Best Gojo Satoru Quotes Of All Time (Yowai Mo & Other Badass Ones) From Jujutsu Kaisen!

Gojo Satoru, the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer in the world.


Gojo Satoru, the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer in the world. Always laid back and chill but always pulls through. A very comical character for the most part, but Gege has delivered some very good lines through his character.

Most of the dialogues by Gojo show his overconfidence in his strength which is well deserved. But there are some dialogues of younger Gojo where his immaturity and arrogance is obvious and shows us how much he has grown.

Best Gojo Satoru Quotes Of All Time From Jujutsu Kaisen!

 “ Don’t Worry. I’m the strongest ”

Episode 2/Chapter 2 : Page 6
Gojo asks Yuji to take control back from Sukuna in 10 seconds.

These are the first glimpses of Gojo’s unrivalled powers against a one-finger Sukuna who was hinted to be the strongest character we had ever seen. He was unscathed after the fight making him one of the first targets of Sukuna after he will be revived.

“I can’t guarantee that you won’t be a victim one day. Anyway … Pick your hell.”

Episode 2/Chapter 2: Page 20
Gojo explains to Yuji that the world of Jujutsu is hell.

Gojo explains to Yuji that no matter what path he chooses he will end up in a bad situation.
It shows how bad and scary the Jujutsu world is and now that Yuji has become a part of it and consumed Sukuna’s finger there is no turning back. No matter what he does he is going to die because of Jujutsu.

“Me, a target of the great Sukuna? What an honor!”

Episode 2/Chapter 3: Page 4
Gojo sarcastically pretends to be honored by Sukuna's death threats.

Gojo sarcastically responds to Sukuna saying that Gojo will be the first one he will kill after taking complete control over Yuji’s body. Gojo isn’t scared of Sukuna. he confirms this by saying that he would win in an all-out battle against Sukuna.

“That guy Yuji … He’s crazy up here. Today, I wanna see … How crazy she can get.”

Episode 3/Chapter 4: Page 16 and 17
Gojo tests how strong and crazy Nobara can get.

Gojo knows that Yuji was crazy enough to eat 2 of Sukuna’s fingers to fulfill his Grandpa’s last wishes and save people.

He was willing to consume 18 more fingers and die just because it was something only he can do. Meanwhile, Nobara was someone whose abilities were unknown. He wanted to see how she would suddenly adapt to much more intelligent curses than those found in the countryside.

“ Maybe I should just kill all the higher-ups. ”

Episode 5/Chapter 10: Page 4
Gojo expresses his hatred towards the old higher ups of the Jujutsu world.

An angry Gojo states that he can kill all the higher-ups of the Jujutsu world as they decided to go against his decision of killing Yuuji after he had been fed all 20 fingers.

The higher-ups were responsible for the special grade cursed spirit that mysteriously appeared in the prison and for the 1st years being dispatched for the mission which ultimately led to Yuuji’s death.

“ I’ve always been a nice guy who cares for my students. ”

Episode 5/Chapter 10: Page 5
New Project 32

Gojo’s response to Shoko Ieiri pointing out his soft spot for Yuuji.

“I’m gonna reset this crappy Jujutsu world. It’d be easy to kill everyone who’s in charge. But someone else would just take their place. Nothing would change. And it’s not as if people approve of massacres anyway… So that’s why I’m turning to education. I need strong and intelligent allies. I need to foster them.”

Episode 6/Chapter 11: Page 14
Gojo wants to reset the Jujutsu world as that is his dream.

Gojo has seen a lot in his younger days and he still sees it go on nowadays. He has risen to power but he still sees the Old men who want to keep their control over the Jujutsu world, taking decisions to maintain their influence if they see anything that might threaten their social positions.

“I refuse to keep this kid from living the best years of his life. Not just him, but everyone.”

Episode 6/Chapter 11: Page 18
Gojo wants to let the kids live a good life unlike people he had seen that suffered due to Jujutsu.

“Who’re you calling nothing special?”

