Black Clover: How Did Licht Turn Into A Demon?

Licht's demon in Black Clover

500 years ago, a ferocious demon attacked the Clover Kingdom. The monster had immense mana and was gigantic in size. Its rampage could ground the whole kingdom into dust. But, a brave mage stepped up to stop and kill the demon, trading his life in the process.

This mage was none other than Lumiere, the first Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. The demon was an elf called Licht, who was Lumiere’s best friend. Then how did two best friends turn into mortal enemies? Why did Licht turn into a demon?

Licht’s role in the massacre of elves

Lumiere was an ambitious person who wanted to reduce the disparities amongst humans and befriend the elves. He would often talk about a future where everyone could live in harmony with magical abilities. This vision also fascinated Licht, the elves’ leader.

Lumiere and Licht became friends, and Licht also fell in love with Lumiere’s sister, Tetia. They both saw their wedding as a chance to unite humans and elves.

On the day of Licht’s wedding with Tetia, a great tragedy occurred. The humans massacred all the elves for acquiring their mana. It seemed like Lumiere had betrayed the elves and was only faking amity. Lumiere was just a pawn in his hands and had led to his brethren’s demise.

Zagred and Licht

However, the truth was something else. Lumiere had not betrayed Licht or the elves. All of this was a meticulous plan by Zagred, a devil. He wanted Licht to fall into despair to obtain a five-leaf grimoire. Seeing the elves’ massacre and Lumiere’s ‘betrayal,‘ he almost gave into the abyss. The negative emotions of grief, anger, and despair generated negative mana, threatening to turn Licht into a dark elf.

But, luckily, Lumiere made it to the scene in time. Realizing that he hadn’t placed his trust in the wrong person, he used the magic stones to use forbidden magic. He stopped his descent into despair and Zagred from taking over his body as well as his grimoire.

This move thwarted Zagred’s plans but a bigger problem emerged for Lumiere.

Licht turns into a demon

Since elves had a huge amount of mana, they were highly susceptible to negative mana. Licht’s negative emotions generated immense negative mana and to stop it from consuming his, he used the magic stones. This made him turn into a formidable demon with immense mana.

The negative mana also probably took over his consciousness as Licht started attacking Lumiere relentlessly. Lumiere had no choice but to fight against his best friend in hopes of protecting the kingdom.

Licht's demon

The fierce battle went on for a while, with Lumiere taking damage and barely managing to deflect the demon’s attacks. In a moment of clarity, Licht perhaps realized his actions under the influence of the negative mana. He managed to halt his attacks and ask Lumiere to kill him in that window of time.

Lumiere killed Licht and succumbed to his death, too. The royals who had absorbed the mana from the elves spread a heroic telltale to hide their dark truth. They even bestowed the title of “first Wizard King” upon Lumiere. The demon’s skull became a symbol of heroism, and Lumiere’s statue atop it, an inspiration to all children in the Clover Kingdom.


Licht amassing a huge amount of negative mana from the feelings of grief, despair, and anger turned him into a demon. He used the magic stones to cast a forbidden spell to take the form. Zagred wanted Licht to fall into despair to obtain a five-leaf grimoire, so he orchestrated the elves’ massacre at the cost of Lumiere’s friendship. However, his plans failed, and he was sealed until the Reincarnation Arc.

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