Top 10 Strongest Bleach Characters Of All Time

With Bleach anime just around the corner, it is time we find out who are the strongest bleach characters of all time. So that you can fight with your friends over it.

With the Anime release date coming closer, the excitement for Bleach is increasing exponentially. However, the manga ended almost a decade ago. This made fans like me go crazy speculating who are the strongest bleach characters at the end of the manga?

Although, many will have their own separate list of strongest bleach characters based on various levels of judging.

I am gonna list the strongest Bleach characters according to their battle strength alone. No tricks like stealing of Bankai’s and everything similar to it.

Warning: Heavy Spoilers Ahead!!


Who are the top 10 strongest Bleach characters?

The top 10 strongest Bleach characters of all time: Kenpachi Zaraki, Lille Barro, Gerard Valkyrie, Uryu Ishida, Ichibei Hyosube, Ichigo Kurosaki, Aizen, Jushiro Ukitake, Genryusai Yamamoto, Yhwach.

To know why they are the strongest Bleach characters let us jump directly into the list.

10. Kenpachi Zaraki

kenpachi zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki: One Of the 5 special war talents in Bleach

Zaraki Kenpachi is the 11th Kenpachi of the Gotei 13. His powers are well known across fandom and is considered the physically strongest Shinigami. During the TYBW arc, his strength reaches new heights. Thanks to ‘Yachiru‘ Unohana, yes, that’s her real name. Zaraki named Yachiru Kusajishi after his most favourite rival.

His strength is so unreal that Zaraki split a meteor to pieces in a single strike.

Another testament to his monstrous strength is when Yhwach chose Zaraki as one of the 5 special war talents in Bleach. Also, Yhwach chose him before Zaraki could learn the name of his zanpakuto and could use Shikai and Bankai.

After learning, the name of his sword and learning Shikai and Bankai, Zaraki could toe to toe with Gerard Valkyrie. The latter was able to stop Byakuya Kuchiki and Hitsugaya Toshiro in their tracks.

This is a huge feat considering both Kuchiki and Hitsugaya had already used their most powerful attacks on Gerard with their Bankai. However, Gerard’s rapid regeneration of limbs and organs was more than superhuman and was more than the two captains could handle.

Zaraki’s bankai is so overwhelmingly powerful that a sudden burst of his own powers broke his arm into two.

Also, Zaraki is the only Shinigami who killed several Sternritters by himself some of them even before he could achieve his shikai. Not to forget, the sternritters he killed were also one of if not the strongest bleach characters.

Along with physical strength, Zaraki also mastered his reishi to such an extent that many captain level and above quincy couldn’t feel his reiatsu.

Not to forget, chamber 46 members asked Genryusai Yamamoto to stop teaching Zaraki the art of killing just so that he doesn’t go berserk with his own powers.

Now coming to why Zaraki ranks here at the 10th place.

Although Zaraki is physically the strongest Shinigami there is but that’s all there is to his power. He’s only good with close combat fighting style and can’t take on long range fighters who can keep up with his speed.

He also cannot fight against someone who has kido or magic based powers such as Pernida Parnkgjas who is the right hand of God i.e. the soul king and is one of the strongest bleach characters due to the hand of God.

Also, Kenpachi has to train and learn a lot more about his bankai and shikai. Once he does that he will not only be one of the strongest bleach characters but the strongest of them all.

Hence, Kenpachi Zaraki is on number 10 on our list of the strongest Bleach characters.

9. Lille Barro

Lille Barro is the captain of the special guard unit of Yhwach called as “Schutzstaffel” viz. the Imperial Guard. They are personal bodyguards of Yhwach and are multitudes times stronger than most of the strongest bleach characters like Byakuya Kuchiki and also sternritters.

This means Lille Barro is not a force to be reckoned with considering it took 3 Captains with Bankai to take on his subordinate Gerrard Valkyrie. He too is on this list and higher than him only because of him being the brain of God. Thus, making him easily one of the strongest Bleach characters.

