Top 19 Strongest Quirks In My Hero Academia Ranked!


Quirks have quickly become one of the most well recognised power systems in modern shonen. Coming in different categories, ranges, and forms, these abilities make sure that My Hero Academia remains intense and interesting throughout! With so many quirks to be in awe of, it only makes sense that we try and rank them!

However, this list is slightly different. The quirks are being analysed exclusively; the characters and their stories are not being taken into consideration.

Instances will be used only to show comparisons and examples. Furthermore, the quirks will be mentioned according to the level they are in the story as of now. Now, read ahead to see if you agree with us on our list!

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PS: Quirks in movies are not being considered!

19. Transform

Himiko Toga

It may look simple, but if it lands with a stealthy person this quirk can cook some serious trouble! With consumption of the target’s blood, the user can then transform into the said person.

This makes it an extremely effective quirk for undercover missions. The voice of the user can also be copied. The quirk can copy even the tiniest details, allowing perfect copy of clothes and accessories.

Unlike Double, no prior knowledge of measurements is needed to do so. All needed is the blood of the person.

The more the blood, the longer the person can stay transformed. The quirk can actually also be copied after it is fully “awakened”. This is being considered in the list because it is not the effect of training but a sudden jump in the innate abilities itself.

Transform quirk used by Himiko Toga.

However, there are some disadvantages. The quirk of the target can be copied but the successful use of it depends on the knowledge of the user.

This means that some quirks could be fatal to transform into if there is not enough information or confidence in one’s own skill. This means quirks like permeation or cremation have a big risk. Furthermore, neither the behaviour or knowledge can be copied.

This means that the actual success of the cover depends on the skills of the person rather than their quirk. Compared to Double, Transform is more prone to being caught by quirks like Erasure as the user itself turns into the copy rather than making a new one.

Lastly, while the quirk may be one of the best in its category, it provides no power moves which means the strain of training and building power will be taken up by the user and not granted by any quirk. 

18. Dark Shadow

Fumikage Tokoyami (Jet Black Hero: Tsukuyomi)

Dark Shadow is basically Fumikage’s “stand ability.” Just kidding.

Dark Shadow allows Fumikage to materialise a mysterious being from within that thrives on darkness and negative emotions. This being can be dismissed at will, for the most part.

It gives the user range has it can stretch out, giving it a surprise range that could take the enemy out. It works great as defense because Dark Shadow, since connected to the user, can easily dodge enemy attacks or wrap itself around the user to help them increase their physical ability.

With more practice, the utility of the quirk begins to appear, which is why we think it deserves a spot on this list!

Fumikage's Dark Shadow Quirk during the UA Sports Tournament.

The quirk can be used to fly as well. While its angrier form is volatile and dangerous, if controlled, it could be a great asset and really difficult to defeat. The quirk is great for offense, as mentioned, as it can reach out, crush or restrict the enemy.

The main disadvantage is the presence of light. While it makes it easier to control Dark Shadow, it also makes it weaker. This is a big trade off, but with practice it indeed gets better.

However, this quirk still works best in shadows, so a battle of attrition in a barren land with sun will not help its case. There is always the risk of the user losing control of Dark Shadow if it is angrier.

Uno reverse- now the user is being controlled by Dark Shadow instead! It could definitely have been higher if not for these disadvantages. What do you think?

17. Fierce Wings

Keigo Takami (Hawks)

Flying is cool, right? Now imagine having full control over your feathers, which are great for things other than flying. Sold? Then this is what Fierce Wings is, essentially.

Since there is a lot to unpack, lets go one by one. Firstly, the feathers have a telepathic connection with the user and fellow feathers.

This means that the user can control what the feather does at will, making for surprise attacks because the enemy won’t be able to figure out what is going on!

Next, these feathers are detachable. Here the utility of this quirk shines through. These feathers can then be used to rescue people by attaching themselves onto the targets and taking them away. On the other hand, they can also be used to stab at the target.

Hawks using his Quirk to help Fumikage fly with him.

Their build and weight makes them not only durable but fast, giving incredible speed. Furthermore, not all feathers are the same- they can vary on their size, strength and sharpness, which makes it easier to use those suited best for situations pertaining to their quality.

