Attack On Titan Armbands Sale Halted Due To Racial Discrimination Charges

In an apology, the anime production committee said the armband "evokes images of bigotry."

The Production Committee of Attack on Titan The Final Season once decided to sell the Eldian armband as commercial merchandise for the Anime. But they later bought back all sold and stop manufacturing “as a symbol of racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination.”

The sale began on November 14th but was abruptly stopped the next day after acknowledging that the armband evokes images of discrimination.

The Series’ official site gave the following apologetic message regarding the matter:

Regarding “Mare’s Armband”, which started accepting orders on November 14th

This product was created as a product that reproduces the costumes of the characters that appear in the work. However, we recognize that it was an act without consideration to easily commercialize what was drawn as a symbol of racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination in the work.

I’m very sorry.

The “Attack on Titan” production committee does not intend to admit any discrimination.

Therefore, on November 15th, we have decided to stop accepting orders and selling the product.

We deeply apologize to everyone who has already applied for the product and to all the fans of “Attack on Titan”.

In the future, we will continue to operate with even greater care so that the same thing will not happen.

November 15, 2021
Attack on Titan” The Final Season Production Committee

The state of Marley has enacted a legislation requiring all members of an ethnic-cultural group known as the Eldians to wear an armband identifying and differentiating them from the rest of the Marleyan people, according to the story of Attack on Titan.

The armband conjures various discriminatory clothing practices in real-life history, but it is most closely related to the “yellow badge” or “Jewish emblem” that Jews were forced to wear by the Axis countries in the 1930s and 1940s.

Yahoo! Japan shared some of the reactions that were posted by people on the internet:

Please take the reaction of foreigners firmly. It is a shameful act to sell such a product as goods.

It is a shameful act to make something like a symbol of tragedy an official product.

What about … Why did you decide to release this … Did anyone wonder at the time of product development?

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Source: Attack on Titan Official Site via ANN