Lille Barro’s powers are displayed for the first time when he shoots zero squad member Senjumaru Shutara and lays her “dead” body under Yhwach feet.

Lille is a gun user viz. a sniper. He is an excellent marksman and is the first quincy to get bestowed a Schrift on him by Yhwach. This schrift grants him “god-like” powers. Since he was the first one to be chosen by Yhwach he believes he is the closest being to God (Yhwach).

This arrogance results in him believing that he cannot be killed by a Captains Bankai and also other strongest bleach characters from the shinigami pantheon.

He is given the alphabet ‘X’ the “X-Axis” a callout to his ability as a Sniper. Where a sniper has a crosshair which looks similar to the alphabet ‘X’ in their gun to lock on a target.

During his fight against Oetsu Nimaiya, Nimaiya seemingly kills Lille by launching a surprise attack however he is later revived by Yhwach.

Lille then kills Nimaiya by shooting him through chest meanwhile explaining his powers by saying he is using previous births powers instead of using new one. While two other squad zero captains were trying to block the bullet with their zanpakuto’s. This easily puts him in the league of the strongest bleach characters.

Though during his fight against Shunsui Kyoraku, Lille uses his Volstanding: Jilliel which increases his power manyfolds.

Kyoraku who was still using his Shikai is forced to unleash his bankai.which encases the entire surroundings.

During their battle, Kyoraku manages to mortally wound and kill Lille multiple times however due to his powers he keeps on changing forms and overcoming the previous limitations of his forms. A trait seen in Gerrard Valkyries

This possesses a challenge to Kyoraku who then with the help of his assistant captain Nanao Ise disintegrates Lille. This was only due to the fact that Nanao belonged to a clan which possessed a hax ability which can remove everything & everyone from existence which was created by God i.e. Soul King. Now since quincies are direct descendants of Soul King they can be easily killed by this ability.

Which makes me wonder whether Shunsui with that sword which contains the hax ability can easily be one of the strongest bleach characters of all time. However, that is a topic for another day.

Coming back to Lille, he then respawns (from the attack made by Nanao with the help of Shunsui) from his shredded bits into multiple versions of himself. However, he has lost his “god-like” powers.

The reason why Lille Barro stands at this position is due to his Volstandigs immense power and ability to not die from any mortal wound and keep on upgrading.

Despite these powers, the people ahead can easily obliterate him without leaving a single trace of his body.

Hence, Lille Barro stands on position 9 in our list of 10 strongest Bleach characters.

8. Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth
Jugram Haschwalth: Second In-Command Of Quincy Army

Jugram is the second-in-command of the Quincy army and thus is the second most strongest bleach characters in the quincy wandenreich. He is extremely powerful being whose powers are similar to Yhwach with respect to they “bestow something on someone else”.

Jugram is given the alphabet ‘B’ and his ability is called The Balance. His powers bestow good fortune and misfortune on others and himself.

Thus, changing the course of the battle in his favour or in those whom Jugram favours.

Jugram has high level intellect when he deduced that Nanao Ise’s kido shield can stop quincies and the second shield has potential traps.

Further, Jugram is the only quincy who can take on Yhwach’s power once the latter sleeps.

During this time, he can see the future just like Yhwach however he cannot change it or control it in any manner.

Although, Jugram himself believes that his ability is more suited for battle than that of Yhwach’s.

We barely see Jugram fight throughout the final arc but in various instances he uses his powers, they display his strength perfectly and why he is considered one of the strongest bleach characters after Yhwach in the wandenreich.

One such instance being Jugram breaking Ichigo’s bankai with such ease that the protagonist could barely realize his bankai is broken.

Although Jugram is obedient and loyal to Yhwach, he isn’t distant and selfish like him. Jugram genuinely cares for his friend Bazz-B.

