Does Wizard King Julius Novachrono Really Die In Black Clover?

Wizard King Julius Novachrono

Black Clover is an anime best known for its characters. Every character has a well-rounded personality in this universe and goes through character development over time.

So it is not a surprise when most of them ended up being fan-favorites; and the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, is no exception.

The Wizard king has a warm aura and sharp senses coupled with immense skills that could probably defeat a captain or two in a jiffy (I can whip out Time Magic jokes anytime :P).

All the Clover Kingdom people admire and look up to him. But, it is his being humble and kind that has earned Julius a definite place among the most likable characters of the series.

However, in an unprecedented series of events, Julius dies at the hands of Licht, the leader of the elves (albeit for a short time). How does this take place?

Is Julius dead?

No, the Wizard King Julius Novachrono is not dead. He seemed to have died momentarily after his loss in a battle but survived, albeit in a different form.

Right at the beginning of the Reincarnation Arc, it is revealed that the captain of Golden Dawn, William was actually a host to Licht, or Patolli, if you will.

Patolli was the leader of the Elves & the Eye of the Midnight Sun. His soul from hundreds of years ago had reincarnated in the body of William when he was a kid.

William was torn between his loyalty to his ‘childhood friend’ who understood his pain of being shunned by everyone, and his ‘savior’ who looked past his flaws and gave him a chance to rebuild himself.

So he left the choice to the heavens and asked both of them to spar.

Both of them opened their grimoires and began fighting at an exceedingly high pace, a clash of two extremely powerful magic forms: Light and Time.

Even though Julius had the benefit of having insights a few seconds into the future, both were somehow on an equal footing.

Why was that?

Julius vs. Licht/Patolli

The answers to that question and the question of the mighty Wizard King actually losing the battle lie solely in one thing – handicap.

The first handicap that made it easier for Patolli to overpower Julius and restrict the latter to just defense despite having powerful magic was that Julius did not want to hurt the body of his old comrade & friend, William.

He was also responsible for bringing William to a dais where he could control power and lend it to Patolli. Thus, he also felt responsible for saving any further casualties.

When Patolli noticed that Julius was always preoccupied with not hurting others rather than attacking him, he gave Julius his second handicap.

He cast a spell that quite literally made a sword dangle atop every Clover Kingdom citizen. Julius had two choices, either save himself or save millions of people.

And, of course, he chose the latter and cast a counterspell. Patolli took this vulnerable moment and used a sword to land the last hit.

[cue tears (but only for a few moments)]

He really had us in the first half, didn’t he? I was as shocked as Yami and William were. Julius give Yami his determination and us our tears back!

But one thing is sure, it truly had been a great loss of narrative potential to lose Julius.

How did the Wizard King survive?

Julius Novachrono survived or ‘came back to life’ thanks to his time magic and the mana that he had stored in the Swallowtail.

Banzai, our adored Wizard King lives!

Have a headache understanding how? Let me tell you.

The first Wizard King, Lemiel, was very fond of making magic items to eliminate mana inequality amongst humans themselves as well as between the humans & elves.

He had created many items to store magic along with his companion, Secre (or as we know her, Nero).

In one of his many idle incognito travels, Julius had come across a fascinating item lying unused but with potential. Coincidentally, his magic was also compatible with this item.

The article was a Swallowtail, as he found out from old books at the castle.

Magic Item

He realized that he could store bits of his mana over the years in the Swallowtail and connect it to his body. He did so by a mark on his forehead.

For 13 years, fractions of his Time Magic got collected in the Swallowtail. In case something happened to him, the system would activate, allowing him to start again.

This time-reversal kicked in when he “died” in his battle against Patolli.

However, there was a problem. He had, unfortunately, not collected enough magic to start immediately from where he had paused.

Instead, he turned into a chibi self with far lesser mana than Julius in his prime.

Bonus points to him for being kawaii though!

Julius Forehead Mark

Still, with the dangers that are rampant in the Clover Kingdom often, a doubt that needs to be addressed is if the most important person in the kingdom get back on his feet?

Will Julius be strong again?

Will Julius be strong immediately again? No.

Over the next few years, yes. I believe so. Black Clover has stated a lot of times that a mage’s magic grows as the mage grows.

Technically, Julius has a plethora of knowledge but his mana is that of a child of 12-15 years old. As he ‘grows up’ his mana will rise again.

It will take a few years for that to happen, but it is certainly not out of the box possibility just yet.

Chibi Julius

Do you have a better understanding of how Julius survived? Do you agree that Julius will be powerful again? Let me know!

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