The Saddest Anime Quotes Of All Time That Are Actually Depressing!

Roy Mustang Crying

Those who watch anime know that sometimes the fictional characters living in the fantasy world can affect us deeply and leave a mark on us.

These characters hit us different, some hit us with their backstories and some take such profound actions that we are bound to pay respects. One of the things that make characters memorable are the dialogue or quotes that they drop.

The lines of dialogue written by the mangakas which are beautifully delivered by the voice actors full of emotions and passion can determine the likelihood of the said character, but as the epic moments and speeches leave us with goosebumps and chills, the saddest moments bring out the deepest emotions from these characters who then decide to drop the hardest hitting quotes.

This compilation is of the saddest anime quotes of all time which have been spoken.

Spoiler warning: Major spoilers are discussed to explain the context of each quote so proceed at your own risk!

Saddest anime quotes:

Roy Mustang Crying
Saddest anime quotes start below!

Damn you, Ace…!!!! Why did you not live as I wanted you to?

Garp (One Piece)

In the midst of the Marineford War between the Marines and the legendary Whitebeard crew, these lines are spoken by vice admiral Monkey D. Garp to his adoptive grandson Ace in One Piece.

For a refresher, the war which shaped the future of the world took place solely because of Ace as he was going to get executed in front of whole world after the revelation of his true father, Pirate King Roger. But Whitebeard was not ready to let that happen as Ace shared a deep connection with him, being his crew member.

Thus the Paramount war took place, and amidst the battle as Ace looked over from the scaffolding, Garp climbed the stairs and sat beside him. Ace grew up with Garp and always wanted him to become a marine but Ace never listened to him and his pleas.

So now as both watched hopelessly, Garp started crying and delivered these sad lines as Ace realized that the only reason all of this bloodshed and misery took place was because of his sole decision to not listen to Garp, making it one of the saddest quotes of anime.

This world is cruel and merciless…but it is also very beautiful.

Mikasa (Attack on Titan)

In the gloomy and brutal world of Attack on Titan, it is nigh impossible to keep a positive demeanor, not when multiple giant creatures start attacking your home and destroy everything. But according to this sad quote from the anime by Mikasa Ackermann, the said world may be cruel but also very beautiful.

And knowing Mikasa, we can analyze why these words are spoken. During the second attack of the titans five years after the first attack, Mikasa remained stoic even after realizing that Eren might have been gone from her life.

Eren saved Mikasa’s life years ago from a group of kidnappers who had killed her family. The simple act of Eren wrapping around his scarf on Mikasa left a strong sense of impact and desire to love and support Eren.

As she made her way to defeat the titans attacking in the present time, she was in conflict: she called the world cruel because of her loved ones dying and destruction all around but she also remembered that her life changed when she found Eren and started loving him. The world is filled with both negativity and positivity.

It’s not like someone is waiting for me at home.

Naruto (Naruto)

Those who watched Naruto in their early days remember how it shaped our childhood as the young shinobi fought his battles and exclaimed “Dattebayo!” or “Believe it!” at every moment.

Besides the moments of bravery, there were also many sad moments, which automatically presented us with some saddest anime quotes. Here we are going to discuss about one of them. Although he exclaims these words in the first episode in a pretty joyful mood, the truth is much more harsh.

Naruto was a victim of the fate of Jinchuiriki. Naruto had the Nine Tailed Fox Kurama sealed inside of him and this led to the villagers of Konoha be feared of him. He was ostracized and left behind at almost every place and not only that but his parents died giving birth to him.

You see, the fate of the Jinchuriki was not his own fault but the situation called to the fact that his father Minato, the Hokage at that time had to seal it within his own son to avoid further destruction of the village. So he grew up alone since the beginning and thus these lines hit hard.

It’s a terrible day for rain.

Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

One of the most memorable and saddest quotes in anime history, no one realized that a line which appears to be from a weather forecast channel would actually leave us anime fans in shambles.

Not only is this line applicable to situation presented then, it is closely related to the one who speaks it: Colonel Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

During the funeral of his best friend Maes Hughes, Mustang pays respects and speaks these words when beckoned by Lt. Hawkeye. Hughes was a kind and caring individual who loved his family.

As we know, Mustang was a fire alchemist and when he realized that his only light and hope had died in a terrible way, it felt as if his fire had been ‘extinguished’ by this rain. This makes it one of the saddest quotes in anime.

