Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Reiner Gets A Rude Surprise!


Guess who’s back to make Mondays a little better? Episode 4 of Attack on Titan: The Final Season has set the stage for the climax for this arc. Titled “From One Hand to Another”, this episode introduces us to the Tybur Family and gives an insight to the festival.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 was a great improvement from the last one in terms of manga adaption. The episode manages to cover lots of content with no specific cuts that hamper the story. Best thing? We got “that” iconic Pieck scene.

Meet Willy Tybur!

As explained in episode 2, Willy Tybur has been asked to announce the world about the restarting of the Paradis Operation. Theo Magath goes to meet Willy Tybur, and quickly deciphers the Tybur Family as the real rulers of Marley.

Willy expresses remorse not only for Marley, but for the conditions of Eldians as well. Wanting to atone for his predecessors actions, he tells Magath he will reveal the “truth” during the festival.

This is an interesting start, because everyone is already placing bets on which Tybur is the War Hammer Titan. Moreover, we get to listen to Magath’s surprisingly different views on war.

The Paradis Operation Plan

Porco is making his way to the meeting, only to find Pieck on the floor, who claims that she feels natural crawling. While it does make for a good laugh, it also makes us feel sorry for her exploitation.

pieck floor
Thank you, MAPPA!

Inside the meeting room, things are not so light. A heated discussion over how to attack Paradis is taking place. Reiner is shut off despite giving the right information and using logic.

Porco correctly analyses the officials as being inept to handling the situation. Pieck further agrees by wondering if four kids will again be asked to burden the expectations of the world. Magath’s worry of Marley being self-destructive seems to be coming true.

As always, the warrior candidates seem to be training, but this time there’s a catch- Gabi has been defeated by Falco. On the way back, Zophia and Udo celebrate in Falco’s win. However, we get a surprise confession by Falco, who tells Gabi he is trying to defeat her, for her.

The preparations of the festival- or something more?

While Falco runs off, Gabi, Udo and Zophia witness the construction of a stage. Udo wonders that whether a declaration of war would be enough for the world to take their side, specially when so many nations were fresh out of war with Marley.

On the other hand, Gabi seems to be hopeful and wants them to work extra hard to improve the reputation of Eldians. While they bicker, Willy Tybur seems to be presiding over the preparations a few rows away.

Willy congratulates Magath on his promotion and tells him that Magath owns the country. Magath disagrees, saying that Willy remains as the man who controls it all. Here, there is a switch in Willy’s usual cool composure. He seems to be struggling with the reality of what he’s about to do, yet accepts his fate.

so heavy
Is the burden on Willy Tybur truly this heavy?

The most fascinating part of the conversation is when Magath informs Willy about a “large scale demolition” and an “infestation of rats”. Is it just normal reporting, or a way to secretly pass on a certain message?

Hello there, Mister Kruger!

Eren Jeager is still pretending to be a traumatized Eldian soldier in Liberio. Falco rushes over to him, thanking him for his words that helped him move forward. On the other hand, Eren thanks Falco for being a help and sending the letters to his family.

Falco wonders who gifted Eren a baseball and a glove, though he brushes it off by saying its from the hospital. Eren then says words that are frighteningly similar to Reiner’s: “I’m going back to my hometown.”

Upon seeing a doctor, Falco leaves. Dr. Jeager (yes, THAT one) sits next to Eren, advising him to not put Falco in danger by making him run his errands. We get to know a surprising fact: Falco’s uncle was a restorationist, along with Grisha.

Dr. Jeager wants “Kruger” to return to his family, telling him that he will regret not being with them once they’re gone. Eren pushes it, asking whether he has regrets. This triggers a nervous breakdown, and Dr. Jeager blames himself for the loss of Faye, and Grisha through becoming a titan.

The Festival has begun!

At a dinner the day before the main festival, the warrior candidates have been asked to serve the guests. Ready to prove their mettle, they do their best. Unfortunately, Udo manages to spill some wine on a guest.

The guest, however, pretends that it was her own fault and let’s him go. This guest was from the nation of Hizuru. This immediately make us wonder why someone is being nice to an Eldian.


After what could have been a horrible turn of events thanks to Marley’s Ambassador, Willy Tybur steps in to assure everyone that he has the “one solution” to finally solve the case of Eldians.

The next day, Liberio looks like a totally different place with stalls of food and performances lined up. In a rare moment of wholesomeness, we see the candidates enjoying the new food and the warriors doting on them. We do feel sad for Reiner’s wallet, though.

This definitely made you smile, admit it!

However, it was nice seeing all of them having the opportunity to finally enjoy for a while.

The Post Credit Scene

As the sun sets, the drama prepared by Willy is about to start. An excited Falco walks over to Reiner, asking him to come with him, which he does when Zeke encourages him. Falco leads him to the basement.

This is when Reiner comes in face with Eren, after four long years.

Direction wise, this episode was way better than episode 3. The animation was great as always, and the pacing was apt as one episode covered quite a lot of information accurately. Doesn’t this make you more excited for what’s to come?

Note: Attack on Titan: The Final Season Episode will air on January 10th, 2021.

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