15 Strongest Black Clover Black Bulls Members Ranked!

We rank all the members of the so-called weakest magic squad, Black Clover Black Bulls, according to their strength, mana, and magic!

Black bulls

The Clover Kingdom takes immense pride in its magic knights who guard and protect it year-round. Well, until it comes to the infamous Knight Squad Black Clover “Black Bulls”. Other than being known for having negative stars, they are also a rowdy bunch of good-for-nothings.

However, the Black Bulls proved this notion otherwise with their strength. Asta’s cheerfulness and akiramenai no maho changed the atmosphere in Black Bulls to a great degree, effectively pushing all the members to get stronger.

Talking about right now, one can even compare Black Clover Black Bulls’ strength with that of Golden Dawn. It is important to remember that the members of Golden Dawn are mostly elites, nobles, or royals but Black Clover Black Bulls still compete at par with them.

With their recognition as a solid squad set in place, we can only look at how the members grew. In this article, we will make an attempt (read: the lack of information) to rank these Black bulls in order of their strength!

Ranking the strongest Black Clover Black Bulls members

Before we begin ranking, we must state the conditions and parameters for placing our favorite squad. First and foremost, this list concerns all the members in their present stage of growth (chapter 308 at the time of writing this).

The ranking uses the members’ magic type, mana reserve, physical strength, and combat ability as the basis. We will also be considering the implicit hints we got about the characters from the story.

And of course, all of them are assumed to be in their peak physical condition. Let’s start!

15. Gordon Agrippa

Now, now. Don’t go ballistic from the first ranking itself. We agree, Gordon is indeed the best boy. He has Poison Magic from the scary *cough* prestigious Agrippa family.

Gordon’s family has been popular for centuries when it comes to their incredible Curse Magic. Naturally, Gordon can also use Curse Magic to enhance his Poison Magic spells.

As amazing as that sounds, it is not very impressive when in battle. Sure, it works just solid against Plant Magic but Poison Magic has no real combat power other than the creation of poison.

15. Gordon Agrippa

Moreover, Gordon’s physical abilities and mana-sensing are not all that great either. Gordon had also gone into training with his father who was using Curse Magic to help people with treatment, fuelling our hopes.

It would have been great to see him in action against Megicula’s curse but that, sadly, did not come true. So, judging from what we saw of Gordon last, he has no defining defensive or offensive capabilities.

Hence, it seems that for now, Gordon is last when it comes to the strongest members of the Black Clover Black Bulls.

14. Henry Legolant

Surprised? You should not be! Henry was the most surprising member of the Black Clover Black Bulls, hidden away from our and the squad members’ sights for the longest time.

Henry has a peculiar situation where he soaks up the mana of everyone around him. This situation led his family to abandon him alone in what we know as the Black Bulls’ base today.

He might be very weak and usually only lying in bed, but Henry has shown that he is much more than that.

14. Henry Legolant

Henry is still the son of a noble family and the mana from his friends helps him manipulate the entire Black Bulls’ base. He can change the shape of the base and even move it using a little mana from everyone.

Moreover, his ability to sense intruders or strong magic in the vicinity of the base is commendable. He was the first one to sense something wrong with the base when Dante attacked too.

If the need arises, he can use the base as a weapon and shield both. Plus, he can also manipulate the interior of the house. Even…if…he…has…a…lot…of…weaknesses, Henry is still a reliable Black Bull.

13. Grey

Another one from the oddball gang from the squad (that might as well be the name of the squad itself), we have Grey. She might have stayed under her disguise for a long time, but she never hid how she felt about her squadmates.

Even if it meant exposing herself, she used her powerful Transformation Magic to help her friends. Speaking of that, her magic is very strong; she can not just impersonate anyone else but also copy their magic.

13. Grey

What’s more, is that Grey’s magic can even turn inanimate objects and opponents’ spells into what she desires. This ability is a great boost to her combat ability.

She also has unknown magic she only recently used when Dante fatally wounded Gauche. It seems that she can transmute objects (hello Fullmetal Alchemist?), even body cells, to arrange them to her liking. She healed Gauche’s wound using this ability.

Her surprising magic earned her the badge of an Arcane stage mage, albeit from Dante, yuck. However, her splendor usually goes in vain because of her (understandable and adorable) shy nature.

