Black Clover: Asta’s New Devil Union Form Revealed!

Asta devil union form

Asta and his devil Liebe have been the center of attention for quite a while now, both in the manga and the fandom. From the very first day, everything about this devil-human pairing is a mystery to unfold. We knew that Asta simply drawing out the anti-magic was not the maximum potential.

Nacht’s sudden appearance and confirmation of this fact brought us interesting information. After the Devil-Binding Ritual, Asta could actually use a Devil Union to boost his power multifold.

While we were excited to see this happen right off the bat in the attack on the Spade Kingdom, but Nacht left Asta to train and achieve stability in the new form. Chapter 282 finally revealed Asta’s new Devil Union form!

Asta’s new Devil Union form

Asta’s new form of Devil Union is nothing short of amazing. We know from Nacht’s multiple Devil Union forms that different kinds of forms help with different abilities. Asta’s Devil Union is an armor type. This form will probably serve as a tough shield against attacks while boosting the anti-magic flow.

But rather than being suited just for defense, it seems more lightweight and attack-minded (compared to Nacht’s). This perfectly suits his fighting style since he does not have any magic, he relies heavily on hand-to-hand and sword fighting.

Even Asta’s sword, the Demon Slayer sword, is completely blackened in anti-magic.

Asta's new devil union form

The Devil union form also looks pretty nimble so that Asta can keep his movements fast against the opponents. His wings give him a good flight so far, telling us that he has ease of motion. Like we said, like this form is more than just an armor. Rather it is a near-complete package for Asta.

Sasuga, main character! 😛

We saw this form in action instantaneously too! The terrorizing demon loses by a landslide against Asta as the kingdom’s citizens cheer him on (Klaus-senpai is the best!).

However, in this fight, Asta also revealed that he could only maintain this new form for 5 minutes. It actually makes sense because Asta only trained for 3 days with Liebe to attain a power entirely foreign to him.

Asta vs demon 1

Will Asta be able to win against the Dark Triad in the new form?

The real concern at this point is pretty easy to decipher. Will a paltry 5 minutes be enough? Asta does not know that the situation in the Spade Kingdom is even worse than he could imagine.

Two new devils have joined the party, the Dark Triad has tapped onto 100% powers, and Morris has embraced his inner OP villain. Even after sacrificing his arm to gain 50 seconds of power, Asta barely managed to defeat Dante. And the first time, Dante was not expecting a devil. This time he is definitely cautious and even pumped up to beat Asta as payback.

Nacht 1

These power differentials make us speculate if there is something more behind the simple Devil Union form. Even Nacht was surprised when he attacked Asta and Liebe in Chapter 272. And we believe that there are only so many things that will leave the Black Bulls’ Vice-Captain this shocked.

Our speculation still stands: has Asta achieved his own equivalent of mana zone, an anti-magic zone? There is surely something that we don’t know yet that will play its role in defeating the Dark Triad!

Did you like Asta’s new Devil Union form? And are you as excited as I am for the next chapter? Comment below!

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