Why Did Shigaraki Call Deku Little Brother In My Hero Academia?

Deku & Shigaraki in My Hero Academia Chapter 274

In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, the fight between Deku and Shigaraki rages on. Deku has pushed his body to the limits once again in a bid to stop Tomura once and for all.

But the latter’s regeneration quirk is keeping him intact. However, there is one particular thing in the whole fight that caught our attention, and that is Shigaraki calling Deku his little brother.

Quite confusing isn’t it?

This happens right after Endeavor blazes Shigaraki with his prominence burn. Somehow managing to stay alive even after being turned crisp black, Shigaraki proceeds to call Deku his little brother and attack him.

Could this have happened because Shigaraki’s brain got fried and he lost all sense due to the damage he took? Well it seems that’s not the case here.

Shigaraki calls Deku little brother in My Hero Academia

Why did Shigaraki call Deku his little brother?

Remember the battle between Deku and Hitoshi Shindo during the UA Tournament arc? The one where we first time saw 8 vestiges lurking inside Deku thanks to One For All.

If you remember that battle, then you might have noticed that during the fight the vestiges took over Dekus body and blasted an Air Strike into the ground to break Deku from Shindo’s mind control.

Something similar is happening to Shigaraki’s body right now.

Ever since All For One got transferred into Shigaraki, he has been getting similar visions and has been encountering his master’s vestige inside his head.

The quirk even seemed to urge him onto steal One For All at one point. This was not something that Shigaraki originally wanted.

From this, we could safely assume that the quirk is influencing Shigaraki and taking control of him. 

All for One quirk urges Shigaraki to steal one for all
Shigaraki urged by All For One

And in the latest chapter, just before Shigaraki’s strange behaviour, we see All For One calling out Shigaraki to hand over his body.

This could only imply one thing. All For One has manifested in Shigaraki Tomura. His master’s will is slowly taking over his body and Tomura has no way to control it.

All for one asks for Shigaraki's body

Shigaraki called Deku his little brother because his body is being taken over by All For One.

AFO gave One For All to his little brother, whom he was very fond of. And his brother’s soul and memory have survived in someway inside the quirk, or that is what the vestiges inside the quirk seem to imply.

So when AFO sees Deku, he sees his little brother. 

However, this is not the first time that Shigaraki has displayed this behaviour. He did something similar in chapter 277 of My Hero Academia.

Even Shigaraki was surprised at his own behaviour. He realises that it was his master’s will that was influencing him and rejects it at that time.

But in chapter 285, it seems that All For One’s will has significantly taken control of Shigaraki’s body. 

Shigaraki is confused after calling Deku his little brother in My Hero Academia chapter 277

How did this happen though?

Now we all know that One for All is a merged quirk. The two quirks that merged are the Stockpiling quirk given by All for One to his younger brother and the younger brother’s own quirk of getting passed down.

So there’s a possibility that the stockpiling quirk didn’t just accumulate power but also the memories of the users and to an extent their soul too.

And since All for one was the owner of that quirk it is very much possible that he too has that ability. 

All for one must have noticed how his brothers memories and powers are getting passed down throughout their history. That must have given him an idea to do the same.

And now by using Tomura, AFO is going to return in his original glory. This time with an extremely powerful quirk, Decay. This would also be in line with his goals.

What do you think will happen when All For One takes control of Shigaraki Tomura? Will the heroes be able to triumph in this battle?

Let us know your opinions in the comments section!!

  • If this is the case, maybe AFO living for so long is him passing AFO to others and just taking full control of their bodies?

    • Not necessarily. AFO used multiple quirks to lengthen his lifespan (especially Guraki’s). Now that he has reached his limit, he might be thinking of taking over Shigaraki’s body. Again, we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future arcs..

  • I always thought Shigaraki and Deku were siblings

    and anyways have you seen it makes some sense to Shigaraki‘s past

    and also Deku’s past to kind of similar to Shigaraki‘s past

    but I might be wrong

    • I always thought that to be cause you know how Dekus dad left we don’t no what happened to him so it makes toddle sence

  • But it would make sense if tomura was hos brother bc a lot of People think that AFO is izukus father

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