The feathers also allow the user to broaden their senses! Extremely sensitive, these feathers can help the user sense people which can be very useful for stealth, but also for rescuing.

Not to mention, the feathers can be reattached if not severely damaged! 

However, if too many feathers are detached at the same time then obviously the user will struggle to fly quicker.

The feathers are also weak against fire, so quirks such as Hellflame, of Explosion may manage to overpower the quirk (but, the wings could be used to blow a gust of wind towards the attack, cancelling the fire!)

16. Hellflame

Enji Todoroki (Endeavor)

The father (quite literally) of fire based quirks, Hellflame grants the user pyrokinesis. This means that the user can manipulate the range and extremity of the fire.

This allows the user the advantage of adaptability as the quirk can be used both in offense and defense. (Maybe also to warm up your hands, who knows!) It can be manipulated to come just out of fingers in streams or used to just accelerate the speed of the user. 

Enji Todoroki's Hellflame quirk that allows him to use fire.

The quirk is obviously hard to use during rain or against water based quirks. Just like the quirks mentioned above, excessive use can harm the user seriously. 

Also, this quirk assures you the no.2 hero spot and a broken family.

15. Explosion

Katsuki Bakugo (Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight) 

The quirk creates explosions by using the nitroglycerin sweat that is released from the palms and igniting it. Pretty simple, but a mighty powerful quirk!

These explosions are severely destructive and can burn down the target with ease. Unlike the quirks above, explosion does not have any effect on the user.

The utility of this quirk gives it some range, allowing the user to blast even longer shots the more they sweat. It can also lift the user off the ground and propel them in the air for a while.

This quirk is also extremely useful for drawn out battles because the more the person sweats the more blasts they can create.

Bakugo Katsuki's explosion quirk that allows him to use his sweat to make explosions.

Just like Hellflame, the quirk is put at a disadvantage by its natural opponent. Since it takes harder to sweat during winters, the quirk will take longer to warm up and become as explosive as it is which can put the user in considerable danger.

Since blasts work based on shot and strong explosions, using two hands together will not actually double the intensity but lessen it by half. However, this seems like an issue that can be improved by practice.

14. Cremation

Touya Todoroki (Dabi)

Note: This is not the official name of the quirk. However, it is very cool!

Cremation is basically Hellflame on steroids. Since it burns blue, the flames are much, much hotter. This makes it very easy for the flames to eat up its target, living or nonliving.

Its combustion ability makes it deadly. Unlike other fire based quirks, cremation can eliminate the target almost instantaneously. Combined with its long range it is difficult to escape from it. It is said that the quirk can burn up to 2000 Celcius! 

Dabi's cremation quirk, which is the strongest fire of all fire based quirks.

Regardless of even if you have a fit body, it is nearly impossible that a human can tolerate flames this hot. While Dabi had a disadvantage by birth due to his body being made to handle an ice quirk, we doubt a body like even Endeavour’s would be able to handle the heat for a long time (the anime does show Endeavour’s flame turn blue at points).

This means that this quirk is not made for battle of attrition, putting it at a disadvantage compared to HCHH. It can also affect the user’s health and leave them with permanent scars and numbing.

All in all, this quirk is better for short bursts rather than drawn out attacks. For all we know, the life span of the user may not be much!

13. Acid

Mina Ashido (Pinky)

Now, hear us out. Though underrated, this quirk is insanely powerful as it allows the user to create acid. Acid is an extremely corrosive substance and can corrode through practically everything, making it a deadly weapon.

The user can create large amounts for a while as it will not affect their own body. The quirk against humans will be lethal.

It’s utility is also a plus point as it can be used both in short and long range. The quirk can also be used for offense and defense, making it extremely flexible.

Quirks that need to touch to activate such as decay, overhaul may struggle to close in due to the fact that this can also be used to coat the user. Even when used as a barrier, not many would be able to pass through.

This gives Acid extra points for utility; it not a quirk that shines only in one scenario!

Acid Quirk as used by Mina Ashido
Mina uses Acid to burn through a wall.

Unfortunately a quirk this strong comes with its own setbacks. After a stipulated time period, the user will become susceptible to corrosion of their own skin, so this quirk is not ideal for long drawn out battles.