However, when Bazz-B turns against Yhwach, Jugram doesn’t hesitate to kill him although he initially tried talking sense into Bazz-B.

During his fight with Uryu Ishida is the only moment when we get to see Jugram in his all glory.

Unlike other quincies who use bows and arrows, Jugram uses a sword and shield. The shield doesn’t block any attacks happening on Jugram however it shifts the misfortune on him unto others.

That is any kind of damage on Jugram will be transferred to anyone he wants to. He can also take away good fortune from his opponents like when he takes away the good fortune of his fellow quincy when Jugram attempts to cut him using his sword. The other quincy’s ability blocks Jugrams attack however after Jugram takes away his good fortune Jugram easily sliced him in the middle.

Jugram’s power is such a trouble that the author himself couldn’t come up with a good ending for the villain. He ended up dying due to Yhwach stealing his powers while he was battling Uryu Ishida.

Not to forget, he also took on Ishida’s misfortune upon him in his final moments.

The reason why he is listed so low on the list is only due to the fact that the guys ahead can defeat Yhwach in one way or the other. And since they can take on Yhwach thus they can take on Jugram as well.

7. Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida, once considered the deuteragonist of the series turns a ‘villain’ for a brief moment of time.

He is personally chosen by Yhwach to be his successor. Yhwach chooses him for an innate ability in Uryu which is not revealed in the series. This ability helps Uryu survive several “Auschwalen” caused by Yhwach himself.

Yhwach’s Auschwalen causes all impure blood or non royal quincies to die and their abilities to return to Yhwach. In one such auschwalen, Uryu’s mother dies but he and his father survives.

This could be due to Uryu being a mixed blood quincy. His father is a Noble quincy while his mother was a non royal.

Hence during the Auschwalen, although he gets hit by the auschwalen he survives due to his fathers royal blood.

Note: Yhwach can choose from which quincy to suck powers from be it royal or non royal. He kept Royals alive due to them being stronger than the rest of the quincies.

Uryu is given the alphabet ‘A’ by Yhwach which is same as himself. Although Yhwach’s ‘A’ means his ability called “The Almighty”, Uryu’s ability is called “The Antithesis”.

Uryu’s Antithesis is an ability similar to Jugram Haschwalths “The Balance”, wherein Uryu can transfer his wounds onto the enemy and heal himself completely.

During his fight against Jugram, Uryu goes all out against even though Jugram being using Yhwach’s Almighty at the time.

Despite going all out, Uryu could barely hurt Jugram. However, after Yhwach performed another Auschwalen, Jugram couldn’t survive and Uryu did.

The sole reason I am keeping Uryu over Jugram is due to the similarities in their abilities and if their battle continued Uryu would have anyway survived thanks to his Antithesis which made Yhwach choose him as his successor.

6. Ichibei Hyosube

Ichibei Hyousube
Ichibei Hyosube: Captain Of The Zero Squad

Ichibei Hyosube is the captain of the zero squad. His powers speaks for itself when Yhwach chose him as one of the 5 special war talents in Bleach.

More than his powers, it is his knowledge of things of the entire Bleachverse that makes him more dangerous. Not that his powers are weak in any way.

Ichibei is the only captain who came close to defeating Yhwach before he could attain Godhood.

His ability is giving names to things and in turn changing attributes of the person or thing to whom he has given name.

For example, if he names an elephant an ant, it’ll get all attributes of ants and then Ichibei can spawn huge hands and feet to crush that elephant like an ant.

Even his shikai and bankai look like a writing brush.

As a matter of fact, even the names ‘shikai’ and ‘bankai’ are given by him. Same goes with the term, ‘Zanpakutou’.

He can also determine the real names of things. Such as when he told Renji that his Zanpakutou gave him a fake name and proceeds to tell him its real name.

His knowledged of workings of reishi and reiatsu is so immense, he could come back to life despite being blasted to pieces.

Ichibei alone could have taken on Aizen during the Fake Karakura town arc if he had been there.