Even in the battle against Dante, she could only use her full power when her back was against the wall. If she overcomes this gaping flaw, she can shoot up to the higher ranks of the strongest Black Clover Black Bulls!

12. Nero or Secre Swallowtail

This cute girl-turned-birb-turned-girl is also pretty strong. Secre is the wielder of the powerful Sealing Magic. To begin with, her magic is precious enough for the first Wizard King, Lumiere, to have her help him out on his expeditions.

Secre also played a crucial role across ages; against Licht’s demon, sealing Zagred, the Elves arc, and even indirectly helped Julius turn back time for himself.

Secre’s magic is so powerful that she saved the world a lot of trouble by sealing Zagred into an Eternal Prison. She also ensured the safety of the Clover Kingdom to some extent by sealing Lumiere into a statue.

12. Nero or Secre Swallowtail

Moreover, she can also seal the wounds of people using her magic, as she did with Tetia. Overall, with her Arcane stage magic, she is quite powerful.

But she still can only serve as a supporting role in fights because she does not have offensive or defensive abilities. This mere flaw weighs down on her combat ability heavily. Thus, she cannot make it to the top 10 strongest Black Clover Black Bulls members either.

Just like Grey, if Secre also finds a way out of her weaknesses, she might rise in ranks too.

11. Magna Swing

Say hello to the second (technically, the first) peasant from Black Bulls, Magna! Other than being the target of endless mischief of Luck that usually ends up in fights, Magna is also a trustworthy senpai for Asta.

Magna had to face quite some ridicule for being from the boonies and not possessing spectacular mana. But Magna still persevered against the odds and turned his Fire Magic into a fine weapon.

He uses the seemingly simple Fire Magic for a lot of purposes so his spells are very versatile. They help him attack the enemy in many ways, reinforce his own body, restraint the enemy, and even combine with another magic like Luck’s.

11. Magna Swing

However, Magna hit a roadblock before the Spade Kingdom arc. He did not have enough mana to train with the other members in the Heart Kingdom. It was really heartbreaking to see that, ouch.

As if that could stop Magna, though! He made a banger comeback with the most powerful in tow: Soul Chain Deathmatch. When the situation seemed grim, Magna came through to singlehandedly defeat Dante, of all people!

This determination and his guts make Magna the worthwhile rival of Luck. As much as we want to rank him within the top 10 strongest Black Clover Black Bulls members, sadly, we can’t.

Fire Magic is mostly on the offensive side, making Magna a bit weaker on the defense. Plus, his mana and physical abilities are only above average. His perception and support are one thing, but compared to the others on the list, he falls short in strong spells.

10. Zora Ideale

It is time to discuss the wild card entry! I won’t really be surprised at all at this point if more Black Bulls keep popping up from random places at random times.

The harbinger of justice and hater of magic knights for totally valid reasons is one of the most powerful assets of Black Clover Black Bulls. Zora has extremely high wit and intelligence in battle.

Having that is truly a necessity for him because Zora uses Ash Magic and Trap Magic. Whilst they do sound flimsy, Zora’s uses them very cleverly to cast gigantic spells that can stupefy anyone.

In fact, his traps are so intricate and solid that they have worked against vice-captains and captains of the Clover Kingdom as well!

10. Zora Ideale

Moreover, his other battle aspects are strong too! His speed of casting spells and dodging attacks is praiseworthy as well. Even though Zora is a peasant, his mana reserve is much higher than quite a few others.

And if we may add, his fearless plunge into battle only contributes towards making him a fearful opponent. Until now, however, we have seen too little of Zora. We do know that he helped Magna come up with his newest spell, but how has he grown is still a question.

You might ask why he is not ranked higher, so here is your answer. His biggest weakness is that for Trap Magic to work, he has to set up his spells in advance or in a manner the enemy does not notice.

This small thing makes it extremely hard for us to see him defending himself easily. Moreover, his Ash Magic can at best be a support and at worse be a decoy. Even then, we believe that Zora deserves to be at number 10 in this ranking.

Given that he had an impressive win to become a Royal Knight and his incredible mana sensing, we are sure he is bound to grow more. We have not yet seen him in action in the Spade Kingdom arc either!

9. Gauche Adlai

Kore wa, kore wa siscon janai? Of course, we had to rank Gauche at 9th place because of the power of his love for his sister. If Marie tells him to defeat the strongest characters from Black Clover too, we are sure he would do it without batting an eyelid.

