What Exactly Is One For All In MHA? Explained

One For All

If we are talking about the most powerful quirk in existence, then One For All comes to the mind first. All Might has shown how reliable he can be with the power that was bestowed upon him. It is also quite devastating in nature and directly contrasts All For One. But there’s something hideous about the power. 

And today, I am going to unveil the mystery surrounding OFA. The article draws out every prominent information that has OFA in it.

What Exactly is One For All?

One for All is a strong quirk that grants superhuman abilities to its wielder. The given name for the quirk comes from its nature and is pretty self-explanatory. In simple words, it means that OFA is a quirk that is meant for everyone; “one” quirk for “all” people.

In addition to that, it is also transferable. We all saw how All Might just give the quirk to Midoriya. However, if the current user wants to transfer OFA, the recipient has to devour the predecessor’s DNA. Although it might sound weird, there’s a good reason behind it. And for that, we need to look into the origins of the meta ability.

Marking The Origins:

The whole event started with AFO’s idea of changing the world and bringing a new world order. His twisted view of how the world should work was the whole reason which got the stones rolling. But there was his younger brother who always opposed his way of reigning justice on others. In order to silence him, AFO gave a “Power Accumulation” quirk to his supposedly quirkless brother. So that he can coerce him to join with him and change society as a whole.

AFO giving Quirk to Yoichi
It was a surprising but very important reveal

Regardless of being provided with a quirk, the younger brother didn’t help AFO in his atrocious acts. However, unbeknownst to either of them, the younger brother already had a power that was able to transfer quirk to others. Consequently, both of the quirks combined to form OFA. Given that he had a strong sense of justice, he used his quirk to transfer OFA to the future generation of heroes. And as of now, Midoriya is the ninth user and it’s evident that he has been not able to control OFA till now.

What’s stopping him? He has been receiving the guidance of All Might, Gran Torino, Aizawa, and the help of other UA students. Well, we have been only looking at a smaller picture as yet.

What Are All The Quirks In One For All? The Stockpiling Nature:

OFA at its base form is a mixture of AFO’s stolen quirk and the first user’s former hidden power. They both combined to form a meta ability that was transferable as well as was able to stockpile quirks of the previous users. So, as the quirk was given to the next successor, OFA has already merged itself with the predecessor’s quirk. 

This unique aspect of OFA wasn’t accessible but Midoriya somehow got his hands on it. He is the first wielder capable of using OFA like that i.e. at its true potential. There are several quirks residing inside OFA, the ones we know up till now are:

4th user of One For All
Danger Sense – It belongs to the fourth user, Hikage Shinomori
5th user of one for all
Black Whip – It belongs to the fifth user, Daigoro Banjo
sixth user of one for all
Smokescreen – It belongs to the sixth user, his name is En
7th user of one for all
Float – It belongs to Nana Shimura (seventh user), AllMight’s mentor, and Shigaraki’s grandmother

Yoichi’s (first user) quirk completely fused with OFA. For the second and third users, their quirks, as well as identities, are still vague.

What Is Quirk Singularity Theory? OFA and Quirk Singularity Connected?:

The Quirk Singularity Theory states that with every new generation, quirks evolve at a speed faster than the evolution of the human mind and body. Therefore, a day will come, where people won’t be able to control their quirks. In the case of OFA, it is already there. Midoriya has been passed down several generations’ quirks. And as a matter of fact, all of them seem quite powerful in their own ways. 

ofa a crystaline network of power 2
There are a lot of similarities between Crystalline Network and Quirk Singularity

But still, he hasn’t been able to fully control OFA yet. As of now, he can use it at 45% without causing any damage to his body. In a way, he is trying to wield Singularity only, and disapproving the theory to a certain extent. The contrasting parallel among OFA, AFO, and Quirk Singularity is quite daunting as well as interesting. Although they differ from each other, it looks like all three of them have the same roots.

The Last Hope For A Better World:

The MHA world comprises a society where nearly 90+ percentage of people have inborn quirks. Furthermore, the percentage will not stop rising anytime soon. There will come a day when everyone will be able to use quirks. If this happens before defeating AFO for good, then there’s a high chance that the world will bend according to the wishes of a villain.

deku last wielder of ofa
This revealation changes everything

Moreover, OFA is only compatible with people who were born quirkless. Izuku Midoriya was and so that’s why he is able to mould the quirk accordingly. Also, it was told by the first user that it is highly unlikely that Deku will come across another quirkless person who needs such power. It is close to impossible to find a person like that. The meeting of AllMight and Deku was a mere chance and it won’t happen again and again. Because of that, if he isn’t able to defeat AFO this time then it’s game over for heroes.  

New Adventures Ahead:

My Hero Academia is unfolding new secrets and creating opportunities for the development of the current arc. In the latest chapter, we finally got to see the faces of the second and third OFA users. Horikoshi is delivering amazing chapters back to back. The responsibilities and burdens that Deku has been entrusted with are astronomical in nature. But he’s still trying to fulfill all of them. I do like to think that AllMight did the right thing when he chose Deku as his successor.

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