Only attacks that are effective against him are those which include incredible hax like Ichigo’s abilities and or God-like powers people.

Hence, he’s here on number 6 of top 10 strongest characters in Bleach.

5. Ichigo

Ichigo Dual Zanpakuto
Ichigo with his hybrid lineage

Now I know many will think that this is a plot armor and Ichigo shouldn’t be there in the list. However, many forget that it was the Soul Society who wanted Ichigo to fight alongside them. Even Yhwach was cautious how much damage Ichigo can do to the Quincy armies hence he sent an Arrancar-Quincy to steal his bankai even before the war actually began.

The individual quality that Ichigo possessed which Yhwach was afraid of was Ichigo’s “Latent Potential”. This ability gained Ichigo the spot in the 5 special war Powers in Bleach.

But what exactly is Ichigo’s “Latent Potential”?

Ichigo’s Latent Potential comes from the fact that his lineage is of mixed heritage. Ichigo’s mother being a quincy awakened the Quincy abilities of ‘Blut’ in him. His father being a shinigami by default granted him Shinigami powers. In addition, the hollow which led to Ichigo’s birth was made from experimenting of several strong Shinigami souls. Thus, granting him hollow powers in conjunction with Shinigami powers.

Being a person made of multiple species in one Ichigo’s powers can be developed to any limits and can be merged and utilized to develop of totally new kind of power. Also, the heights of his Reiatsu and reishi would become unknown.

In addition, the new power might take down all the quincies at once as well. Not to forget, Ichigo is prodigy in battles. It is proved by the tremendous growth in his powers since he became a shinigami. Also, him achieving Bankai within 3 days and reaching captain level.

Furthermore, post fullbring arc, when all the captains and Captain General helped Ichigo regain his powers by giving him a sliver of their own, it pushed Ichigo to whole new level.

One such example from the manga is when Tenjiro punches Ichigo to check whether he’s healed or not. Ichigo reflexively slapped his hand back and broke his wrist.

This may seem as a normal feat but know that Tenjiro is said to be the fastest Shinigami across all Shinigamis.

Another example displaying Ichigo’s prowess is Yhwach breaking Ichigo’s new bankai the moment he activated it. Yhwach openly acknowledged Ichigo’s power and called it terrifying enough that he did not want him to use it.

Please note, this is the Yhwach who has absorbed the God of Bleach Universe and can see and alter all possible futures.

This is enough testament for Ichigo’s “Latent Ability”.

If this doesn’t make Ichigo the one of the strongest Bleach characters then I don’t know what will.

Hence, Ichigo is 5th on our list of the strongest Bleach characters.

4. Aizen

Aizen Trapped In Muken
Aizen: That’s it! His name is enough!

The sexiest man in all of Bleach! Aizen is the mastermind of everything that happens in Bleach until the Fake Karakura Town. This earned him the title of Mastermind Villain and is considered on par with Johann Liebert, Light Yagami and Lelouch Lamperouge.

His masterplan also lead him to become an immortal being who cannot be stopped unless you’ve Urahara’s brains.

Yes, even Aizen was scared of Urahara’s brilliance. Makes one appreciate Urahara’s character more.

Although, Aizen was sealed his powers and his “Spiritual Pressure” were still extraordinary. It almost paralleled the God King’s Spiritual Pressure.

Thus, for having extraordinary “Spiritual Pressure” Yhwach chose Aizen Sosuke as the 4th member of the 5 Special War Powers in Bleach.

Aizen’s spiritual pressure is so intense and immense that if you do not have any resistance to it, your body will simply evaporate in thin air.

There are two such instances where this actually happened, first was when Aizen merged with Hogyoku and second one when he was sealed in Chamber 46’s prison.

He was tasked to bring down the palace of God King in TYBW arc. This palace is bigger than multiple cities combined.

Aizen said he could do it while having only his mouth, ankles and left eye unsealed.

