15 Saddest One Piece Quotes That Are Intense & Heartbreaking!

While on the surface One Piece is a happy go lucky Shonen anime, where the hero and his friends always find someway to win, readers and watchers know the truth. That One Piece has many emotional scenes that can make even a grown man cry, and it is done is such a beautiful way that most people remember them for years to come.

This article is a compilation of many such moments and quotes of characters that shows us how soul crushing even a “simple manga or anime” can get. So without any ado, lets get to saddest One Piece quotes!

PS: It was very painful to make this article, with many tissues used and tears shed.

Saddest One Piece quotes:

” I want to sail! I want to sail … one more time! “

Going Merry to Iceberg : Chapter 430

Some of Going Merry’s last few words to Iceberg asking him to fix the ship. Merry had been the Straw Hat’s first proper ship and had been with them through both their worst and best times.

The Straw Hats considered Going Merry a nakama, so when Luffy made the choice to get a new ship it was truly a sad moment for us all. Despite all this, their love towards the ship was so great that by some mysterious god like power, Merry seemed like it gained sentience and sailed for its last time to save its friends. Knowing that its journey was at an end, but still pushing forward to save its friends, that’s what made it one of the saddest One Piece quotes ever!

If you did not cry when Luffy and co decided to go of Merry, then, dear reader, I’d like to humbly point out that you have no heart!

” Because you had the same dream as me. “

Zeff to Sanji : Chapter 58

When Zeff and Sanji are both stranded on top of the island, hungry and tired, Zeff gives Sanji all the food he managed to salvage and eats his own leg to satisfy his hunger.

This dialogue hits the heart very hard, as Zeff gave up his leg and dream to a young boy he just met hours ago, just because they share the same dream. This is also the beginning of their relationship with Sanji finding a father figure in Zeff , and Zeff finding a son and a person who will fulfill their common dream of finding the All Blue.

” Pirates are coming!!! Dad’s ship has returned!!! He’s come back for us Mom!!! He said when you get better , he’ll take us to sea with him!!! So… “

Usopp to his mom , Banchina :Chapter 41

When a child lies to his sick mother that his dad has returned just to make her live for a bit longer, you know that he’s living a sad life. Such is the story of our God Usopp, who picked up the habit of lying just to see his mother happy and give her hope to live for another day.

Growing up fatherless , on top of his mom dying broke the poor child in such a way that his coping mechanism was to compulsively lie. When you look past the lies, and see the reasons for it, Usopp words from this scene in One Piece gain a heavy aura of sadness and trauma.

” Luffy … Help… “

Nami Crying One Piece
Nami to Luffy : Chapter 81

The words uttered by Nami just a few moments before one the most iconic scenes in One Piece, the walk to Arlong Park.

What makes this quote so sad, isn’t just the recent events that have occurred in the series, where Nami is yet again tricked by Arlong and his corrupt Marine associates, but also the fact that Nami has been going through this throughout her childhood just to protect the people of the village. Her utter helplessness is what hits in this scene!

” Who in their right mind would ever get married to a disgraceful failure like you? I mean , at least bring me a proper prince!! “

Pudding to Reiju : Chapter 851

After running away from his family in his childhood, Sanji finally found a home in Baratie and then the Straw Hats. But when the very people who abused you force you into a political marriage by threatening to harm your new family, how do you feel?

This is what Sanji underwent in the Whole Cake Island Arc. Being forced to leave his crew without much notice and also having to attack his own captain just to protect them from a greater threat definitely hurt Sanji and the audience.

What’s more is the very girl you are about to marry, pretends to be nice and cheerful infront of you, but hates you and breaks your heart behind you back. The scene of Sanji desperately trying to light a smoke under the rain is famous for this very reason, as the whole event is very sad and heartbreaking.

” Hey… When do you think a person dies? When a bullet from a pistol pierces his heart? No… When he’s attacked by an incurable disease? No… When he eats a deadly poisonous mushroom soup? No! A man dies when people forget him… “

Dr Hiriluk announces to Wapol and his subordinates : Chapter 145

Being ostracized by his herd for having a blue nose and then being kicked out for becoming a “monster”, Chopper had no one left in the world.

That was until Dr. Hiriluk came along and saved a wounded Chopper and befriended him eventually becoming like a father to him. When it was Hiriluk’s time to die due to his terminal illness, Chopper innocently got him a poisonous mushroom thinking it was the cure, and moved by Chopper’s concern, Hiriluk ate it.

After being tricked by Wapol , Hiriluk drank a poison that he had concocted, to make it so that his death was not because of Chopper and died in an explosion, leaving behind his famous last words that live with us to this day.

” Hey Law. I Love You!! “

Corazon and Law One Piece, saddest one piece quotes
Corazon to Law : Chapter 767

This without doubt has to be one of the saddest quotes in One Piece. I am not crying, you are!

After losing his family and his whole country to the Amber Lead Syndrome, a traumatized Law wanders the world looking for a cure.

In such a situation , the person who he hates the most , ends up becoming his closest friend and family. Corazon eventually finds the devil fruit that can cure Law and steals it, tricking both his brother and the Marines and in the process gives up his life.

The saddest part about all this is that Corazon lies to Law, with a sheepish smile and Law innocently agrees to the plan. Little did he know that this would be the last time he would ever see another family member.