Furthermore, acid is not useful against plastic, so any quirk that uses the manipulation of such substances will have an edge (for example Mr. Plastic from MHA: Two Heroes).

12. Half Cold Half Hot

Shoto Todoroki (Shoto)

Are we even surprised? Half Cold Half Hot allows the user to wield fire and ice at the same time, with one half of their body reserved solely for one element.

This automatically makes it a very flexible quirk with range. It allows the user to directly burn or freeze or use them as barriers. The ability to use two elements at the same time means that this quirk is effective against other elemental quirks.

Furthermore, the brightness of the fire could counter quirks like Dark Shadow or Black. On this list, the utility of the quirk can give it an edge over even those listed above it.

Half Cold Half Hot, Shoto Todoroki's Quirk

On the other hand, the major disadvantage of this quirk is that the body needs to be at a stable temperature. If not, the quirk can severely affect the health of the user and make it lose its advantage in a battle of attrition. 

11. Double

Jin Bubaigawara (Twice), Mocha (Nomu)

This quirk grants the user the ability to copy what they touch, twice at a time. This quirk is extremely flexible as it not only works on the user but on another person as well.

For the latter, the user would need to know every single detail about the person to clone them. Here is the insane part- the user can also clone the quirk of the person they are cloning.

This means that there can be multiple copies of a person with their quirk being used by the clones. This makes Double one of the most powerful quirks of all of MHA.

Even better, an attack on the quirk does not injure the actual user, they only sense it. This quirk can easily cause Erasure problem.Therefore, the user can counter by cloning a user that would counter the quirk of their opponent.

For example, a water based user can be cloned to fight a fire based user.

Twice using his quirk Double to its maximum.

Despite the amazing advantages, some disadvantages do exist. The user will need to keep updating the measurements of people they want to clone regularly so that any changes are recorded.

With their own clones, a strong dominance over all clones is essential or else you will quite literally been driven mad and lose yourself.

Lastly, the copies are obviously not as strong as the user, so the more copies there are chances the ability may spread thin. Any serious injury to the user can destroy the clones.

10. Warp Gate


Ah yes, one of the most underrated quirks in all of MHA. This quirk, first of all, is an amalgamation of multiple quirks, meaning it is not innate.

With Warp Gate, the user can create black mist which acts as a portal. A long range quirk, once the fog is activated, the user can transport the target to the place of their choice, as long as the location is known (more on that later).

The fog can also be used to shroud the user, which makes this quirk fantastic for stealthy situations. The ability to open a portal means it is easy for the user to teleport things.

It is also not a quirk that the opponent can bravely jump through; the closing of the warp gate while the object is not fully in will result in it being cut. 

Honestly, this quirk had been underutilized in the series. With its utility, this quirk could make for a great combination of a mind tricking defensive attack!

Hear us out: the user manages to teleport an ally multiple times in the same area to confuse the target and prevent the latter from landing any blows. This gives so much more range and can stress the opponent out.

Warpgate being used to transport Shigaraki during the USJ incident.
Warp Gate used to teleport members of the League of Villains.

As mentioned above, the location of the place to be transported to is key. The quirk cannot teleport unless the user is well versed with coordinates of locations they need to use.

That being said, the user’s imagination may limit the quirk. It is one of those quirks that while being innately strong, will shine through best with someone who knows how to make full use of it. 

Moreover, despite being long distance, it is not so much in combat. The body of the user has to be present for the fog to activate, meaning it will be useless against quirks like Erasure. Quirks such as permeation can easily slip through without much damage from its range.

9. Manifest

Tamaki Amajiki (Suneater)

A moment of appreciation for Horikoshi sensei’s imaginative mind, please! Manifest is one of the more unique quirks on the spectrum, and it’s wild.

This allows the user to manifest the limbs of anything they have consumed. This means that the user gets to choose what characteristics they want to fight with, already giving them a great advantage.

Making do with quirks requires lots of training, but choosing what you want to fight with? Lucky! The ability to manifest multiple different attributes during the span of the fight gives this quirk range, adaptability, utility and makes for great offense and defense.

