Modern Love Tokyo To Feature An Anime Episode By Director Of Silent Voice

Haru Kuroki and Masataka Kubota has been cast as voice actors in the anime episode.

Modern Love Tokyo

It has been officially announced that Amazon Prime’s Modern Love Tokyo, Japanese adaptation of Prime’s Modern Love, will feature an anime episode directed by Silent voice and K-on director, Naoko Yamada.

The anime episode, distinctive to the Japanese adaptation, will be titled “Kare ga Kanaderu Futari no Shirabe“. Haru Kuroki and Masataka Kubota have been cast as voice actors in the anime episode.

Kuroki will voice Tamami Sakurai, who is described as being good natured, and Kubota will voice Tamami’s high school classmate, Rin Kajitani.

The film depicts Tamami’s sweet and sour memories of her school days, when she could not say what she wanted to say, and Rin, whom she cared for in her heart but is now estranged from.

Director Yamada commented on Kare ga Kanaderu Futari no Shirabe being the only anime episode in Modern Love Tokyo, saying, “I thought it would be great if the work would gently light up the heart. I was a little nervous about the fact that only one work was an anime, but I hope that you will enjoy it as a form of work that deals with the common theme of ‘love’.”

Modern Love Tokyo will exclusively hit the Amazon Prime platform on Oct 21, 2022.

Modern Love Tokyo is the Japanese adaptation of Prime Video’s original romantic anthology series “Modern Love“. The series stars Asami Mizukawa, Hiromi Nagasaku, Yûsuke Santamaria, Sôsuke Ikematsu, and Naomi Scott, with episodes directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa (“Wife of a Spy”), Naoko Ogigami (“Close-Knit”), Ryuichi Hiroki (“Ride or Die”), Nobuhiro Yamashita (“Matsugane ransha jiken”), and Atsuko Hirayanagi (“Oh Lucy!”), who also serves as showrunner.

Modern Love Tokyo will depict the diversity of love and the bonds between people that are unique to the modern age, including matching app encounters, sexlessness, senior love, and love that transcends borders.

Source: Twitter, Eiga, Variety

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