My Hero Academia: 10+ Facts About Quirks You Should Know!

It’s been hardly few months the last episode of My Hero Academia Season 4 aired this year. The epic fight between Endeavor and Nomu and the last stand of Endeavor gave us all hopes that Endeavor could reach the same spot and earn the same amount of respect as All Might. He’s already proving his worth in the manga for which only anime fans have to wait for few more months or years (Sad part of being an only anime fan). Although Endeavor fought with all his might (Pun Intended) the Nomu proved to be almost an equal match for Endeavor, he had to go beyond his normal attacks and use his Hellflame quirk to almost full power. This gives us an insight on how strong Hellflame as a quirk is.

That brings us to our current topic about Quirks. How and why they are unique to each user and how each of the unique ability helps the society of these Meta Humans and normal Humans.


Quirk is nothing but the superhuman ability possessed by any human or animal which is also known as Meta Ability.

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The first person to possess quirk was a newborn baby in Qingping city in china, the baby had an ability to emanate light from his body.


The cause of the quirks phenomenon is unknown, but according to theories it was caused by mice that were carrying the virus.


In my hero academia or Boku no Hero Academia world, 80% of the population had certain quirks in them and 20% were quirkless or just normal humans like us, which is a sad thing TBH.

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Quirks are not restricted to only humans, we saw quirks that can be present in animals also like the U.A Principal Nezumi who has a Quirk of Super Intelligence and Calculation.

Principal Nezu in My Hero Academia


A person’s quirks can be manifested around the age of 4 but it is possible that a child can be born with quirks already manifested.


Quirks are the physical abilities that can be increased by training and worn out by over use. Similar to building muscles, too much of hardwork could break the muscles beyond repair thank God they have people with Healing Quirks in Boku No Hero.

Why is Deku Quirk considered a weak quirk in My Hero Academia ...


Quirks can be overused.


There are chances that quirk doesn’t suit the bearer and can harm the person’s body in a certain way. Like Endeavour’s Hellflame, It is a pretty powerful quirk but it heats up his body to a very high degree causing more fatigue and stamina drain and could even burn his own body. This is the reason why Endeavour forced a Quirk Marriage to have a progeny who could be born with the ability to counter his only weakness.


Quirk is a genetic phenomenon that can be inherited.

My Hero Academia Doesn't Have to Kill All Might for Izuku to Succeed


There is a possibility that two people having quirks will have a quirkless child. You know who is the best example for this.


Quirk marriage: People choose to marry their partner based on their quirks.

Rei, Shoto and Enji Todoroki (With images) | My hero, My hero Academia


Quirks are sometimes classified into following types!

Gigantification: Quirks which allow a user to increase their size. Example: Mount Lady.

Mishamai on Twitter: "A pleasure to make your ass-quaintance. Mt ...

Rare: Person possesses quirks of nature. Such as weather control or Lightning. Example: Kaminari Denki

Warping: Quirks which allow users to teleport themselves or others or objects to different locations. Example: All For One and Kurogiri

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Regeneration: Quirks that allow users to heal themselves or others from any damage.

Transformation: Quirks that allow users to transform themselves or objects temporarily. Example: Kirishima with with his strenghtening.
Creation: Quirks that allow the user to create or wield any weapon or object according to their wish. Example: Yaoyorozu Momo.


Quirks can be erased temporarily or permanently. Example: Aizawa Sensei and Eri-tan.

Can you think about more facts related to Quirks in My Hero Academia? What is your favorite quirk from My Hero Academia, let us know in the comments section!!

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