Top 25 Best Studio Ghibli Quotes Of All Time

Studio Ghibli is one of the most adored Japanese animation film studios. It has impacted the lives of many through the wonderful movies they created. All of the films are family-friendly with deep-rooted wisdom.

The world of whimsical imagination portrayed in the characters is a way for Director Hayao Miyazaki to be a part of everything that he cannot be in real life. Thus, these movies come with incredible protagonists and also offers some of the best studio Ghibli quotes which are also some of the most loving quotes of all time.

Here you go,

Top 25 Studio Ghibli Quotes of all time that will surely inspire you:

Best studio ghibli quotes of all Time

“There You Are Sweetheart, Sorry I’m Late, I Was Looking Everywhere For You.”

—Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl Pendragon is surely one of the most beloved characters in the Ghibli world. And this studio Ghibli quote is absolutely famous in the movie Howl’s Moving Castle. This is the first line of Howl swooping off a troubled Sophie and hence starts the beautiful story of these two misfits.

Best studio ghibli quotes of all Time

“We each need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes it’s not easy.”

—Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service is another adorable film by Miyazaki which ranks quite high in the charts. This movie’s main theme is “transition into adulthood”. This studio ghibli quote by Ursula is a push Kiki needed to find her reason to fly again .

Best studio ghibli quotes of all Time

“The Earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we can understand.”

—Laputa:Castle in the Sky

Environmentalism is a vivid topic Studio Ghibli has always taken a liking to. In Laputa: Castle in the sky, we see the blend of Nature and Technology. And Sheeta, is just a catalyst between them who holds the power to start a war.

The studio ghibli quote directly relates to the real world relationship of man and nature which is shown in the later half of the movie.

Best studio ghibli quotes of all Time

“Once you’ve met someone you never really forget them.”

—Spirited Away

Spirited Away is the most inspiring movie so far by Mr. Miyazaki, combining the elements of Shintoism and Imagination. It deals with beautiful details and emotions of Chihiro and her surroundings.

This studio ghibli quote is the most famous line delivered in the movie which unfolded a new twist in the world of Spirited Away and gave us a sense of importance to the people around us.

Best studio ghibli quotes of all Time

“Life, as they say, has its ups and downs. At times, the waves may taunt you, tossing you in their swells. But take heart. It’s hard to stick with it and make it on your own. But even a couple of losers can survive most things if they’re together.”

—My Neighbors the Yamadas

A complete different type of movie with comedy and comic strip at its base My neighbour the Yamadas took all the Ghibli fans by surprise. Not all viewers appreciated the approach, but the new vignetted style was a nice try.

Even if you don’t like the whole movie, this studio ghibli quote will give you new hopes as it is a summary of love and hardships faced together as a family.

Best studio ghibli quotes of all Time

“Turn your face toward the sun, and the shadows fall behind you.”

-Tales from Earthsea

The Tales from earthsea is a debut creation of junior Miyazaki. He enveloped as many elements of Ghibli as possible in his film but lacked somewhat storytelling.

The memorable quotes from this movie are few but they do have an impact in the movie. In this line, it ensures the hope of light that shuns all darkness and brings one victory.

New on Blu ray GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES 1988

“Why do fireflies have to die so soon?”

– Grave of the fireflies

Whatever I say about Grave of the fireflies is not gonna bring Setsuko and his brother back. The movie is a glimpse of Hayao Miyazaki’s own war stricken childhood which makes it more dark and horrifyingly sad.

This studio ghibli quote is famous throughout the world for conveying the significance of an early death that comes to those who lights the lives of others.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Screencaps Screenshots Images Wallpapers Pictures

“Danger doesn’t always come from the enemy.”

― Nausicaa of the valley of the wind

Nausicaa of the valley of wind is the coolest movie by Studio Ghibli. The marriage of Sci-fi and imagination brought upon in an post apocalyptic world was beautifully presented in this film. Nausicaa’s character building has added her to the title of one of the best progressive female protagonists of all time.

This studio ghibli quote is a great reminder for us that not every friend is a trusted friend and not all enemies are bad.


“If today is no good, you’ll have tomorrow. If tomorrow’s no good, you’ll have the next day.”

-Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday is a Shoujo drama film initially meant for the adult audience as a realistic drama. The animated characters were a bit different from the childrens’ films but the response came as a positive one.

The studio ghibli quote here is also well known from the movie, which says about never giving in to changes and make one’s own decisions.

Studio Ghibli Characters Reimagined in Real Life

“I’d rather be a pig than a fascist”

Porco Rosso

Among the most unappreciated Ghibli movies, Porco Rosso is one of them. Set in post World War I scenario, a journey of an  anthropomorphic pig as a bounty hunter gets sucked in the Nazi political drama.

This studio ghibli quote by Marco, marks a great importance in the film as a portrayal of historical and political realism from the director himself to cope with the situation of unjust war.


“It’s not easy to live your own way. You can’t blame anyone but yourself.”

– Whisper of the heart

Yet another Shoujo theatrical movie Whisper of the heart is based on a coming of age manga by Aoi Hiiragi with the memorable tune of “country roads” by Yoko Honna. With a beautiful lovestory and couple goals this movie is marked as one of the most romantic Ghiblis of all time.