Wait, shouldn’t we rank him at #1 then? What? We don’t have to consider imotou no chikara? K.

Other than a sister complex, Gauche is the owner of Mirror Magic that lets him create mirrors and cast spells based on them. One of his most powerful spells is Real Double, where he can summon a copy of himself.

This spell proves to be a huge benefit because his clone has the same power as himself. Hence, when Gauche uses Real Double, he can double the effectiveness of his spells or even combine different spells together.

9. Gauche Adlai

Moreover, he also has a magic item in his left eye that magnifies the spells he can cast by storing mana. He was also the vessel for an elf whose mana still remains in him, thus making him have a large pool of magic.

Gauche can also combine his spells with that of others. For example, he combined his magic with Asta’s anti-magic to cast Mirrors Meteorite. It is a bit dicey whether he can or cannot beat Zora, making his rank debatable.

In our opinion, it would start as a battle of wits but will turn into that of magic reserve and type. Given that Zora needs to set up his spells while Gauche can attack him from two sides, we think Gauche would win.

However, he is still only average in physical strength, endurance, and mana sense despite being the smartest Black Clover Black Bulls member according to Tabata.

8. Finral Roulacase

At the 8th place, we have Yami’s vehicle! Uhm, I mean, Finral. Getting into it, the dear oniichan has the power of simping on his side. Man, how did we end up putting Gauche and Finral next to each other?

Well, we’ll believe Finral’s resolve to change his ways and talk about his Spatial Magic. This kind of magic is very valuable and powerful, as it can transport people or things to different places.

More than that, Finral can also use Spatial Magic to mess with the opponents’ minds and even attack them. Langris is perhaps the more accurate example of how refined Spatial Magic can be.

Since Finral comes from a noble family, naturally, he has a huge mana pool. He has trained enough to be open portals to large distances, like Heart to Spade kingdoms.

8. Finral Roulacase

Finral serves as excellent support to the team he is on in battles, but let’s talk about his personal stats. His magic control is fairly noteworthy; we saw how he can open up multiple portals for long periods.

Plus, he uses his magic very cleverly in his fight against Langris and even saved his brother from Zenon. He also learned the Heart Kingdom’s Mana Method to shoot up the power and speed of his spells.

Having not seen more of him yet, we can only point out a few of his weaknesses now. Since Spatial Magic siphons a lot of mana, the mage should be physically strong to handle it. However, Finral’s physique is only above average.

He also can’t manipulate space as well as his brother now, so he has a long way to go. It will be interesting to know what else has he acquired in his training. Hopefully, his journey in the Spade Kingdom arc isn’t over yet.

Not to forget, he and his brother almost fought a devil possessed being on almost equal footing. That feat alone should make him one of the most important Black Clover Black Bulls member.

7. Charmy Pappitson

LA! If this were a ranking of gluttony, Charmy would be at number 1. This half-dwarf and half-human exists in chibi and only uses her magic to eat more and delicious food. That is until the need to protect her food friends arises.

Charmy paisen is the fearful incarnation of “baby I’m a nightmare, dressed like a daydream” if we had to say. She has dual magic affinities because of her origins.

First, she has Cotton Magic that usually appears the most. She can create and manipulate cotton and use Heart Kingdom’s methods to do so more effectively. She can also create sheep that are generally normal in size, but can also be gigantic when Charmy needs them to be.

7. Charmy Pappitson

What sells her as the one to land the 7th place of the strongest Black Clover Black Bulls is her Food Magic. Her food has the properties to rejuvenate mana, so in a nutshell, she has an infinite supply of mana.

Moreover, she can use the wolf in sheep’s clothing (literally) to consume the enemy’s magic – spells and all – thoroughly. Her true magic prowess comes through when she taps into her actual form.

Charmy’s magic allows her to attack, defend, restraint, and even move around in a battle. Overall, in her best state, Charmy is an enemy you’d rather not make. But her power levels highly fluctuate with her moods and desire to eat.

To add, she also lacks physical strength and creative application of magic. She uses simple spells that are based on raw power mostly. In fact, she ranks at 10th place when it comes to cleverness according to Tabata.

6. Vanessa Enoteca

A Black Bull we can see defeating Charmy is Vanessa. The heavy-drinker is a witch, who was directly under the supervision of the Witch Queen in the forest.

