Attack On Titan Season 4 Trailer Breakdown & Observations!

Aot season 4 visual

Attack on Titan and MAPPA have been trending worldwide since the trailer for the fourth season of the anime dropped yesterday. The biggest news was Wit Studio passing on the reins to MAPPA for the final season of Attack on Titan. Though they were skeptical at the beginning, the trailer gradually managed to win over the fans.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Trailer (English Subbed)

From the first look, it is clear that the final arc of Attack on Titan involves an all out titan war between Marley and Eldia. Since the trailer released yesterday, we have tried to go through everything that they portrayed. In this post we shall break down the trailer for Attack on Titan Season 4 and list out the major things that we observed.

New characters are introduced:

IMG 20200530 230342
Some of the new characters in the trailer

The trailer reveals a lot of new characters who were not seen in the previous seasons of Attack on Titan. Guessing from their attire and looks, they are from Marley. This means that a major chunk of the story takes place behind the enemy lines and these characters will be playing an important role in how things shape out in the final season.

We might also be able to see Marley in a new light from the point of view of these new characters, which is not impossible considering how Isayama has written the manga.

New titans are introduced:

New titans in Attack on Titan season 4
New Titans we got to see in the trailer

It was revealed in the anime that there are nine intelligent Titans overall. We have been introduced to eight of those Titans with Eren Yeager alone possessing the power of two intelligent Titans. However, in the trailer we get to see two new Titans, meaning, one titan from the previous user might have passed on to a new user. This most probably will be Ymir, who had decided to go to Marley with Berthold and Reiner. Her status in the anime currently not known and it could be possible that she handed over her Titan to someone from Marley.

New Character Designs are revealed:

The character designs for the fourth season of Attack on Titan have undergone a lot of change, as they bear a striking resemblance to their manga counterparts. If MAPPA has decided to stay loyal to the manga even with their character designs, then we are quite sure that they will stay loyal to the plot of the manga, which is a huge positive point in their favor.

Characaters got a new look in AOT season 4
New character designs for AOT Season 4

However the fanbase is divided about their opinions on the latest character designs as a lot of the anime only watchers preferred to have the character designs they had gotten used to over the past seasons of Attack on Titan.

We will get to see new worlds:

Marley on war with a not yet introduced nation in Attack on Titan season 4 trailer
Marley on war with a not yet introduced nation

From what we saw in the trailer for Attack on TItan season 4, Marley won’t be the only new nation that will be introduced in the final arc. The whole scene at the beginning of the trailer shows warriors from Marley engaged in a fierce battle, which is followed by scenes where the new titans are attacking the soldiers and the rail tracks in a certain place.

Judging from the uniforms and weapons of the soldiers who are under attack, we can confirm that this country/place is certainly not Eldia. This means the Titans are probably being used by Marley to take control over the other nations.

Zeke and Reiner are seen flying over this “new country” and dropping something with parachutes on them. Later towards the end of the trailer, we see a host of pure Titans falling from the sky, which leads us to believe that Zeke transformed people with Eldian blood using his spinal fluid and let them loose on their enemy (the new nation).

Levi is having a bad time:

Levi Ackermann in Attack on Titan Season 4 trailer
Levi will probably have a bad time in AOT season 4

We saw Levi 3 times in this trailer and in two of those scenes he was covered in blood and one time he was surrounded by a huge number of Titans. From the looks of it, the strongest member of the survey corps is going to have a rough time in the final arc of Attack on Titan.

We hope he stays well till the end of the series without anything bad happening to him (but in the world of attack on titan it is hard to guess what would happen)

It is a full out battle:

IMG 20200530 230739

The only thing that is crystal clear from the trailer is that it is going to be an all out Titan war between Marley and Eldia. And the fight is not limited to the battlefield alone. In one scene, Eren’s Attack Titan is seen rampaging through a city in (probably)Marley. The survey corps members too can be seen fighting with titans in the trailer in their new attire and gear.

Considering that the survey corps do not have enough numbers to mount a full scale attack, they might have tried to pull of a surprise attack on Marley. The fight scenes look well animated in the trailer. Let us hope that MAPPA sticks to the same quality in the series as well.

The battle even reaches Paradis Island as we see Levi slashing through scores of Titans in some forest. These could be the Titans that Zeke sent to Eldia in retaliation after the survey corp members attacked Marley.

There’s also a scene of Collosal Titan laying waste to a certain area in the trailer, but we’ll discuss that at some other point of time.

We might get another swashbuckling Attack titan vs Armoured Titan:

IMG 20200530 230416

Eren and Reiner are going to fight each other again, confirmed. Maybe their running rivalry from the past couple of seasons will finally come to an end with this fight. 

Marley people are being incited against Eldians:

From what the narrator says towards the end of the trailer, it is clear that Marleyans are being incited to go to war against the Eldians. The narrator blames Eren Yeager for stealing the Founding Titan and putting the peace between the nations at risk. The trailer also manages to establish the fact that the warriors of Marley are totally brainwashed to fight against the Eldians or the other countries and gain upper ranks based on their performance.

Marley functions very much like a nation which takes pride in its military aristocracy. Also, we are sure that more than half of this military will be composed of Eldians who stayed back at Marley.

We might get more information about the origins of Titans

IMG 20200530 231019
Eren at the co-ordinate

From the above images, it looks like the anime will reveal more details about the origin of the titans and the first founding titan Ymir. Considering that Marley is in focus in the final season of Attack of Titan, we could also get more info about the history between the two nations and how much of what each nation preaches is true. 

Finally it seems as if Eren will be able to see/reach/feel the much discussed co-ordinate in the final season, thus unravelling the complete power of Titans and the Eldians (or so we hope!)

Backstory about Marley Warriors

Screenshot 20200530 225715

We have a scene where we get to see the younger versions of Annie, Berthold Reiner and Marcel, which means we will get to see the backstory of these characters. The main reason for this could be to understand the ways in which Marley government and the military functions. We already got a lot of information about it through Grisha Yeager’s diary, however, this backstory would present an unbiased version of the story, helping us connect with those characters too.

What are your views on the trailer of Attack on Titan Season 4. Did you find something in the trailer that we missed out? Let us know in the comments section!!

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