Such is the power of Aizen’s Spiritual pressure. Along with that Aizen is a master of Kido spells, he can cast spells of over level 90 without any incantations.

Not to forget, he became stronger than he was while fighting Ichigo.

His immense spiritual pressure is also the reason why Ichigo could ultimately defeat Yhwach as Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu could cast an illusion on Yhwach. Without his spiritual pressure Aizen could have never put Yhwach in an illusion.

Aizen’s shikai itself is so powerful he never needed to unleash his bankai.

After Hogyoku fused him with his zanpakuto, Aizen could still use it without even showing his sword.4

3. Jushiro Ukitake

Jushiro Ukitake as Right hand of Soul King
Jushiro Ukitake unleashing the right arm of soul king

Now you must have read many lists containing the top 10 strongest characters in Bleach. Not many of them include Ukitake especially those who try to rank him post TYBW arc. They are total idiots to do so.

I’ll tell you why.

Juushiro Ukitake is one of the most powerful captains in Gotei 13 and one of the three dual sword weilders.

Despite having a frail body since childhood, Ukitake had one of the strongest reiatsu in all of soul society.

During the TYBW arc we get to know the real reason behind this.

Ukitake being a severely ill child all the time, his mother took him to a pagan local God to grant a miracle and heal the young boy.

The local pagan god was none other than the right arm of Soul King, which stayed inside him and cured his illness.

This right arm added onto to the already tremendous reiatsu Ukitake possessed. This makes his powers rival that of Yhwach or maybe more.

However, we never get to see him fighting in the TYBW arc. Although when Yhwach slashes the God King by deceit, Ukitake is the one who takes his place for a short amount of time and balances the entirety of soul society and Soul Kings palace all by himself.

All the captains combined including zero squad couldn’t have done this.

This is a major testament to his prowess, if he had the chance to face Yhwach, then there’s a possibility that Genryusai, Shunsui and him could have finished the quincy army themselves.

2. Genryusai Yamamoto

Genryusai Yamamoto Shigekuni
Genryusai Yamamoto Shigekuni: Captain Commander Of The Gotei 13

Genryusai Yamamoto the strongest shinigami to ever exist. The more we say about his powers the less it is.

Bleach has had 2 major villains throughout the storyline. One is Aizen second is Yhwach. Both of them took extra measures to keep this old man at bay.

Meaning, he cannot be defeated in a fair fight.

Even after he looses his left arm during Fake Karakura town arc, Yhwach considered him dangerous enough that he himself came to fight Genryusai.

Also, Yhwach HIMSELF had to resort to stealing Genryusai’s Bankai to defeat him.

Despite Yhwach having quincies stronger than most captains and Jugram Haschwalth at his disposal, he came himself to fight Genryusai.

This itself speaks more than enough as a testament to his prowess.

Another example of his humongous powers is that Yamamoto cannot release his bankai for a prolonged time. It is not due to his inability to do so. It is due to the fact that prolonged release of his bankai will eventually destroy soul society.

He was so strong that even Tite Kubo had to get him out of the battle before the arc kicks into higher gears.

Not to forget, his bankai is as menacing as he is. It can summon dead soldiers to fight on his behalf. It can raise his body and surrounding temperature as much as the sun’s.

His reiatsu engulfs him and makes him look like he’s on fire with the above temperature.

Similar to something that of Satoru Gojo of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Thus, Genryusai Yamamoto stands on second position on our list of 10 strongest Bleach characters.

1. Yhwach

Yhwach: the Strongest Of The Bleach Characters
Yhwach: The Son Of Soul King

Yhwach, the King Of Quincies, Father of Quincies. He is also the son of SOUL KING.

This should be enough to give a gist into how strong he really is. He is literally part God. This by default puts him above all characters in Bleach.

After he absorbs the powers of Soul King,Yhwach can see and manipulate multiple futures at once. He can setup traps for his enemies in the future and can change it into his favour.