You also don’t necessarily need food items for this. From crystals to rocks, whatever you get inside your stomach will aid you in battle.

Tamaki's manifest quirk that allows him to manifest the abilities of things he consumes.

 For example, the user can use tentacles they gained from eating an octopus to catch an enemy and bring them closer, then proceed to use crystals to pierce them.

The user can create multiple combinations of these manifested abilities and use them as they’d like, making the user practically invincible. Not to mention, they can be simultaneously willed, meaning the user can fight multiple ranged enemies at the same time.

Personally, the disadvantages don’t even seem like some! All that is important to do is to make sure the user replenishes their system so they have enough to manifest whatever they’d like.

Another “potential” disadvantage (for lazy people) is that this quirk will require lots of training to master as different abilities have to be used. 

The reason that it ranks 9 is because the quirks above have obvious advantages; that doesn’t mean that Manifest will go down easily without a fight, though.

8. Erasure

Shota Aizawa (Eraserhead)

Imagine having the power to cancel any quirk. That is Erasure. One look at the real body of the enemy is how this quirk can cancel the quirk of the rival.

Since we are considering quirks as what they are, the ability to cancel the quirk of your enemy sounds pretty sick! As long as the user keeps their eyes open, the target will not be able to use their quirk, which makes a perfect opening for attacking. 

Shota Aizawa's erasure quirk activated.
When activated, Aizawa sensei’s eyes glow red.

Obviously, there are some no-brainer disadvantages. Firstly, the user has to see the real body. If the quirk is long ranged and the body is nowhere to be seen, then the user is powerless.

We’re sure that Erasure won’t work well against Lady Nagant’s long range bullets! This is why we rank it at 7, or else it has potential to go way up.

The quirk is only activated for as long as the eyes are open, so immense training is needed to keep them open enough to land an attack. Eyes are also a sensitive target, so injuries to the eyes have to be avoided at all costs.

Lastly, this quirk has a severe disadvantage when handling multiple enemies as it can only erase one quirk at a time.

7. Black Hole

Space Hero: Thirteen

Isn’t the name enough to let you know? Black Hole allows the user to create small black holes from their fingers. Yes, you read that right.

You can create not one, but multiple black holes. This ability works mostly the same way as black holes do- it can suck anything in and erase it, down to the very last atom.

Naturally, this makes one of, if not the most, dangerous quirk out there. If fallen into the hands of the wrong person, this quirk could wipe out people and property in a heartbeat.

What further makes this quirk powerful is that even if the target doesn’t get sucked in, it will leave the target immobile or severely injured even by drawing it close.

It also ranks high because of its utility- this quirk can be used for various hero roles, from rescue and support to combat. It all depends on the user’s will.

Black Hole quirk being used by Thirteen.
Black Hole being used against Kurogiri.

No quirk is perfect, and black hole is no exception. The user themselves will not be immune to this quirk. That makes it scarier, doesn’t it?

This means that if the user loses control and charges in, or has no option but to fight in a close range then they might get sucked in as well.

Another drawback is that the quirk factor lie in the fingers, so any injury to them or if a quirk like overhaul or decay attack and harm the hands then the user will lose out on their quirk.

6. Permeation

Mirio Togata (Lemillion)

With permeation, the user can pass through different physical matter. This makes the quirk fantastic for stealth jobs, don’t you think?

With this, the user needn’t always put their whole body through; it works on targeted body parts as well. Permeation would allow the user to slip through (quite literally) from the clutches of the enemy and attack suddenly. 

Permeation is great for both offense and defence. For example, the quirk can be used to sneak up on the enemy and attack them from any angle quickly.

It will then allow the user to then quickly remove themselves from the place as well. Perfect for hit and run!

Mirio Togata using permeation quirk
A happy Mirio to brighten up your day!

If not handled correctly, however, the quirk could either be useless or fatal. The innate strength of this quirk is truly only highlighted with how it is cultivated.

The user would also need to make sure their clothes are made of the same flesh/hair as theirs or else they will be naked (and nobody wants to see that).

Furthermore, quirks that work on a psychological level will harm the user. For example, Shin Nemoto’s quirk that makes the victim lose esteem will break concentration and will not allow full permeation which could cause defeat or worse, death.