The Witch Queen had great hopes from Vanessa, and they came to fruition in the Black Clover Black Bulls squad. Vanessa wields Thread Magic that is pretty self-explanatory. Other than just fixing clothes for the squad, Vanessa can also use her threads intelligently in battles.

6. Vanessa Enoteca

However, her most powerful tool is the Red Thread of Fate that takes the form of a cat. This spell runs on her mana and can alter her (or her friends’) fates for the better. This spell also makes her an Arcane Stage mage.

She is also well aware of many things like herbs and medicines as well as magical tools. As she is a witch, her magic control and sensing abilities are also laudable. However, she only possesses an average level of mana reserve.

She also lags behind when it comes to physical strength leading her to get tired in battles easily. It also becomes hard for her to keep her Red Thread of Fate running when she gets tired. Vanessa is also a smart person to rely on support, as we saw her fighting alongside Asta.

5. Luck Voltia

Now, moving on to 5th place like lightning. We are finally down to the top 5 strongest Black Clover Black Bulls members! Who else to kick it off other than Luck, the powerhouse of Black Clover Black Bulls?

Luck is an incredible magic knight with Lightning Magic and he uses it in many diverse ways. He can directly attack his opponent with sparks of lighting with his hand or even make orbs out of the lightning.

Often he uses his magic to reinforce his physical abilities like endurance and speed. The magic also allows him to create objects out of lightning. His magic can also combine with others to give rise to great attacks.

5. Luck Voltia

In the Eye of the Midnight Sun arc, he was also the vessel for an elf. Thus, he not only improved his magic manipulation, but also his mana reserve. And if that wasn’t enough he also trained with Gaja to learn True Lightning Magic that boosted his powers even more.

Being the combat freak he is, Luck has shown unbelievable endurance and battle sense. He can also sense “strong” enemies from afar, making it clear that his mana sense is very high as well.

His heightened speed and knowledge of the Elves’ Ultimate Magic only strengthen his 5th rank.

4. Noelle Silva

Done ranking all the peasants? Can we discuss royalty next? Haai, Noelle-chan. Our cutest ozouku has always shown the will and determination to grow stronger. She came a full circle in the recent chapters when she finally admitted her feelings for Asta.

In the process of being a haughty royal kid to a kind and amicable Black Clover Black Bulls, Noelle has grown tremendously. It not just applies to her mental strength but also her ability to fight in battles.

As a royal, Noelle has a fantastic reserve of mana that she uses for Water Magic. She had a high potential since the beginning but her magic control was haywire. However, over time, she has learned how to manipulate and create spells as she desires.

4. Noelle Silva

Noelle had first conjured up magnificent spells like Sea Dragon’s Nest, Cradle, and Roar. But then her growth led her grimoire to generate a new spell of Valkyrie Dress that resembled her mother’s armor.

She trained in the Heart Kingdom to use True Water Magic like Lolopechika. Later, she also got to know about the elves’ Ultimate Magic.

Her Water Magic affinity is so high that she was eligible to get the Water Spirit Undine. With the help of Undine, Noelle could create even massive spells and another mode called Saint Valkyrie Dress. This latest power also made her a Saint stage mage.

However, her new form lasts only a short period of time. With more training, Noelle can surpass her limits and discover new aspects of her magic, surely. She will also become more creative with her spells and sense mana more accurately as well.

Until then, Noelle ranks at more or less the same position as Asta and Yuno when it comes to strength.

3. Asta

Main character alert! If you are reading this, you already know a ton about Asta and why he is among the strongest Black Clover Black Bulls members. But here we go, for the heck of it!

Asta is the friend-cum-foster-brother of the devil, Liebe. Licita raised two very cute and kind boys, didn’t she? Asta is somehow also the owner of Liebe’s house aka the five-leaf grimoire.

Asta’s friendly contract with Liebe to become his host has brightened up the MC halo by several notches. These two really cut down an ancient demon in one swoop like butter. Whew.

They even went up against Lilith and Namaah and won easily while Nacht was struggling (given his conditions).

Asta is nearly invincible, if not for the time limit on his Union Mode with Liebe. However, even before that, Asta was a force to be reckoned with.

