Effects Of Outsourcing Animation To India On Indian GDP

Global consumers are displaying a growing appetite for engaging, high-definition visual experiences. Moviegoers are demanding high-quality productions with engaging visual effects and realistic animation. In response, studios are including more animation and VFX shots into films. Consumers are consuming more immersive content across channels such as ultra-high-definition TVs, tablets, and smartphones to head-mounted devices. And, as a population-driven country, India is slowly and steadily making its mark to rise to the

Noragami Chapter 93.2: Will Father’s Past Finally Be Revealed?

After 10 years of endless nagging and theorizing, we finally get some revelation on Father's past in the latest chapter 93.2 of Noragami. It's almost Ooharai and the Heavens' deadline will end any instant now. Yato and Kazuma are hastily fighting against Father and Hagusa, while Ebisu and the other gods are busy digging up the Crafter's past endeavors. With Kazuma as Yato's Nora and Yukine as Father's, the God and Shinki game has exponentially spiked up. Yes, a prevailing fear of Bishamonten ravaging Yato(again!) is

Noragami: Why Does Kazuma Call Bishamon ‘Veena’?

In Japanese culture, while addressing a person, hierarchy is a key factor. Despite that, Kazuma, a Shinki, proudly addresses his master Bishamonten as Veena. He might be a powerful blessed vessel. But still he is merely a human to his mistress. So why exactly does Kazuma call Bishamon Veena? Read the blog to find out!

Indian Animation Industry Dawdling Despite Double Growth

India is the second-largest entertainment industry in the world. It is fortified well with impeccably talented, affordable, and trained professionals in the field of animation. With the increasing demands in outsourcing, various animation companies have emerged across India. Animation companies are forming animation hubs in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum, and Hyderabad. Most of these companies also have cutting-edge technologies in studios capable of executing extensive projects for companies from

Why Did Yato Kill Bishamon’s Shinki?

Bishamonten had been at Yato's throat for years. She spent decades hunting him down, with a bloodlust that even extended to his acquaintances. The reason? Yato was responsible for killing Bishamon's shinki in the past. Her hatred for stemmed from this and drove her to be reckless and rash on many occasions. But why did Yato go so far as to kill Bishamon's shinki? Well it happens that Kazuma himself happened to be involved in this mess. The Disaster of the Ma Clan Bishamonten is known for her vast family of Shinki.

What Is CGI In Anime? Why Is It Used? Is It Good Or Bad?

Nowadays pretty much every single anime that comes out make use of CGI. Some more than others. The anime industry seems to be always under the pressure to produce dozens of new shows every season. Due to these high demands, studios speed up the production to cut corners; inevitably delivering with a product they had initially intended. The primary tool they use to make all this possible is CGI. Definition and Usage of CGI in Anime CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. CGI animation is the process of generating

Who Is Sakura In Noragami? How Did She Die?

Yaboku was a minor God who was born out of a strong wish made by his Father. The latter wanted to use him to perform a cull of humanity and cause problems to the heavens. He was given the nora Hiiro for a Shinki with whom he used to play. As a child, Yato had no manners and the only thing he knew was to take lives and collect human ears as trophies. However, things take a turn when Sakura, a short-lived spirit, come's into Yato's life. Who is Sakura? Sakura was originally Tenjin-sama's shinki before being

Noragami: Why Did Yato’s Father Kiss Hiyori?

The peak scene in Chapter 30 of the manga Noragami breaks our heart when Kouto Fujisaki (who was still a random character) tries to get Hiyori Iki’s attention and steals a kiss out of the blue! I am sure it made your skin crawl at that moment. But looking at the plot afterward in the manga and realising Fujisaki was really Yato's father, we come to wonder if Fujisaki intentionally kissed Hiyori, or was it a spur-of-the-moment decision? With Father being involved, nothing seems to that easy! Yato is a negligible god

One Piece Filler List (2021) | A Complete One Piece Anime Filler Guide

One piece is the most favourite anime and manga series among the "Big Three" fans. It has been 20 years since its first episode released in 1999. Fans are just crazy about its storyline, character designs and hilarious but adventurous journey of Monkey D. Luffy and his nakamas. Even though the majority of the filler episodes do not contribute to the plotline, there are some important filler arcs that give charm to the anime. In this article, we sorted out the best list possible out of the astounding 965 episodes to weed

