Is Katsuki Bakugou Dead In My Hero Academia?

Katsuki Bakugou My Hero Academia

Ever since the war between the Paranormal Liberation Army and Pro Heroes started there have been major death flags for major heroes like Endeavour, Aizawa, Gran Torino, Midnight, etc. In this never-ending list one more big name has been added. It is none other than our very own beloved prick Katsuki Bakugou.

The following part of the article contains major spoilers for the latest chapters of My Hero Academia

We learnt how far Bakugou has come. The character development given to him is that of a worthy rival to the protagonist. It is on a similar level to Vegeta from the Dragon Ball universe. Just the way Vegeta acknowledges Goku as a better fighter, Bakugou has come to acknowledge Deku as a better Hero.

He reminiscences on their past. He cares for him just the way All Might cares for Deku. He understands the path Deku is on and also the hardships that are gonna come along the way. And eventually, he has pledged to help Deku on this path and stand by him.

For once, Bakugou has swallowed his pride and is making progress to be a better Hero. This maturing thought process and the bravery displayed by Bakugou in the latest chapter has got us thinking whether the young hero will meet a terrible fate after the events of the latest chapter.

Is Katsuki Bakugou dead?

Katsuki Bakugou’s life status in My Hero Academia manga is not yet revealed. However, he has suffered major injuries from his own attack on Shigaraki. Although it is widely believed that he is dead.

In the latest chapter, we saw Bakugou fighting Shigaraki. The latter has reached a level that even AFO did not hope to achieve. He claims that his powers rival All Might in his peak. That itself should be enough testament to his monstrous strength. In addition to his decay quirk which has had its awakening he can now spawn hundreds of extra hands to further improve his reach.

Despite Lemillion, Suneater and Nejire supporting him in battle along with Best Jeanist. It is highly impossible for anyone other than Deku to stand against Shigaraki.

Even after getting charred by Endeavour’s Prominence Burn, Shigaraki still stands. He was attacked with a city wide attack by Suneater and Shigaraki still laughs.

Knowing that only his attacks are harming Shigaraki, Bakugou with last ounce of his strength accumulates all his sweat at the centre of his body and blasts it at Shigaraki only for the latter to laugh at Bakugo’s final failed attempt.

After which we see Bakugo’s seemingly lifeless body with a hole in his chest and a ruptured heart lying on the battlefield. And Shigaraki laughing at that dead body.

Katsuki Bakugo dead. LOL

Prior to “dying” Bakugou displayed his sadness to the spirit of All Might, over not getting an autograph of All Might over his trading card. Which is seen next to Bakugo’s head splattered with all his blood.

Bakugou’s character seems to have come a full circle. From bullying Deku, to resenting his power and finally accepting him. From being saved by Deku, to saving Deku in a very similar way. Bakugou has got over his inferiority complex and has gone on to be a real hero!

Could this be the moment in which Deku loses his childhood friend? However, if Bakugou really dies, this could be a new character arc for Deku, as his anger takes over him.

Or it could end up in a situation similar to the Heroes Rising movie. Where Deku gives his One For All quirk to Bakugou.

From the current situation it is pretty evident that the villains are on the verge to win. Both Endeavour and Bakugou dying could be the biggest blowback and the perfect scenario to exact revenge for our heroes and Deku. This would also give them a chance to understand the loopholes in the hero society and an opportunity to build it better.

What do you think will happen if Bakugou dies? Let us know in the comments.

  • I think what you have said is very true here and I think that deku might in the little way that it might happen or like you said deku might actually go into full on rage and start doing things that he wouldn’t normally do like going in without analyzing or a plan.

  • So, there are several ways to approach this and don’t hate on me because Bakugou is my child I don’t want what I’m about to say to happen to him.

    I feel like it would be a good thing if Bakugou dies in the future because as mentioned above, he had don’t a full circle (Not to mention what he said to deku several chapters later). If he dies, it would be a giant wake-up call for Midoryia and what he’s fighting for. If Bakugou dies, it would make Deku more driven to get rid of AFO. So, therefore, Bakugou could die right after he had… taken the final step to become a better person.

    However. I also don’t think Bakugou will die because he’s gone a long way from being an arrogant prideful bully of Deku. So it could be possible he continues to build on that foundation and ultimately become an amazing hero when he grows up. It would also make sense if this does happen. I don’t think Horikoshi would kill him off because there are also so many fans that love him and if Bakugou dies, all hell would break loose. (Mainly by me-). Seriously. The MHA fandoms can be toxic.-

    Again, I do not wish for Bakugou to die. Because if he did I would never be okay. I hope he’ll be okay…

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