3. Asta

If his transformation from a stick to a loaf of bread was not proof enough for you, Asta is a musclehead. His raw power and physical strength pack a punch, for sure. He has become so buff while Yami was gone that he will actually bonk Asta when he comes back.

Asta is our beloved idiot, but as Liebe said, when he has creative ideas, nobody can stop him. We have seen Asta achieve many a feat in impossible battles with impossible odds. After all, his magic but not really magic is not giving up.

Moreover, Asta also deserves appreciation for being a great wielder of swords – be it his own heavy ones or Yami’s katana. He even learned the art of reading ki from Yami to see through his opponents.

His battles with a bunch of strong people over time have shaped him into a mighty fine magic knight. He might not be a royal or a noble, but he has certainly made his mark on the Clover Kingdom’s history.

Now, only if Asta finds a way to improve his Devil Union Mode, it would be his first step towards being an unbeatable magic knight! And of course, becoming the Wizard King, too.

Asta is like that commerce graduate that gives hope to everyone else in the stream that they can actually go up against science graduates.

2. Nacht Faust

The Vice-Captain that came finally stepped out of the shadows takes the second rank of the strongest Black Clover Black Bulls members for us. Nacht is the emo-black-haired (also blue-eyes) guy Black Clover was missing as a shounen series.

And we all know emo-black-haired guys are usually supposed to be prodigies. Aren’t you thinking of the characters right now? You will realize I did not lie. So, naturally, Nacht is also one of them. xD

Other than that, Nacht is also a host for a total of four different devils while also possessing Shadow Magic. Eh, I guess we will talk about that also.

Nacht’s Shadow Magic allows him to hide in the shadow of any object or person, making his sleuth skill 5/5. He can also use shadows to hold down people or render them immobile. These aspects of Shadow Magic helped him be a spy in the Spade Kingdom for a long time.

2. Nacht Faust

Since Nacht is from a noble family, he also possesses a large amount of magic.

What sets him apart are the four mid-level devils that help him with their powers. All of the four devils have different qualities that he can use when in Union Mode. He can go for strength or agility as the situation demands.

Nacht is also a very smart and practical person, two qualities that aid him in fighting very well. His tactical sense and mana sense are incredible as well. Even his ability to hold his ground against high-ranking devils is notable.

If you are wondering why we placed Nacht above Asta, the logic is simple. Nacht has been a devil host for quite some time now, while Asta is fairly new to this business. Nacht crushed Asta’s attempts to beat him for two days straight, despite him having anti-magic.

Also, Asta’s Devil Union Mode lasts for way lesser time than that of Nacht, who can even switch between different modes. Sasuga fukudancho!

1. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro is the strongest Black Clover Black Bulls member. Do we even have to say anything? The name is enough, right? End of the article!

Okay, fine, let’s talk about the star of Black Clover Black Bulls, the captain himself, Yami. If we had to make a stats table for all the Black Clover Black Bulls, we would have to put 5 for Yami in every box.

Firstly, Yami’s magic is Dark (not-humor) Magic that has astounded us time and again. Yami’s spells are incredibly powerful – the flagship one being Dimension Slash: Equinox that can cut through anything.

His magic is also unique; it can absorb Light Magic into it and connect the human realm with the Underworld. Thus, it also made him the target of the Dark Triad’s plans in the Spade Kingdom arc. *Frantically prays for Yami to come back alive pls*

Yami ranks first in the strongest black clover black bulls members list

After training, he had acquired even more powerful spells like the Black Hole and Mana Zone. It surprised Dante during their clash as well. *really sad noises*

There is hardly anyone who can keep up with Yami’s physical prowess too. He is extremely fast and agile in his battles given his insane raw power. Moreover, he does that while using ki to be highly perceptive of the opponents’ moves.

And what do we need to speak about his sword skills? He is a master swordsman with his katana that he uses for his spells. Despite being a foreigner, he wielded his magic to the extent of rising to the rank of a squad captain.

It is only correct that Yami gets the crown of the strongest Black Clover Black Bulls member!

Fin! That was our ranking of all the Black Clover Black Bulls members according to their strength.

Now, this list is highly susceptible to changes as the story reveals more information. We already know how quickly Tabata turns the tables – like Noelle getting Undine or Yuno getting his second grimoire.

So, keep an eye out for further changes in this article! Until then, comment down your rankings or points you agree or disagree with.

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