Why Do People Like Katsuki Bakugo From MHA?


Hello, let’s get one thing clear today, in fact right now – Katsuki Bakugo is one of the best characters in My Hero Academia.

Deku who? The crybaby became a man because of the deuteragonist Bakugo.

But why do people like Katsuki Bakugo?

The jokes aside, the feisty teenager’s progression has been very interesting up till now.

From bullying to actually caring about people, especially Midoriya, Bakugo has come a long way. However, people like you and me have been liking him since the very beginning.

Ever wondered why?

Obviously, you haven’t, who has the time to take an analytical look at some 2D character? I have, and this article is my take on why Bakugo is adored in the community.

The article contain spoilers from the manga and anime of My Hero Academia. Read at your discretion.

Okay, but who is Bakugo? 

Katsuki Bakugo is the deutaerogonist in My Hero Academia.

He’s a cherry-picked, blonde star-driven character who runs the show with that Deku character. Along with that, his feisty, brash and arrogant personality constitutes the crux of him.

Bakugo is the contrast that Midoriya needs, their relationship defines subtle subjectivity in the notion of heroism.

He is important for others to thrive and idolizes All Might.

katsuki bakugo
Objectively speaking, the most charming character in MHA

Despite being so prideful, he adheres to a moral compass that he deems as heroic and right.

Furthermore, his way of thinking amidst the fight and formulating strategies on the go is something to be feared of. The level of awareness that he packs in his supposedly egocentric mind is something to be boastful of.

In all, Katsuki Bakugo is a force that challenges others to be better and screams ‘DIE’ frequently.

I think it’s his battle cry, very fitting for someone whose pet name is ‘King Explosion Murder’. Although, this still doesn’t explain why do people like Katsuki Bakugo.

The Callous and Prideful Personality:

I don’t think anyone’s going to deny the fact that Bakugo screams too much, like a lot. But is there any driving force or some idea that compels him to be like that?

Well, it turns out that there is.

Katsuki Bakugo has always been praised from the very beginning, his explosion quirk was always flashy and hence stood out.

Remember that Slime incident from the first chapter where Bakugo was caught in an ugly mess?

After All Might blooped that villain, the first thing he heard were praises. 

Bakugo Slime Incident
Bakugo being less chaotic and more stern I guess

And it has been going on for a long time.

But when All Might rescued the helpless prodigy, everyone around him was praising him.

It’s in these kinds of moments where he must think that why his life is being valued. It’s also these moments that makes him believe that his quirk is awesome.

Hence, this is where the sense of entitlement and being badass comes from. And also stems and strengthen his superiority complex.

Even though all these traits are considered negative, they still work for Bakugo. And also kinda explains, why do people like Katsuki Bakugo.

The Anti-Hero Paradox:

Katsuki Bakugo is the complete opposite of what society idealises as a hero.

He’s brash, rude, and arrogant which usually aren’t the traits of someone who intend to save people. So then why he should be considered a hero?

To be honest, there are more than enough reasons to justify him.

But today, I am going to talk about three instances that are pivotal in understanding Bakugo.

The Fight Against Deku:

This is where the callous and prideful personality of Bakugo kicks in with full motion. Because this was the moment when the umpteen amount of praises meant nothing but pain.

The pain that he was carrying with him for so long felt tangible now.

Furthermore, their fight was not to show who’s stronger or who’s right but to depict the insecurities of Bakugo as well as Deku’s. 

Bakugo vs Deku
This episode right here displays the elegance of MHA

For a bully, it wasn’t necessary to pull up a fight with someone whom he deems inferior. But still he did, why?

Because he saw how strong and confident Midoriya became and he respects him for that, in his own way.

I liked that how Bakugo didn’t make fun of Midoriya when he said that he will surpass him and take the #1 spot. Instead, he took it as a challenge, respected his opponent/friend, and vowed to become stronger.

This whole scenario puts a lot of emphasis on how Bakugo perceives himself.

In fact, this particular fight is the standalone reason for understanding Bakugo and where he comes from.

‘My Body Just Moved On Its Own’

Katsuki Bakugo Rising – the most rewarding and one of the most prominent chapters in the entirety of MHA.

The sheer audacity and tenacity it takes for someone like Bakugo to reflect back and amend his mistakes is not that common.