If I were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul is in the list of the main characters who have suffered the most and this line basically illustrates what Tokyo Ghoul is all about. Spoken right itself in the first chapter and anime of the same, Kaneki was excited to go on a date with someone who shared the same interests as him of reading. As his life was dull beyond comparison, this was a once in a lifetime chance.

But things go wrong as his partner Rize reveals herself as a ghoul who feeds on humans and as she is ready to pounce on her trapped target, an accident occurs which technically saved Kaneki as he had Rize’s organs transplanted into him which then triggers the plot of Tokyo Ghoul.

Kaneki goes through hell during this time and his words hit harder as watches further. “Kaneki only wanted to go on a date.” is a famous line within the Tokyo Ghoul community and it is difficult to think otherwise.

No matter what you decide to do from now on, I will love you forever.

Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

As another Naruto quote appears on this list, this quote is spoken by everyone’s favorite Itachi Uchiha. This elusive individual with his actions became one of the most popular characters in Anime history and to be fair every line that he speaks is worthy of a quote.

We have compiled his best lines here but this particular dialogue hits harder than the trucks responsible for transporting people to isekai.

Although the real death of Itachi is sad, it is only after then we realize his true motives in the story. As someone who was working behind the scenes to protect his village, his brother Sasuke realized that his revenge meant nothing at all but partly thanks to Kabuto and his reanimation technique, Itachi’s role was not finished as after breaking Kabuto’s reanimation technique, he was able to explain Sasuke everything that actually happened.

As Sasuke swallowed the overwhelming amount of information running through his mind, Itachi touched his forehead with his Sasuke’s and delivers these poetic lines as he disappeared. Truly one of the hardest hitting quotes.

I wish people who say: “I’d rather die” would actually die before they say it. So that they’ll know how I feel.


People who do not know what dying feels like cannot understand these lines, as Natsuki Subaru mentions but is there anyone who has gone through death to talk like this? Yes, he has.

The world of Re:Zero may seem as a fantasy world everyone would want to get resurrected into with their ideal superpowers but Subaru’s case is a bit different: his only superpower is to go back in time after death, like a video game. Although it may seem very beneficial (which it actually is) he cannot share this fact with anyone. So basically, he has to die and try to solve his problems alone.

As he gets used to dying in a million different ways, his mental stress reaches a whole different level. His friends don’t remember anything when he dies and he cannot tell anyone about anything, which makes puts all the pressure on his shoulders. It is then when he says this line which literally makes so much sense. Taking into account his near perfect representation of human nature and his future development, his words mean a lot.

Also look out for Season 3 of Re:Zero!

I am Oden!! And I was born to boil!!!

Kozuki Oden (One Piece)

It’s a miracle how Eichiro Oda has been blessing the world by continuously dropping weekly chapters of One Piece throughout two decades which never gets stale at all and the lines spoken by Kozuki Oden are here to prove it.

In the ongoing Wano arc of the anime, the Daimyo of Kuri’s backstory was shown which arguably stands out as one of the greatest backstories ever presented, as the man set out to make history over the seas despite of his highly orthodox culture.

After returning from his sea faring journey, he was not handed away the kingdom of Wano just like that and he was ready to do anything in order to protect his people but during his final moments when he was asked to survive in a tub of boiling oil, there was no sign of hesitation from him as he jumped in.

These lines then come out from his scorching mouth, which refers to the dish that tastes the best when it was served boiled. One of the most heroic yet hardest hitting moments of all time which also consists of one of the saddest quotes ever.

Stress makes you bald, but it’s stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway. In the end, there’s nothing you can do.

Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)

Many of us know Gintama for its unadulterated and raw comedy in a unique world filled with aliens and samurai but the ones who have watched Gintama know that there are parts of the story which no one had expected to turn the tables completely. Yes, there are arcs in Gintama that are serious and depressing and as the viewer starts to learn more about Gintoki’s past, one would not believe the person he has become in the present.

Although the quote may sound funny as per the standards Gintama have set but when it comes to his own story, one must respect the mood he maintains despite his troubled and depressing past.

He has fought in many battles and has cut through both the strong and weak. His swordsmanship was renowned throughout and known as the ‘White Demon’ for his diverse set of skills and formidable swordplay but now he is long past all of that and lives his life doing odd jobs, making us laugh.