His reiatsu is so great that he can destroy entire worlds just by his reiatsu.

Although after absorbing the Soul King, he had very less time to acclimatize with his newfound powers. This eventually leads to his death at the hand of Ichigo and Aizen.

Not to forget, they both had help from Orihime and rest of the Fullbringers who could change past and present for Ichigo.

If it takes, Ichigo and Aizen and to alter the past to defeat you then there’s no one stronger than you.

Thus, putting Yhwach on first position on our list of 10 strongest Bleach characters.

Honorary mentions: They are as strong as those up in the list but due to some or the other reason they cannot be part of the strongest Bleach characters list.

5. Ichigo’s son

Kazui Kurosaki, Ichigo and Orihime’s son, is a total monster since his childhood. He can voluntarily turn into a shinigami which even his father cannot do till now.

He can summon reiatsu fishes for him to travel upon along with others.

He can also open portals to an unknown place where he says souls of many souls live and pass through. He was approached by a bubble of Yhwach’s reiatsu at the end of the manga before it vanished in thin air. It is speculated that it was Kazui who erased that reiatsu from all the 3 worlds just by getting in touch with a small portion of it.

If this is true then Kazui by far will become more than one of the strongest bleach characters in existence.

4. Byakuya Kuchiki

Although he became stronger after healing in Zero Squad’s cities. His overall power does not go high enough to be mentioned in the top 10 strongest bleach characters list. However, he is from a noble clan and will eventually grow stronger even though he has given up on his duty as a captain. So it can be speculated that Byakuya might come back as one of the strongest bleach characters currently alive.

3. Gerrard Valkyrie

Another quincy warrior who was killed by Yhwach’s auschwalen or lets say plot armour of the MC’s. Gerrard’s powers are unlike any other quincy we have seen till now. His powers come from the fact that he is the heart of the soul king. That means any desire of his will be fulfilled. This means even coming back to life after dying completely that too stronger than before with an immunity to the type of death received earlier. This easily makes Gerrard one of the strongest bleach characters with HAX abilities.

2. Kisuke Urahara

He is strong, legit strong. Especially if you combine his strength with his extremely high intellect. However, his strength and brains lack in front of the one’s above solely because of HAX like powers the above 10 possess. However, one can speculate that with his immense brain prowess and a bankai that can change reality and harm the enemy to make Kisuke’s wishes come true, Kisuke Urahara is not only one of the strongest bleach characters but the strongest bleach characters of all. He is just like Batman, with prep time he can even defeat God.

I mean dude created a wish granting orb out of nothing.

1. Shunsui Kyouraku

He is chosen as the Captain Commander after Genryusai Yamamot’s death. This is proof enough of his skills amd powers. His bankai is also one of the most powerful Bankai’s there are. Even Jugram Hashwalth considered Shunsui and his cunningness a threat.

Also it was Shunsui who defeated Lille Barro. He was also fighting with a handicap because the second soul of his Zanpakutou was with his Assistant Captain Nanao Ise protecting her Zanpakutou.

So if Shunsui had gone all out since the beginning he would have ended the battle a lot sooner and defeated one of the top 10 most strongest bleach characters of all time.

Also his bankai is not something he can release in presence of his friends as it can kill them as well. This is said by Jushiro Ukitake who himself is one of the strongest Bleach characters. Such is the level of Shunsui’s powers.


If you think that someone else needs to be in the list let us know in the comments section. Also, as mentioned earlier, this list is based on the facts that these characters can fight in a fair fight and use no tricks like sealing bankais and stuff. So keeping that in mind, we have made the list of the strongest bleach characters.

However, we must also consider the possibility that some of these characters are extremely cunning and will go to any extent to achieve their goals. Beings like Aizen, Urahara and Mayuri are prime examples of it.

Although they might not be the strongest bleach characters but with their immense and cunning intellect, these characters might be able to take on most if not all of the strongest bleach characters.

Jaa ne!


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