But he did it anyway, the blonde hero saved the day by keeping Deku away from the harm. After all, it seemed like someone needed saving.

Bakugou saves deku against shigaraki MHA 285
I think everyone cried (almost) a bit here

The whole point of Chapter 285 is to show how much Bakugo as a hero and person has developed.

Along with that, his definition of being a hero also took a slight turn, for the good. 

Moral Compass:

Remember Bakugo getting kidnapped by the League of Villains?

A part of us believed that Bakugo will join the villains and turn his back against the heroes.

Given his rude personality and superiority complex, the argument had plausibility behind it. Because it’s not every day that you see someone like Bakugo who wants to be a hero.

For the most part, he looks down upon his peers and remains nonchalant about what others think of him. Additionally, he also cares about defeating the villain more than saving people.

So where’s his moral compass at?

kidnapped bakugo
Don’t praise your child too much in their pivotal years of development or else you will get a Bakugo

Well, it’s in the right direction.

Regardless of how violent he can be, he has always admired AllMight and wants to be like him. Bakugo wants to be the person whom people would look up to.

And it doesn’t take a psychologist to understand the fact that whatever happens to him, one thing won’t change.

That being the idea of becoming the best and proving to everyone that he’s worthy of being #1.

Okay, But,

Why Do People Like Katsuki Bakugo?

Long answer short, because he’s Bakugo and everyone needs to love him. But yeah, there are only a few things to understand the craze behind Bakugo though – brash attitude, short temper, and his life’s goal.

The Brash Attitude:

While stroking your hair, ever thought of why people trample all over you despite you being the nicest guy? Yes.

The world’s cruel but when it applauds you for your whole life, one tends to think that they are entitled.

But as I said, the world’s cruel; so, when it takes away the pride and confidence you once have, something changes in you. 

bakugo brash
Best boys – Todoroki and BAKUGO

The simple view you once had is now swaying away, so what to do in this kind of situation?

A 15-year-old kid sticks to what he has always been while making a name for himself.

Bakugo stays the same he was while working on his fundamentals of being a hero and honing his skills. It’s quite interesting that how the brashness helps him to strive for better.

The Short Temper:

I mean if one has the attitude to be as rude as they can, then a short temper just makes them better.

Bakugo goes haywire in some circumstances and is normally a chaotic person to begin with.

Furthermore, he is aware of it and tries to use it to strategize and be quick on his feet to adapt to the necessary changes in the battle. 

angry bakugo
Come on, at least it’s comedic !!

Given how short-tempered the brat is, it also makes people laugh.

He is the type of guy who will eat spicy food and complain about why it’s so spicy. The outlook he provides to us as an audience comes off as very random and thus comedic.

Or people just love to see a child who’s not even out of puberty to go all out for no reason at all. 

A Lifelong Goal:

Throughout his life, Bakugo has always admired AllMight and he wishes to surpass him to be the next best hero. And his explosion quirk is quite powerful and very handy in defeating villains.

It’s also due to his smart and quick thinking, plus ultra usage of his ability and going all out that completes and complements his goal. 

bakugo 2
It’s high time people stop saying Bakugo is nothing but arrogant and a bully

With the help of Deku, Kirishima, and his friends, Bakugo has been learning a lot.

There has been an ample amount of development and change in him.

That said, his progression isn’t something that took a 180 but his fundamentals got stronger and the core ideals he believes in are in better condition now.

But that also doesn’t mean one should overlook this.

In Conclusion:

DIE – Bakugo’s battle-cry emit so many emotions that I find it difficult to grasp everything that’s been put on the table. He has been such a joy to witness, watching him grow over those tumultuous times is soothing.

There might be so many other reasons that why do people like Katsuki Bakugo or they just like him because he goes boom. 

It can be either of them but one thing is clear for now – Katsuki Bakugo is a great character.

And anything that you will say won’t change my mind. However, you can try if you want to, let’s see who wins. 

Also, there are hints that he is the only one who can catch up to Deku despite his multiple quirks. However, Bakugo can still win without hax like OFA.

So do you agree with us? Do you believe with all the reasons as to why do people like Katsuki Bakugo? Or do you believe this is just a fanboy confession?

Let us know in the comments.


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