I thought I could just apologize tomorrow. But that tomorrow… never came.

Jinta Yadomi (Anohana)

Anohana is a masterclass representation of loss of life and how sometimes an end can be a new beginning. Jinta Yadomi lives detached from society.

Five years ago, after him and his group of friends lost Menma in an accident, their group slowly drifted apart but now Menma’s ghost has appeared which can only be seen by him and won’t be able to reach the afterlife until her last wish has been granted, which Jinta does not remember.

As he embarks on a journey to help her, he again meets his old friends who at first do not believe him but that was not what fate wanted.

The crew struggles as they try to assist Menma move on while also helping each other move on. As they slowly open up their feelings, they reminisce of their old memories. Infact, when they were young Jinta had a crush on Menma but that’s the thing, he never got a ‘tomorrow’ to speak of, regardless of his act of confession or apologizing.

Doctor Tenma. For you all lives are created equal, that’s why I came back to life. But you’ve finally come to realize it now, haven’t you? Only one thing is equal for all, and that is death.

Johan (Monster)

Monster being one of the classics, we have a quote from none other than Johan Liebert. Constantly met with the dilemma of saving a life and taking a life, the off the charts development of Tenma was only possible by the likes of Johan, considered by many to be the greatest antagonist of all time.

Despite his urge to control the world by using his charismatic demeanor, at the end of the story, he speaks one of the harshest yet saddest lines ever. After taking the lives of many, Tenma finally confronts Johan.

Tenma was the one who saved Johan’s life by operating on him that too by his own decision, as he was instructed to operate on the mayor rather than a random child, but this is what triggers the plot as Johan escapes and becomes a dangerous criminal, set to follow his plan of world domination as he was influenced by Kinderheim 511.

But Johan realizes that in the end, no matter what a person achieves in their limited lifetime, everyone takes the same position on the podium when it comes to death. There is no intention of spoiling the ending here, so if you haven’t already checked out Monster, there is no better time.

Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations.

Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)

Coming from the beautiful Violet Evergarden, this quote is all about the sadness from high expectations. As for the show itself, it depicts the narrative of a former soldier who has to adapt to her new civilian life. Evergarden, in the show, takes peace in writing letters for people as a method to communicate her inner emotions. Violet’s prior acts have shaped her current state of being.

Her quote talks about the side effects of high expectations. We sometimes get overwhelmed by everything happening around that we make a positive picture of the situation in our mind but these expectations has its own concomitant negativity.

In reality, anything can happen and if one is not ready to face the unimaginable outcomes then they face serious breakdowns and also result in heartbreaks. Not only is the quote valid for an anime like this, but also in real life.

The tale of Jiraya, the gallant. Well now it’ll end a little bit better I hope. The final chapter I’ll call it “Frog, at the Bottom of the Well, Drifts off into the Great Ocean” Hehe, Just barely glorious, but glorious, indeed. Now I suppose it’s about time I put down my pen. Oh that’s right. What should I name the sequel? wonder. Let’s see “The tale of Naruto Uzamaki” Ah, Yes. That has a nice ring to it.

Jiraiya (Naruto)

There is a reason why there are so many quotes from Naruto and it is because of the memorable characters it has to offer which leave a mark on our hearts. The beloved Jiraiya is one of them and these words are spoken by him during his final moments, drowning into the ocean after fighting of Nagato and the Six Paths of Pain. The fight is rather underrated but the moments are painful to watch.

As the legendary sage fights off Pain and his summoning jutsu, Jiraiya gets reminded of the past and it revealed that Nagato along with two of his friends were the students of Jiraiya himself and it was hard for him to go up against his own students.

He blamed himself for not guiding them properly and as Jiraiya goes drowning deep into the ocean after Pain’s final attack, he considers himself a failure who has achieved nothing in his life but no matter what, it is time for his story to come to an end and he leaves all of his hopes and expectations on Naruto. Definitely one of the saddest lines of dialogue ever spoken by an anime character.

When I Saw Him Struggling…It Got Me Thinking. Who Protects The Heroes When They Need Protecting?

Ochaco Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

We all love superheroes and their brave acts of protecting humanity, and Deku is the same who himself is trying to become one with his friends. As he head starts his journey with the wisdom and after market genes, he now strives to become the greatest hero in the world. But not every hero or even a human and maintain a calm and composed attitude as there are times when they are weak themselves.

