Black Whip Quirk: Deku’s New Quirk in MHA Explained

The distaste of OFA towards AFO grew so much that a new quirk came to life within Deku’s body. Trust me, Horikoshi didn’t write that. And if you believed it, stop reading fan fictions at this point. But people, don’t worry because today I am here and am going to explain what Black Whip Quirk is. I will be covering everything that’s in the manga as of now and let’s see where it goes. Also, if I miss something, you know where the comments are, right?

The article contains manga spoilers, so read at your discretion.

Marking The Beginning of Black Whip:

It’s obvious by now that OFA isn’t your other quirk. The stockpiling nature of the quirk points out the connection between the past users and sheds light on some interesting things. One for All acts as the harbinger of quirk singularity in its own way. The accumulation of several other quirks in a single big cup of OFA led to the change. A change for a better world.

One of the catalysts for this change to happen is Black Whip. In other words, Black Whip is one of the quirks of the past user that was stored in OFA. And now, given the right circumstances, it let loose its vast tendrils. In Chapter 210, we saw Deku unwillingly using it in his fight against Monoma.

Daigoro Banjo – A Chad Black Whip User:

The super funky and awesome OFA wielder is the one who stole everyone’s hearts since his debut. With a chad-like personality, Daigoro Banjo’s first words to Midoriya were that he’s using the quirk incorrectly. Along with that, he puts a wide grin on his face and motivates Midoriya to use the power in the right manner. 

Banjo explaining his quirk
This is what evolution looks like, Chad Bango cajoling Deku

Let’s talk about Daigoro Banjo now. He was entrusted with OFA by Hikage Shinomori, the fourth user. At some point, AFO also tried to steal OFA from Banjo but was unable to, on not one but two instances. For a bold, muscular man, who had no brows, this isn’t a simple accomplishment. Although it was never told that he defeated or evaded AFO, it’s still something that should be held in high regard. This portrays a vague picture of how cool and amazing quirk Black Whip is.

But unfortunately, Banjo was killed by AFO when they met for the third time. However, by that time, OFA was already in the hands of the sixth user, En. Now, let’s add one more adjective that describes Daigoro Banjo – clever.

Assessing The Power of Black Whip:

I have already talked about how Black Whip might change Deku’s combat style. So, here in this section, I will try to draw out the strengths and weaknesses, in words.


Deku saving heroes using Black whip
Using the vast tendrils to counter Shigaraki’s destruction

Banjo once said ‘the greater the anger, the stronger the quirk’. This aspect of quirk opens a lot of opportunities that can prove advantageous for Deku in combat. Well, guess what, he actually used it in the battle between Shigaraki and the heroes. He wrapped everyone with his Black Whip and fought Shigaraki in the air while using ‘Float’.

Finally, someone can be more aggressive without caring what will happen to his body. OFA took quite a toll on Deku’s body whenever he used it. But now, with the help of Black Whip, he can train himself to be on the offensive side more. He can flog and strand villains easily now. 

Deku saving people using Black whip
Saving people is going to get a bit easier from now on

What’s more? Black Whip also increases the mobility of Deku exponentially. The quirk acts as a spider-web which helps him to travel from A to B very quickly. Not to mention that it will also help Deku to rescue more and more people with its tendrils. Banjo’s quirk is literally a blessing and complements the ideals of Deku very well. 


Black Whip going haywire
Too much anger is not good for you Deku

Banjo clearly said that the driving force of Black Whip Quirk is anger but when it’s in excess, the user will lose control over it. The prime example to support his statement is in Chapter 210 where Deku loses his cool against Monoma. And in the next second, Black Whip emerges for the first time and it was all haywire in that moment.

It’s been a while, like 100 chapters since Deku got his second quirk. In all that time, he has learned to control his meta ability. But one shouldn’t forget that he is still in the process to use Black Whip at its full potential. The maneuvering is still being polished so that it can shine later on and save lives.  

Black Whip Range
Well, the range isn’t 1 km, that we know

Last but not least, there’s still no information on the range of Black Whip. There has been no comment by Horikoshi too. So, as of now, the range of the quirk is still undefined. Although we have seen Deku in action with the black tendrils, all of them were in close-range combat. Can it be also used in long-range combats? Only time will tell. 

Wrapping Up:

Anyways, the weaknesses don’t mean much because the other quirks help Deku to mitigate the danger. But it also doesn’t mean that he can overlook it. If he works on it, which he most probably will then he can become a better hero and OFA wielder.

All that’s left now is to let Horikoshi do what he has been doing. The story is progressing well and now we also know that those two users were not Bakugo and Kirishima. That’s it people, this concludes everything I know about Black Whip.

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