Black Clover Filler List | A Complete Black Clover Anime Filler Guide

In manga-based anime, fillers have been used to put distance between the anime and its source material, preventing an overlap that would cause trouble for both forms of the series. But sometimes for this reason, the series becomes boring. Thus the following Black clover filler list will show you which episodes are filler in the series or exclusively from the anime and were not adapted based on the manga. We have prepared this list so that you can skip or avoid the Black clover fillers that you think

Bleach Filler List | A Complete Bleach Anime Filler Guide

Once considered one of "The Big Three" along with One Piece & Naruto, Bleach was the first of the 3 to drop out, but still left it's mark on the anime industry. In manga-based anime, fillers have been used to put distance between the anime and its source material, preventing an overlap that would cause trouble for both forms of the series. But sometimes for this reason, the series becomes boring. It is really a different experience to see it without Filler episodes that often create plot inconsistencies and lower the

Anime Industry Growth Estimated To 43 Billion USD By 2027

Anime has been having a moment for the last couple of years, and especially it increased during the pandemic. It has definitely made some major investment changes over time, and now its fruits are showing. Anime has come a long way to become what it is now. Even with dwindling birthrates and elderly population, the Anime Industry is making its mark on the economic map of the world. Let us see how. History of the Anime Industry Anime literally means “animation” in Japan. So in theory, it could apply to any form of

How To Watch Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super Movies? A Complete Guide

Dragon Ball is an anime that almost everyone has watched in their childhood. From its bright visuals to vintage action scenes, every aspect of the classic Dragon Ball has a nostalgic element on its side. Despite the anime having 5 seasons and a total of 807 episodes, the number of movies is also huge. Almost 80% of the movies are non-canonical and do not add to the actual story of Dragon Ball. Still, die-hard fans of the franchise might want to stay updated with the overall series without a hole in their heart. So, we

How To Watch Dragon Ball Series?

Dragon Ball is an anime that almost everyone has watched in their childhood. It is one of the most popular, not to mention extensive, anime franchises of all time – and for newcomers, the wealth of content can overwhelm you very easily. How to watch the Dragon Ball series? Do not worry mate! In this article, we will present you with the best watch order to get you into the series just like that! PLOT: Dragon Ball Series This 35 year-long old series covers Goku’s journey along with his

How To Watch Re Zero Anime, OVA, And Movies A Complete Guide

How to watch Re: Zero you ask? Well, it's pretty straightforward and much easier to get into than the Fate franchise! The simple answer to the question is- follow the release order. But with the new media other than the canons might throw you off a bit. Don't worry! We will solve your dilemma. Other than the obvious watch order we have come up with more to enhance your Re: Zero experience! Plot Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World is a Japanese light novel series by Tappei Nagatsuki and Shinichirou Otsuka. The

Indian Celebrities Who Are Anime Fans

While it is still considered a niche interest by some, anime fandom has grown in India over the past 10 years. Now, there are plenty of famous Indian celebrities who watch anime and are vocal about it. Thus we can proudly say, that the anime fanbase has grown into more than just a typical otaku culture. In this article, we will cover the Indian celebrities who are vocal about watching anime series. Let's take a gander at this surprising list of celebrities who are into anime! 12.Nikhil Sharma Nikhil Sharma, who

How To Watch The Fate Series? A Complete Guide

How to watch the Fate series? Of course, you will be intimidated by the sheer collection of media the Fate Franchise has to offer. We have come up with 3 watch orders for newcomers who want a taste of the great franchise. However, Fate/Stay Night was originally released as a visual novel (an interactive story with branching paths), so the story moves depending on the love interest of the player chose near the start of the game resulting in a unique sequence of events, called a “route”. Depending on the choice of

Naruto And Naruto Shippuden Filler List

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden fillers have always been harassing its fans, globally. In manga-based anime, fillers have been used to put distance between the anime and its source material, preventing an overlap that would cause trouble for both forms of the series. But sometimes for this reason, the series becomes boring. A modern Shounen anime like Naruto is famous for the huge amount of its Anime only arcs or Fillers approach. Even though the majority of the filler episodes do not contribute to the plotline, there are

How To Watch Naruto Series? Complete Guide In Order

How to watch Naruto series? This shouldn't be a question that arises in anybody's mind. But in case it rose in your mind don't worry. We will help you clear your doubts. Famous for its undeniably motivating lessons, action sequences, and the iconic Naruto run, it is safe to say that Naruto has paved the path for modern Shōnen anime. Having an astounding total of 720 episodes, Naruto takes the liberty of exploring various story arcs and dives deep into some of the finest character developments, backgrounds, and histories.