Asta emphasized that he would become the Wizard King, Yuno snapped back into reality (and himself?).

Yuno Elf

Despite having face marks similar to all the reincarnated elves, Yuno was still in control of his body and mind! In short, what if Yuno was the perfect reincarnation that Licht wanted to achieve?

As we discussed before, Yuno might have been just born or even not born at that time. So, the theory states that Yuno is, in fact, the perfect reincarnation of an elf. He was never taken over in the Reincarnation arc simply because he was the reincarnation of an elf in the first place!

We can also say that since it was the perfect reincarnation, there was no tussle between the two sides of Yuno.

Personally, I like the first theory more. What do you think? Did you like the recent developments about Yuno? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Since Yuno now has his “Royal Grimoire”, it would be better if he leaves the magc knights.

    Reason: Spade Kingdom will need a great reparation after the current Arc is over. You can even say, they have to start from square one. So Yuno as the true heir to the throne, would make things easier for the people, because he can become a Symbol of Hope and future.
    Therefore he should leave the Clover Kingdom and become the King of Spade. Otherwise there is a great possibility, that the Spade Kingdom will be swallowed by Heart and Clover Kingdom (Since Diamond seems to be…destroyed or in a situation where it will need years to rebuild and settle internal conflicts).
    And if Spade would become part of Clover…we know, of the corrupt nobels. The People of Spade have suffered long enough and need someone who knows how it is to live as one of the lowest.
    (And Yuno would be a giant Asshole, if he let his Nation becoming part of Clover.)


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