Will Lucifero Come Out Of The Tree of Qlipoth In Black Clover?

Dante and Lucifero

The biggest villain in Black Clover currently is the Dark Triad. Not only did they wreak havoc in all the other kingdoms, but they also took Yami and William captive. Nacht revealed the Dark Triad’s ultimate goal later: to realize the Advent of Tree of Qliphoth. And quite shockingly, the threat of the Dark Triad pales in comparison to what lies behind the Tree of Qliphoth.

We know that Megicula is a fearsome entity, a devil who curses humans for fun and experiments. It will obviously be no good if this devil is set free from the Underworld. But what is even more fearsome is that there is another devil, even stronger than Megicula.

Lucifero, the strongest devil, will come to life in the human world if the Tree of Qliphoth is realized.

What will happen if Lucifero is released?

Nacht explains to the Magic Knights captains that the Dark Triad have no rational reason behind their actions. They are pure evil, “the paragons” of the breed who want to hurt people without second thoughts. They only see their benefits.

If the Dark Triad is successful in doing so, however, the world will be finished. It will be swamped by devils who could easily overpower humans. When the final gate of the Underworld opens, Yami and William will die as well.

Lucifero comes out of the Tree of Qliphoth

If Lucifero comes out of the Tree of Qliphoth, it will mark the release of the ten strongest devils of the Underworld. It goes without saying that the devils will cause a dystopia in the human realm. It has been mentioned in Black Clover that the devils can use full powers when they have an existence in the human body.

Lucifero will probably take over all the human kingdoms, and might even betray the Dark Triad. It is also likely that he will summon other devils to the human world. It will be hell incarnate, in the literal sense.

Can Asta and Liebe defeat Lucifero?

These devils are insanely powerful; that much is given. So to stop this calamity from striking, the Clover Kingdom has its trump card: Asta. But can Asta and Liebe even defeat Lucifero in their current state?

In short, No. Asta and Liebe can defeat Lucifero. We have a few reasons to why they are incapable as of now.

a) Asta and Liebe’s Devil Union form lasts five minutes at the maximum. Within five minutes, it is nearly impossible to get close to Dante let alone Lucifero. Even Dante has 100% of Lucifero’s powers now and it is difficult to see how Asta and Liebe will defeat him in their current state. That too after overcoming the threat of Lilith and Namaah.

Asta & Liebe devil union

b) They both have trained only for three days. When Zenon took away Yami, Liebe couldn’t lend Asta any more powers because he was weak. Even after three days, Asta barely knows how to control the devil’s powers, and fighting itself is foreign to Liebe. They both might have found a temporary balance, but to face the strongest devil with that? Quite impossible. They will just be committing suicide with that.

c) The last time Asta fought against Dante, both Dante and Lucifero were unaware of Liebe’s existence and anti-magic. This element of surprise worked in Asta’s favor, and he barely managed to win. However, the next time Asta and Liebe clash with Lucifero himself, there is no way they can use this deception.

Besides these reasons, the other magic knights already seem to have their hands full with the Dark Triad tapping onto 100% devil powers. Other than Nacht, none of them even know Morris has found out how to fasten the growth of Tree of Qliphoth.

It must not be forgotten that before Lucifero, there are nine more devils to fight. The magic knights will be rendered unable to support Asta.

So, what will happen? Well, we don’t know that. But here is what we THINK might happen.

Why we think Lucifero should be the final villain

Lucifero will be the ultimate BOSS Asta and Liebe will defeat in the future.

Why? The previously mentioned painfully obvious reasons will definitely lead to Asta’s defeat in the best case and death in the worst. Instead, we think that this arc will solidify ground for Asta-Liebe and Lucifero’s enmity.

We already know from Liebe’s flashback that Lucifero wanted to take over his body in the human realm. However, Licita stopped him in exchange for her life. Licita was not just someone who helped Liebe; she was like his mother. Coincidentally (well, not so much because…shounen), Licita was also Asta’s mother.

Lucifero and Licita

Even though Asta does not know it yet, he shares the same emotions with Liebe. This arc will probably build up to Liebe telling Asta about Licita and how Lucifero killed her.

Hence, for these foster brothers, defeating Lucifero will become a goal. They will train over the following years to become strong enough to kill Lucifero and avenge their mother. Classic shounen justice! 😛

Jokes apart, it will be very exciting to see Asta and Liebe grow stronger together. Do you think Lucifero will be released into the human realm just yet? Let us know in the comments!

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