In the Joint Training Arc, as class 1-A and 1-B compete against each other, Deku discovers new secret about One For All that none of his eight predecessors could have dreamt of and this is when Deku loses control.

As everyone tries to calm him down during the exercise, Ochacho shares a monologue where she talks about her past and her thoughts about how Deku has gone through so much without backing down and about who will protect the heroes when they need protecting, as her exact line is. With the help of Shinso though, they manage to calm him down.

A real sin… can’t be erased, no matter whaaaaat you do.

Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

Spoken by the immortal man Ban from Nanatsu no Taizai, he and the rest of the seven deadly sins squad know the meaning and depth of everything they are talking about. Cursed by society for the sins they have committed, Ban is not different from the rest of his comrades. He committed the crime of supposed crime of destroying the fairy king’s forest and drinking from the fountain of youth in quest for immortality.

After going through the Fairy King’s Forest and climbing the Sacred Tree, he found the Fountain of Youth which could grant immortality to those who drink from it but things went south as a demon burned the forest and he was made to drink the water in an emotional scene by Elaine, the guardian of the water. Ban became the Fox Sin of Greed and realized that even though he is now immortal, the stain left on him and the others of committing a sin cannot be erased.

If you feel like crying you shouldn’t hold back your tears. You should let it all out while you still can…because when you get bigger, sometimes you can’t cry even if you have something to cry about.

Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad)

The list would not be complete if there were no quotes from Clannad. One of the most depressing stories in anime and an even more depressing ending, Tomoya Okazaki didn’t live the best childhood as he despises everything around him. Although his alcoholic father is to blame, he becomes a delinquent of a kind and is always late to school or skipping classes but like common trope in slice of life romance anime, he meets his Nagisa who would change his life.

As they got to know each other, Tomoya realized that Nagisa suffered from a chronic illness which delayed her graduation. Her only goal was to revive the school’s drama club which Tomoya agreed to help her with out of sheer idleness.

Long story short, they get married in the future and Nagisa gets pregnant, but her illness was always there due to which she dies just after giving birth to their daughter Ushio. Tomoya gets depressed as he becomes similar to his father, relying on drinking and smoking. Tomoya realizes the pain of loss and the fact that life must go on even if the unthinkable happens.

Was I able to live inside someone’s heart? Was I able to live inside your heart? Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little? You’d better not hit ‘reset!’ Don’t forget me, okay? That’s a promise, okay? I’m glad it’s you, after all. Will I reach you? I hope I can reach you.

Kaoru (Your Lie in April)

Although the phrasing of the above lines do not sound like it came from a calm and stoic person, this is one of the saddest anime quotes to ever have been spoken by a character.

Spoken in Your Lie in April, Kaori writes a letter to Arima before finally taking her leave from the world and as Arima is playing alone, finally able to ‘listen’ to his own playing of the Piano, the letter is read aloud in Kaori’s voice in the last episode which mentions how they were able to effectively change each other’s lives.

Kaori was an unmatched inspiration for the talented yet too mechanical Arima, who was able to bring in color to any black and white picture.

As Arima not only rediscovered but relearnt his passion of playing the Piano, he was continuously being inspired by the bizarre ‘freestyle’ of Kaori.

But Kaori had her secrets too as she was suffering from a chronic illness which made her unable to play many a times. Despite her sickness and departure, she was able to reawaken Arima which couldn’t have been possible without a different approach.

The more fun I have, the more it’ll hurt when we part ways. I know that all too well.

Hishiro Chizuru (Re:Life)

If you had a chance to relieve your school life with the mentality of your current matured self, which would in turn affect the future as well, would you do it? This is the exact proposition that was offered to Arata Kaizaki for the Re:Life experiment. He had a chance to completely up turn his current pathetic life into something meaningful and he grabs it without hesitation. He then goes back in time to make new friends and out of them, he gets really close to Chiziru Hishiro.

Chizuru was a bright student as she scored the highest grades in school but what she lacked was communication and social skills that left her with almost no friends. Although Kaizaki was indifferent to her solitude, Chizuru hesitated to form a bond as she says these lines and we all know from even our life experiences that her saying holds value, making it one of the saddest anime quotes that is easily relatable.

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