Plus points: apparently you can look like you came out straight from a Tintin comic if you have this quirk. 

5. Rewind


This quirk allows the user to reverse a living being’s body. This means that the quirk can restore a previous version of the body, making it effective for things like healing.

However, it is a very dangerous quirk. This ability of reversing organic matter means the user has the ability to even erase the person out of existence if the quirk loses control.

It is also stated that this quirk can edit genetic composition, reinstating it to an earlier version. Needless to say, this quirk is a boon and a bane at the same time.

Eri using Reiwnd on Overhaul.
Eri rewinds Chisaki’s fusion with Shin.

Its mysterious origins is why it ranks lower than expected. We still do not know what the quirk factor for this ability is, which means there is no information on when the quirk can become active.

From what we have seen, the strength of this quirk also relies on the emotions of the user, which can be damaging if the battle is with a user with a psyche-altering quirk. 

4. Decay

Tomura Shigaraki

As the name suggests, this quirk grants the user the ability to disintegrate whatever they touch. This quirk is dangerous on both living and non-living things.

Unlike Overhaul, Decay can seep through the target and keep eating it up. This means that it can disintegrate a whole person with time. Furthermore, decay also has the ability to affect the things in the vicinity of the target.

That means that it has a deadly range which is near impossible to dodge.

The best example that shows just why Decay is at 4 is Shigaraki using it to almost destroy a town. From using it to crumble his enemies, to actually doing a town level destruction proves just how dangerous this quirk is.

Shigaraki's decay quirk fully activated

The disadvantage it has is similar to that of Overhaul’s. The hands are essential for the user to remain intact, and the quirk cannot work in air or a place where there is nothing to touch.

It is also harder to use against long range emitter quirks like Half Cold Half Hot or Cremation. The effect on a living thing can be curbed if the person amputates the affected part, but I guess that is a loss for the target more than the decay user himself! 

3. Overhaul

Kai Chisaki (Overhaul)

Overhaul is a quirk that basically allows the user to dissemble something. This then gives the user the option to let the target be destroyed, or reassemble it.

This ability of disassembling and reassembling is a great advantage. For example, the user could alter the construction of the floor, giving it an advantage over permeation if done at the right time.

This makes Overhaul extremely flexible, which is what puts it above Decay. It can do what decay can, the only limitation is that the range of this quirk is unknown.

Kai Chisaki's Overhaul quirk that allows him to dissemble and assemble things and people.

The quirk allows the user to fuse themselves with another person or object as well. This allows the user to use the quirk of the person they fused with too, as we see Overhaul do this with Shin, and in the end to turn into a kaiju to fight Deku. Its not hard to see why it is in the top 5! 

Obviously, some disadvantages do exist. Firstly, it cannot be used in air or anywhere Overhaul cannot touch. Additionally, he needs to touch something to activate his quirk. If the hands of the user are taken, then the quirk is rendered useless. 

2. One For All

Yoichi Shigaraki, Second user, Third user, Hikage Shinomori, Daigoro Banjo, En, Nana Shimura, Toshinori Yagi (All Might), Izuku Midoriya (Deku).

The antithesis for All for One, One for All takes second place. This quirk was created by accident due to Mr. Shigaraki passing on a quirk about stockpiling power to Yorichi, who had no idea he had the quirk to transfer one.

Basically, One for All is a quirk that allows the user to stockpile power and use quirks of previous users who have transferred it along the course of time.

This then became the symbol of hope for hero society. With OFA, there are multiple advantages. The quirk is constantly evolving to be even more powerful. With quirk factors of previous inheritors merging into the quirk, allowing the successor to use the said quirk has allowed OFA to become flexible.

The one for all vestiges who's quirks are used in One for All.
The quirks of the predecessors are then used by current holders of OFA.

OFA also allows the user to store lots of energy which they can then use, as we see in the case of the “smashes” used by All Might.

Furthermore, despite their obvious connection, OFA cannot be stolen by AFO. Consequently, OFA cannot be passed onto the next user unless all vestiges agree with the choice. This in itself gives it an advantage over other quirks. 