” Squard, how dare you draw your sword against you own father? What a stupid son you are!! You may be a fool…but I still love you. “

Whitebeard to Squard (Whirl Spider) : Chapter 563

At the beginning of the war, Whitebeard is suddenly stabbed by Squard, one of his ally captains. Squard was tricked by Akainu into thinking that Whitebeard was about to sacrifice all of them just to save Ace, when infact it was a ploy to injure Whitebeard.

Even after this betrayal, instead of harming Squard, Whitebeard embraces him and shows us that family comes first, even if they make mistakes sometimes, despite that mistake possibly costing Whitebeard his life.

” If we’re all gonna die anyway, we should atleast go out having fun! Shall we sing? “

Brook to the Rumbar Pirates : Chapter 488

This is one of the saddest moments in One Piece by far and no doubt ended up having one of the saddest quotes from the series. The crew is already split into two as the captain and a few other crewmates have caught a deadly disease. The other half of the crew is then attacked and poisoned by another pirate crew leaving them to die.

The impact this scene has on the audience is due to the fact that Brook and his friends all sing their favorite song, to their whale, Laboon, dying one by one, till Brook is the only one left standing.

Who knows for how long he has been drifting in the _____ Sea alone remembering his finals moments with his crew. This becomes even sadder when you consider the fact that Brook might outlive all the Straw Hat members and be all alone yet again.


Robin crying one piece
Robin to the Straw Hats (and Sogeking) : Chapter 398

Another of one One Piece’s most famous scenes is Robin telling the Straw Hats the she wants to live. Again this dialogue not only hits hard because of the ongoing moments, but also because this is Robin’s last chance. From her childhood , she grew up alone as her mother was never there and her Aunt treated her badly. The only people to ever treat her well were the archeologists of Ohara and Saul, who were all killed.

As a young girl with a huge bounty, she went through a lot of betrayals at an early age and learnt to never trust anyone, and to use them for her goals before betraying them.

As such, when she joined the Straw Hats, she felt a short sense of safety before the demons of her past came back to haunt her again. This line has the impact that it does as Robin believes that Luffy and the crew are the only ones who can finally free her from the “curse” that she was born with.

I’m sorry Luffy … I’m sorry… I’m sorry that you didn’t get to save me …….. Thank you for loving me!!

Ace dies in Luffy's hands
Ace’s last words to Luffy : Chapter 574

After being provoked by Akainu’s insults to Whitebeard, Ace tried to fight against him , and got punched through the chest while trying to protect Luffy.

It is undeniably one of the saddest moments in all of One Piece and has caused many fans to bawl their eyes out, with many even putting the series on halt due to the trauma that scene carries.

This moment has forever cemented Ace and Whitebeard as the greatest characters in the series and has caused millions of people around to world to hate Akainu with a burning passion.

” This is it for me. You’ve given me everything. I owe you everything, my sons. Farewell! “

Whitebeard’s last words (thoughts) to his crew : Chapter 576

Whitebeard’s great feats and moments need to explaining. The man lived and died a legend. As an orphan, from a young age he looked for only one thing, a family.

He failed to find it in Rocks’ crew and many others before forming his own “Whitebeard Pirates” where he found abandoned orphans and kids and made them part of his family. In a sense this was his One Piece. Not wealth , fame or power but a loving family.

An even in his last moments, he only thing he thought about were his sons, who gave meaning to his life in his old age and fulfilled the only thing he was lacking.

” I am Oden!! And I was born … to boil!!!! “

Oden to Kaido and the citizens of Wano : Chapter 972

Oden’s legendary last words that left both the audience and the whole of Wano crying. While they made fun of and insulted Oden, he was secretly protecting them from the atrocities that Kaido and Orochi had planned. After his death, for 20 years the citizens of Wano had to suffer Orochi’s tyranny.

Oden’s last words leave a long lasting impact the audience, as despite all his people going against him and Oden losing the fight due to trickery , he still gave it his all to protect and save his subordinates and went out with a smile.

” Daddy, look! I have good medicine for you! Aha ha ha!!
Daddy, come back to life!! This medicine will cure you!! It’s called Toad Oil… “

Toko to a deceased Yasuie : Chapter 943

When Usopp first comes to Wano, he pretends to be a peddler who sells a magical Toad Oil that can heal all your wounds. Little did we know one of Usopp many lies will lead to one of the most tragic and heartbreaking scenes in all of One Piece.

“I feel my heart crack” when Toko innocently tries to use Usopp’s toad oil to bring her dead father back to life, moments after he was shot infront of her. This moment only gets sadder as your realize that she and the Ebisu Town residents can’t even express their emotions properly due to the SMILE fruits they ate, and are left laughing like mad men outside the execution site.

” Ace! Why?! Why didn’t you live the way I told you to? “

Garp to Ace : Chapter 556

Despite being the Hero of the Marines, Garp wasn’t able to do anything to save Ace.

These lines carry the emotion of a man who is split between his love and his responsibility, both of which he stands for.

Garp always wanted Luffy and Ace to join the Navy, probably because he knew that if they became pirates he will have to watch this scene unfold before his eyes. The helplessness he feels sitting right next to Ace before his execution will truly make you sad and want to bawl your eyes out.

Which of these saddest One Piece quotes hit you in your kokoro? Let us know them in the comments below!!

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