Episode 7/Chapter 13: Page 17
Boss Mode Gojo easily flicks off a powerful attack from Jogo.

Gojo just shrugs off one of  Jogo’s attack like it was nothing, breaking Jogo’s delusions that he could take on Gojo himself.

“We should be good since you’re so weak”

Episode 7/Chapter 15: Page 6

Gojo calls Jogo weak and proceeds to kill him.

One of Gojo’s habits of taunting people he does not like. We see this very often with Principal Gakuganji too. Here , his remark makes Jogo get enraged and use his Domain Expansion, only to be killed by Gojo a few seconds later.

“It pisses me off how high-and-mighty old folks are these days.”

Episode 8/Chapter 18: Page 11
We have listed out the best quotes of Gojo Satoru in this post!

Gojo criticizing the older generation that desperately wants to lead the world and thinks they’re superior. He doesn’t hold back in expressing his dislike towards them and generally ends up taunting Gakuganji, who can’t do anything as Gojo is the strongest.

“The wave of power that you guys have been ignoring to maintain your status and in the name of stupid traditions has gotten huge and is approaching.”

Episode 8/Chapter 18: Page 13
New Project 13

“If you think I’m the only one who’s gonna question your authority you’re gonna be in a world of hurt, old man!”

Episode 8/Chapter 18: Page 14
New Project 14 1

“ Let’s get a little crazy. ”

Episode 20/Chapter 52: Page 13
New Project 17 1

The words were spoken by Gojo before showing us a legendary feat of powers by using his special cursed technique: Hollow Purple, one-shotting the special grade cursed spirit, Hanami.

“ However, being a jujutsu sorcerer is an individual sport. Yes. But no matter how many allies you have around you … You die alone.”

Episode 23/Chapter 58: Page 8 and 9
New Project 18 1

Gojo explains to Megumi that he must grow stronger all by himself as he cannot rely on his friends and comrades for everything.

 “Winning by dying and winning even if you die are two completely different things Megumi. Give it your all. It’s okay to be selfish.”

Episode 23/Chapter 58: Page 9 and 10
New Project 19 1


“It’s such a pain looking out for the weak.”

Chapter 65: Page 16
New Project 21 1

Gojo as an arrogant child prodigy feels like he does not need to work to save non-shamans. He is asked to eliminate curses under curtains but he doesn’t see the need go that far for non-shamans as it does not benefit him in anyway.

“Being righteous? I hate that stuff! Applying reasoning and responsibility to Jujutsu is what weak people do. Don’t get all proud of yourself for spouting that garbage.”

Chapter 65: Page 17
New Project 22 1

“Didn’t you learn that studying is important?”

Chapter 69: Page 13
New Project 24

“Throughout heaven and Earth … I alone am the honored one.”

Chapter 75: Page 9
New Project 25

After Gojo revives himself from a near-death state, using reverse cursed technique and Gojo realizes the core of cursed techniques. This allows him to use “Hollow Purple” for the first time.

“It looks like just being strong isn’t enough. I can only save those who are prepared to be saved.”

Chapter 78: Page 12 and 13
New Project 26 1

Gojo is really strong. Yet, he was unable to save his friend from walking a different path that would lead to his death.

 “I’m surprised you thought you could beat me … using your sorry excuse for a brain!”

Chapter 84: Page 18
New Project 27 1

 “Hey weed. This is our third meeting, right? And you still haven’t learned! You’re going down first!”

Chapter 84: Page 19
New Project 28

Yeah, maybe it’s good night for me. But it’s about time for you to wake up. How are you gonna let yourself get used like that Suguru?

Chapter 91: Page 2 and 3
New Project 29

Gojo is trapped in the Prison Realm and tries to speak Geto into taking back control from Kenjaku.

“Looks like time doesn’t pass here. Crap I messed up. This could be trouble. Whatever. It’ll be fine. I have faith in everyone.”

Chapter 91: Page 19
New Project 30

Gojo is trapped in the Prison Realm that even he cannot break out of. He has faith in his students and all the other members that are trying to save him and beat Geto.

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