Despite that, OFA ranks at number two because of a few reasons. Just like AFO, there are risks that the body of the user will not be able to handle the stress of multiple quirks.

To make it worse, it is confirmed that OFA has a big effect on the lifespan of the user. Once passed on, the previous user will only have some power left which will slowly deplete, as in the case of All Might.

Therefore, no two OFA users can ever coexist together, unlike users for AFO.

Interestingly, I believe that the evolutionary aspect of the quirk is a disadvantage in its own right.

All For One has managed to kill almost all OFA users, which also hints that the quirk is perhaps best suited for All Might and Deku because they were “empty vessels” and had the ability to adjust to quirks easier due to their own quirkless nature.

1. All For One

Mr. Shigaraki (AFO), Tomura Shigaraki

This quirk has the power of taking away quirks from a person, rendering them quirkless. The quirk taken can then be used by the person themselves or given to another person.

It is not hard to see why it is perhaps the strongest quirk of all. The ability to use someone else’s quirk gives one the ability to have short and long rage attacks.

Along with that, they can also have both offensive and defensive quirks. Just like One For All, this quirk can be passed on along with a realm of consciousness existing where the users can talk.

All for One being used during the battle against All Might
All for One activated.

While it may seem that there are no limitations to this quirk, some do exist. Firstly, not everybody can take the strain of foreign quirks.

The success of AFO depends on if the person himself can take the stress of it, or the person he wants to pass a quirk to. Secondly, it can wear down the body which may be detrimental to battles of attrition.

Lastly, the quirks gained will be of no use until the new user learns to manage using it to perfection. Regardless, the fact that it could possibly counter any quirk with one it has makes it the most powerful.

Honourable Mentions:


Seiji Shishikura (Sisicross)

This quirk allows the user to manipulate flesh to their will. They can manipulate their own flesh into whatever shape they would like, meaning the range and type of combat can be chosen by the user.

It also allows the user to turn opponents into meatballs, leaving them undefended and open for attacks. This makes it a really powerful quirk in its own right. Unfortunately as it remains underdeveloped, for now it stays in our honourable mentions!

Meatball quirk against Kaminari in Provisional Hero Licence arc
Seiji turns Kaminari into a meatball.


Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati)

With Creation, the user can create whatever they like from their body. Sounds cool, right? This quirk will work best with those who have the aptitude to understand structures of various things as it will be required to make said creations.

That aside, we have seen this quirk being used in the series in some epic ways.

While it fails to make it to our top 19 due to some drawbacks, such as taking time and knowledge to create complex structures, it remains one of the strongest quirks. Do you think it can fit into the Top 25? Let us know!

Momo uses creation quirk to make a canon
Momo creates a canon.

Fiber Master

Tsunagu Hakamada (Best Jeanist)

Being the new number 2 hero, Fiber Master has to have some defining qualities, right? Fiber Master allows the user to control cloth of all kind with telekinesis.

This means that the user can basically make the opponent a puppet by controlling their clothes. It also allows the user to control the cloth they are wearing. This quirk can be used to restrain and attack, which makes it super flexible!

Best Jeanist using fiber master to capture enemies.


Shinya Kamihara (Edgeshot)

Foldabody allows the user to manipulate the thinness of their body. One can stretch themselves out as much as they’d like.

Having the ability to make any shape out of them and slip through cracks, this quirk gives the user both points in stealth and combat.

It is said if mastered perfectly one can transform at the speed of light! Unfortunately very less is known about this quirk. If well explored, it may give the top 19 some competition!

Wave Motion

Nejire Hado (Nejire Chan)

With Wave Motion, the strength or “vitality” of the user gets converted into energy. This energy can be let out as beams that can be used for both offense and defense due to its varied range.

Like explosion, wave motion can help the user travel in air with short bursts of energy. Like we see with Nejire, it can be used to levitate the user.

When mastered to perfection, this quirk is insanely powerful and deadly; it can attack enemies of various sizes. It’s drawback is that it draws strength from the user, so sooner or later the user will suffer serious consequences.

Nejire Hado's wave motion. Her quirk uses her life energy as power in forms of beams.

So, here is our ranking for the strongest quirks! Do you agree, or are there some things you would change? Feel free to leave your own lists in the comments below!

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