Talking about couple goals, this studio ghibli quote in this movie produces the sense of responsibility that a person should take when he/she makes a choice to take life in their own hands.

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“These days, there are angry ghosts all around us. Dead from wars, sickness, starvation, and nobody cares. So – you say you’re under a curse. So what, so’s the whole damn world.”

– Mononoke hime

The most celebrated nature and magic realistic movie Princess Mononoke is a world on its own. Every character in this movie is full of life and meaning. In this film Miyazaki wanted to portray the beginning of the unfathommable conflict between the natural world and industrial civilization.

The Cat Returns 2002

If you find yourself troubled by something mysterious or a problem that’s hard to solve, there’s a place you can go where you always find help. You just need to look for it.

–The cat returns

The Cat Returns is the indirect sequel of Whisper of the heart, with Baron as the main character and also Muta from Shizuku’s fantasy novel.

06MIYAZAKIjp2 superJumbo

“But remember this, Japanese boy… airplanes are not tools for war. They are not for making money. Airplanes are beautiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality.”

-The Wind Rises

Hayao Miyazaki is obsessed with flying. Almost all his film have a character who can fly. So, in The Wind Rises, he finally brings in the art of flying; fighter aircrafts.

He expressed his talent of storytelling and imaginative cinematography through the biography of Jiro Horikoshi. This studio ghibli quote is just a tribute from a legend to another.

Gudang lagu

“When I saw you, I just wanted to find a way to protect you.”

– The Secret World of Arrietty

The Secret World of Arrietty is a film inspiring the theme of friendship and courage. It introduced us to an unknown world of little people called “Borrowers” who live among us. The companionship between a human and a borrower shown is really heartwarming, giving us new ideas about our surroundings. The film infused in us the courage to protect everything we can be it big or small.

Hayao Miyazakis 16 Best Creations

“The greatness of a mind is determined by the depth of its suffering.”

-Nausicaa of the valley of wind

This studio ghibli quote from Nausicaa is quiet notable as it talks about human nature with respect to suffering and hardships. Its so great how these animated characters become like real people and that is why Studio Ghibli films connect with us in a common ground.

From Up On Poppy Hill Gallery

 “There’s no future for people who worship the future, and forget the past.”

—From Up On Poppy Hill

Studio Ghibli’s another strong point is depicting war or post war times. From up on poppy hill is a close resemblance of Japan as a whole to rebuild the country after the war days.

The studio ghibli quote is a symbol of encouragement towards a strong future, by not forget and keep thinking about the frustrating and dark days that led them here.

Kikis Delivery Service Image Kikis Delivery Service Screencaps

“It Doesn’t Really Matter What Color Your Dress Is. What Matters Is The Heart Inside.”

– Kiki’s Delivery Service

The first step of adulthood that Kiki recieved was from her mother. She is a wholesome character who built the foundation of the girl whom Kiki aspires to become.

My Neighbor Totoro hayao miyazaki 17051138 462 253

“Try Laughing. Then Whatever Scares You Will Go Away.”

-My neighbour totoro

My Neighbour Totoro is the most popular children’s movie by Studio Ghibli with its expressive fictive characters. Especially the design of the Cat bus steals all the points of the film. And Tatsuo is one of the best Dads in the whole anime history not gonna lie!

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I respect a woman who stands up for herself. Even if she does like sticking her nose in other people’s business!

– The cat returns

Muta from The Cat Returns movie sure is lively and stealthy. Certain lines he delivers as a grumpy cat, sure is sassy disregarding his plump figure!

@bosspa 1

It’s funny how each day you wake up and never really know if it will be one that will change your life forever.

– Secret world of Arrietty

The character of Shou in Arrietty started of as a sad and gloomy one, until he met the little Borrower. Slowly and steadily he realized the value of life and how exciting can each day be. You never know what happens tomorrow eh?

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“Nobody Understands Weather Anymore. Might As Well Look At Shadows And Listen To Crickets.”

– Ponyo

Ponyo is an artistic marvel created by Ghibli. There is nothing to really brain storm or feel rather than enjoying it as a whole. A beautiful imagery of the life under the Sea and how it can influence us.

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“Yesterday’s gone, so has the day before. Don’t waste today arguing about it.”

– When marnie was there

An anime movie adaptation of the book by Joan G. Robinson, which is supposedly the last Ghibli movie so far. When Marnie Was Here is a film deeper than it shows focusing on Anna with emotional loss and a mysterious girl. The film has a unique storytelling style with plot twists and heart breaking narratives.

Ocean Waves Umi ga Kikoeru

Sometimes what you’re looking for, comes when you’re not looking at all.

– Ocean waves

Ocean waves is a really underappreciated queer movie which explores an interesting love triangle between two good friends and a new transfer student. The tones and setting of the film is really good, taking straight from the real life incidents with a bit of drama.

The quote here is very relatable as it happens to everyone be it a thing or a person.

Miyazakis Magical Food An Ode to Animes Best Cooking Scenes

“Here’s Another Curse For You – May All Your Bacon Burn.”

– Howl’s Moving Castle

Finally, the most quirky quote from Howl’s moving castle that pops up every now and then all over the internet. Hope you don’t angry calcifer or be ready to had burnt bacon for breakfast!

If you loved these quotes, here are some more which can interest you even further. Check the top 100 best anime quotes of all time.

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